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    Philip Cameron: Battle the Sex Trade!

    in Current Events

    The sex trade made the news in mid-April with the kidnapping of hundreds of Nigerian schoolgirls. Unfortunately, Nigeria is merely the tip of a growing iceberg. Sex trafficking has become a lucrative business worldwide, second only to the drug trade. In Moldova alone over 400,000 women have disappeared. Does that make your heart ache? Choke you with anger? Have you been praying? I have and all Christians should absolutely pray fervently.

    But Philip Cameron has done more. As founder of an international ministry called Stella’s Voice (www.stellasvoice.org) he has provided a home for some of those vulnerable girls. Yet there are so many more girls still in danger. Cameron will explain how we can add physical action to our prayers.

    You want to help, don’t you? Join us!

    Click on the link below to listen to  the terrorist leader in Nigeria laughing as he threatens to sell his young captives:   http://www.cnn.com/2014/05/05/world/africa/nigeria-abducted-girls/index.html?iref=allsearch

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    The UCC Show 1.21 - No Blind Eye: The Sex Trade

    in Christianity

    Welcome to the UnCommon Christianity podcast, affectionately known as The UCC Show! 


    Due to the topic of discussion, parental discretion and adult supervision is advised.
    This should be considered official warning and disclaimer.


    You can send us feedback  and or questions at AskUCCShow, call in at 347.989.8865, tweet us @UCC_Show, send us a message via facebook.com/uccministries or join us in the live chatroom- And there will be more ways to contact us in the future! 

    Join us once a week as we review current events, answer questions, provide commentary on social happenings, and more. This may be one of the most informational, fun, and thought-provoking two hours of your day- Join us and participate!

    Check out BeNotCommon.com, and join us here weekly for a show you definitely won't want to miss!

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    The Sex Trade: Human Trafficking

    in News

    Human Sex Trafficking generates an estimated 9.5 billion in revenues in the United States every year. It is the most common form of modern day slavery with children being some of the most common victims (300,000 children at risk in the U.S.). Major U.S. cities such as New York, Atlanta, Washington, DC, and Chicago top the list of human trafficking jurisdictions in the country. Listen in as we discuss the issue, the statistics, and what you can do to help those in need and keep your family safe.

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    What is your favorite book? Who is your favorite author?

    in Entertainment

    Episode 57.


    Advocates against the sex trade.
    What relative or relatives do you miss the most.
    Dr. Sally Burbank will be on the show March 28th to talk about her book, 'Patients, I will never forget.'
    Smart quiz/What is the name of the speaker of the House of Representatives now?
    Who was your role model?
    And lots more

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    child sex exploitation can be prevented

    in Moms and Family

    Child sex exploitation, child sex trafficking, sex abuse, child , child prostitution

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    The Dangers of "Trade"

    in LGBT

    So originally I had another show in mind for this week, but every once and ahwile you see something that demands that you discuss it.  The conception of this episode is due to a season of a tv show I watched recently and how chilling it was because of how real the tragic things that happened were.

    [Spoiler Alert]

    Please be advised this episode will contain spoilers if you are currently watching the series "Cucumber" newly debuted on Logo do not listen to this episode.

    I will be discussing this show, but I will also be using it for real life application. Much of the things depicted in the show are disturbingly accurate and should be addressed. 

    We will discuss the term "Trade" the history behind the word as well as it's modern meeting.


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    Meditation and Messages with Margaret Ann

    in Spirituality

    Tune in to experience a relaxing meditation with a focus on Health and Healing on all levels - physically, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally.

    Margaret Ann Lembo is the author of Chakra Awakening; The Essential Guide to Crystals, Minerals and Stones; The Angels & Gemstone Guardians Cards and Color Your Life with Crystals and seven spoken audio CDs. She is the creator of a line of award winning Aroma-Energetic Sprays including Smudge in Spray™ and the seven Chakra Sprays. She is a spiritual entrepreneur and practitioner, aromatherapist, and the owner of The Crystal Garden — a book store, gift store, and spiritual center in southeast Florida.


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    Women of Wisdom Presents Carele Belanger

    in Motivation

    Carele Belanger is a "Passion and dream Propellor". She helps people to transform their passion into prosperity. She also facilitates Dreamclass™, which is an event to allow people throughout the world to meet, to connect, to name their dreams and to share them in order to facilitate their manifestation. Carele is recognized to be an authentic and human person which aims to get people to reach success and finally be prosper in every areas of their lives.



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    Ringless in Philly - Episode #1 - 4/27/15 - Draft Preview

    in Football

    Ringless in Philly is a podcast about the Philadephia Eagles featuring the 3 most die hard birds fans on the internet - Eat Dat 445, The Zompster and your humble host Mark Sitko.

    In our first episode we talk about Chip Kelly's offseason so far, Eagles needs heading into the draft, trade talk surrounding some favorite players (Cox, Kendricks, Boykin and Mathis), MARI-fucking-OTA, and unfortunately we have to mention Tim Tebow.

    Hope you dig the show - you can follow all of us on twitter at:

    Ringless in Philly - @ringlessphilly
    Eat Dat 445 - @OGEatDat
    The Zompster - @TheZompster
    Mark Sitko - @sitko77

    E A G L E S

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    Becca G Waters - Angel Practitioner of The Month!

    in Spirituality

    On today's show: Hosts Janice Fuchs, Maria Maas and Dax Carlisle welcome our Angel Practitioner of The Month, Becca G Waters, to the show!

      ...We will also be offering Angel Messages for Our Callers! 949-203-4840

    ...plus, filling you in on the latest News, about AngelPractitioners.com, the Certified Angel Practitioner™ Course, teh Angelic Mediumship & mentoring™ Course, the International Association of Angel Practitioners and MORE!

    ...Join us in the Chat Room (BELOW) and join the conversation! The Chat Room will appear and open before Show Time....

    Connect with us at: Facebook.com/AngelPractitioners and Follow us on Twitter: @MyAngelAdvisors

    After four years of broadcasting and 200+ episodes, The Angels Monday Show is NOW: Angelic Realms Radio!