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    E15: Interview with Dr. Andrew Rynne

    in Health

    Dr. Andrew Rynne is a doctor that specializes in male sexual health and he has also been involved in treatment of many patients suffering from PFS. He joins us today from Ireland to talk about the patients he has seen, treatments that may have worked, and PFS in the future. 

    You can find more about Dr. Rynne here.

    If you (or a loved one) would like to share your story with PFS Global Support, please email host Adam Held at pfsglobalpodcast@gmail.com.  A science teacher at  New Trier Township High School in Winnetka, Ill. (whose alumni include Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Harvard Law School Dean Martha Minow, investigative journalist John Stossel, author Scott Turow and actor Bruce Dern) Adam has been living with PFS since July 2011.