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    Chicago Sex Workers Anonymous Survivor

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    Hear how Brenda's recovery through Sex Workers Anonymous using a "safe house" provided to her by a now defunct "Genesis House", a SWA Recovery Guide, the Steps, and the whole recovery process given her - led her to her own passion where she now works with ALL trafficking victims with her own SWA meetings, and the program she co-founded, Dreamcatchers  - whether the members be male, female, gay, bi, transgender, African American, Latina - to Brenda a victim is a victim and not a gender or a color.  
    I've seen Brenda do outreach work in young girls "in trouble" on shows like Maury Povich - where those girls were running back to their momma's in tears!  No lip service either - her interventions work!
    Her resume is too long to list here.  She's gone from being a child victim of sex trafficking - to now being an educator, outreach worker, mentor, sponsor, speaker, motivator, founder, leader, and just a work of inspiration for others about how freedom can be found for anyone as a promise of this program.  While most other members of SWA stay "anonymous" and some with good reason, Brenda is one of the rare individuals who can be totally open about her past as well as her involvement in Sex Workers Anonymous because she has totally dedicated her life to doing this work.
    If you'd like to hear more about how Sex Workers Anonymous can help not just you - but possibly even generations of survivors to come after you as well as how this program "works" - then give this show a listen!  Hear how SWA produces not only recovery in our membership - but members who devote their lives to now helping others without hesitation.
    If you'd like to reach Brenda after the show - you can find her at http://thedreamcatcherfoundation.org/staff/brenda-myers-powell/
    This show brought to you by www.traffickingandprostitutionservices

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    Sex Workers Anonymous Meeting

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    We have never before allowed in any recording equipment at any of our meetings.  The reason is obvious - confidentiality is the key to our program's safety.  If people couldn't trust that we would protect their identities they wouldn't come forward.  But the members at this meeting said it was okay to be recorded because we've just been getting not only so many questions - but also so many misconceptions about us.  Another reason why we never released a recording before is because each meeting and each group is so different.  There's not two groups nor ever two meetings the same.  We have large meetings held in churches, coffee houses, parks, treatment centers, clinics, and conference rooms as well as jails and crisis centers.  There are large and small meetings.  Some people prefer to be more private so they have "coffee" meetings where two or more just get together at a coffee shop.  Others are either so remote or they are so careful about who sees their face - they prefer to stick with our "phone" meetings which are held at regular times weekly where members call in from all over the world.  Sometimes if the car breaks down or the weather is bad they come to the phone meetings.  This way they can call in even if they're at a payphone or a motel.  Other meetings are done "one on one" by telephone, mail or in person.  Some meetings even have more "concentrations" of groups - such as our West Hollywood meeting that tends to be mostly men or the jail meeting in Chicago for just transgenders.  Meetings can be light and funny or dark and deep.  But whatever the meetings are - they're part of our recovery program where the "therapeutic value of one helping is without parallel".  This is just a window into our program where "empathy" is a tool for healing.

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    The Weaker Sex

    in Radio

    Are there limitations to YOUR gender?

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    Amy Alkon & Dr. Verdolin: How heartbreak is adaptive & science can help you heal

    in Psychology

    Welcome to "Science News You Can Use" from Amy Alkon and Dr. Jennifer Verdolin.

    Welcome to a very special every-other-week show with science-based advice columnist and author Amy Alkon and animal behaviorist and author Dr. Jennifer Verdolin laying out science news you can use to solve your relationship problems or just improve your relationships and have a better life. 

    Join us tonight for an enlightening show on heartbreak and how to recover from it, with science from both the human and animal world.

    And don’t forget to buy our science-based and amusing books -- support our show while entertaining yourself and learning a thing or two to improve your life. Amy’s new book is "Good Manners for Nice People Who Sometimes Say F*ck" and Jennifer’s is "Wild Connection: What Animal Courtship and Mating Tell Us about Human Relationships."

