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    Corrections Counseling - Sex Offenders: Assessment and Treatment

    in Training

    This seminar is brought to you by The American Public Safety Training Institute with a website address of www.tapsti.org. This 2-hour session includes the work of Albert Roberts and his textbook entitled “Correctional Counseling and Treatment: Evidence-Based Perspectives”, a Prentice Hall text, (2008) by Pearson Education. My name is Mike Pozesny and I am your host during this seminar. This seminar is dedicated to my students, to the men and women of public safety, and to the juvenile justice counselors, probation officers, administrators and all the rest who try to inform us how to be better peacekeepers. Listeners can call in Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 10:AM – 12:00AM by calling 646-668-2462 and be a part of the show where topics include a wide range of criminal justice subjects. You can find a show schedule and links on www.tapsti.org. 

    The UCRs collect sex offense data on forcible rape and sex offences. The Sex offenses include sodomy, statutory rape, and moral offences. The NCVS collects sexual offense data on rape and sexual assault. The National Incidence-Based Reporting System divides sex crimes data into six major categories: 1) forcible rape, 2) statutory rape, 3) forcible sodomy, 4) forcible fondling, 5) incest, and 6) sexual assault. States have some of their own statutes which may be different and each of these areas has sub-areas as well. Today we have a social and criminal challenge in that a wider range of sexual acts are being categorized as crimes and we need to determine if this is the best way for us to utilize the criminal justice system to help with social regulation or if we don't need to approach sex in a different way. 

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    "The After Sex Herbal E Cigarette"

    in Spirituality


    Join Rev. Goddess with this really interesting Topic and Person! Anthony James Canelo, Author of over 15 books, he is an Herbalist and lover of feeling good and being healthy, Mostly after Sex! LOL.....He will share his lifestyle in sex spirit and the E-Cigarette! That's right! Learn his story of how he grew in his Herbal Vape Life and Products! He'll share his love for herbs and how it brings more love in his life and how it can do the same for you! Don't miss this interesting show, person and opportunity to get in on the Herbal E Cigarette! You can find Anthony's books at: 


    And the Herbal E-Cigarette at: www.fivetooneformulas.com 

    Goddess Blessings 



  • GRINDHARD RADIO Fights Against Sex Offenders (Awareness Night)

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    Awareness Night on GrindHard Radio Hosted by: Virginia "SuperNova" Slim and Co-Hosts JuztKp, Cata' Mafioso, and King Dizz. Join us for a special episode we raise awareness and fight against "Sex Offenders" and also give helpful prevention tips.Also random calls will be taken and music will be played and more. To join the discussion Call-in @ 323-693-3043 and press "1" to be heard. We are #RealityRadio and Check out our official #GHR website @ http://www.grindhardradio.com

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    Morning Sex Goes Deep: Keep The Topics Rolling

    in Entertainment

    Tune in to Morning Sex this morning because we're covering all topics asked by you!  You want to know about community peen, we got you!  You asked what should you do about being in love with small penis, we got you!  Make sure you check out this episode and let everybody know what they're in for with us!  

    You already know how we've done shows in the past, well we're about to change it up.  Don't worry, we're still bringing Shai's 2 Cent in 2 Minutes and Mycki's Motivation.  Remember, we're on this and every Saturday from 10am-noon!

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    Creepy Sex and how you got there!

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    I don't want to Fuck you! There is a thin line between love and hate, and it is in this "in-between" place that the Creepy bug thrives off of the sick sex that abuses and causes you to steal sexual energy and harm others. It's the creepy crawly behavior that distracts you from your personal failures and makes you think you're really okay, after you've sucked dry another persons love! It's the taboo sex that seemed okay to share with another until you are forced to eat the shit of the other lover. Why are we doing this to ourselves and how did we get here? Join Rev. Goddess as she shares stories she's heard and creepy sex she's been involved in and how to break the reckless sour sex that slides us backwards from HIGH Sacred Sex and Love! And learn how to bring the kinky sex play in its rightful place!  Join the show and lets discuss the fuck Mess we've all been apart of, and lets BE enlightened, for fucks sake! 

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    SEG13 Healing Sessions - SEX Power

    in Energy

    Last episode I talked about Sexual Energy, this week its all about sex. People are engaging in this sacred ritual without knowing the ramafications. The act of sex is a complex power if it is not understood it can reek havok in anyone's life. We live in a society where sex is promoted in all things as a means to sell products, pollute the minds of people to help them self destruct. Most believe that this is a natural act that it is normal for people to engage freely and that when its time to have sex what to do comes naturaly so they pay no attention to the intricasies of this act. Most have not been taught the truth about sex. I will dig in to this topic in this episode.

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    Same Sex, Sacred Relationships and how to create more magic through tantra

    in Spirituality

    Same Sex Love, Same Sex Struggle, Same Sex Sex, Same Sex Courage, Same Sex Marriage, and God, and not in that order. All the ingredients for Sacred Sex Magic. Rev. Goddess will be joined by her good friend, who is a healer teacher and gay man with all the knowledge to share his insight into how he has come to learn and expand his Spiritual Nature and bring tantra into his life. 

    Michael Mirlas, mature handsome and a lover of life is influential in techniques to help others grow and thrive in their personal lives. He now adds to the tantra conversation on gay sacred sex and dealing with love freedom and God/Goddess!

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    Sex talk with Jazzy

    in Romance

    Let's talk about sex.

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    Live with Derrick & Tina and your sex questions!

    in Relationships

    Join co-hosts Derrick Gillard, Life Coach and Spiritual Advisor and Tina Nies, Empress of Love, Author and Coach. Open-minded and accepting, Derrick and Tina lead weekly conversations about sex... sex in the news, sex in your life, sex in the media, sexual healing... and well, anything about sex! 

    Email your feedback, questions and comments to askderrickandtina@hotmail.com 

    Sponsored by www.IngressYugen.com, www.BeHappierToday.com, and www.AlmostFreeSexBooks.com

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    Child sex tourism is on the rise

    in Moms and Family

    Child Sex tourism is on the rise.  We must become educated, and empowered to make changes to protect our children.  Join us!!