    Listen to this show every Sun, 7-7:30 pm PT, 10-10:30 pm ET, at blogtalkradio.com/amyalkon or subscribe on iTunes or Stitcher.

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    Sunday at the round table wit Saphyra

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    How soon do you give it up? Join Saphyra at the round table and get in on the topic! 347-857-4391

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    The ROAD TO RECOVERY hosted by Dan Czuba - Let's help erase the Stigma ...

    in Radio

    ... associated with RECOVERY from ANY & ALL Addictions. Join us every Sunday evening LIVE from 7 to 9 PM CST - as we candidly discuss our addictions.

    How did we get SOBER? - and How do we manage to STAY SOBER in todays world? Listen to our IMPORTANT - REAL and DOWN to EARTH conversations from REAL PEOPLE who once struggled with various addictions and learn how WE FOUND OUR WAY to a CLEAN & SOBER Life - FREE of the day to day obsessions which brought torment and destruction to our former lives.

    Our number is 323-580-5755 if you would like to call in and share your personal Stories, ask questions, or just make a comment or two. Can't make the show? Feel free to send me an email - at daniel@daare.com and I will do my best to repsond with answers or direction of where to find the assistance you might need. ARE WE DOCTORS? OR PYSCHOLOGISTS OR PYSYCHIATRISTS OR EVEN COUNSELORS? ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!! However WE ARE individulas whoe found freedom from our addicitons working a 12 Step program - along with other proven methods. JOIN US and we continue OUR JOURNEY INTO SOBRIETY on a Day to Day basis. Its simple and easy!

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    Afterglow - Live with Tim and Vince

    in Religion

    Tim and Vince return with another exciting episode with all the news you expect and all the Bible study you need.  Same sex marrage comes before the supreme court.  Earthquake relief underway in Napal.  Chilian volcano explodes for the third time this year.  All is vanaity with Ecclesiastes.

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    Divine Inspiration Hosted by Alicia Monet

    in Spirituality

    Soul Ties: Cord Cutting

     A few weeks back I discuses Soul Ties, and a listener requested to have a show about cutting those ties. So as promised, tonight's show will be all about Soul Ties and cutting those cords. You most certain only want to tune in because every one you've had sex with you've formed a soul tie with. If you wonder why it's been years and that person is still in your thoughts, dreams, and heart, it's because of that tie. Special guest Khayr Love will bless us with his insight about cord cutting. Tune in at 516-590-0975


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    True Humanity Party Talk Show

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    "Here’s the proposed rough draft for the Judicial Branch.  We will be discussing both the Executive and Judicial Branches of the THumP’s proposals this Sunday on BlogTalkRadio.  Please get your challenges and questions ready for a great discussion.

    And, I have something to say to the people about their current judges and lawyers … and I’ll put it in religious tones … Why? … well … just because:

    “And now behold, I say unto you, that the foundation of the destruction of this people is beginning to be laid by the unrighteousness of your lawyers and your judges.”

    Ain’t that the real truth!" ......Christopher

    Tune in to blogtalk radio Sunday from 7-9:30pm to join the "THumP Constitutional Discussion." To ask a question about this topic call in to (347)857-3882 press 1 to ask question. Please read the following Daily Journal posts to prepare for the topic of discussion  this week. 




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    in Romance

    As different forms of thinking separate cultures, it’s also the case between those who are happy and successful, and those who aren’t. Great change has always come from thinking outside the box. Familiarity often turns our box into a prison without realization, crippling our potential success and sapping our happiness.

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    The 411 Lounge w/ Levar Evans (Guest: Cindy Starfall)

    in Entertainment

    A one-on-one interview with adult star Cindy Starfall.  Cindy who was nominated in 2014 for best new starlet from AVN followed up her successful first year with another AVN nomination in 2015 for best 3 way sex scene.  She currently stars in 'This Ain't The Interview XXX' parody, and her showcase movie 'Starfall'.  We will discuss her rise in XXX and future plans