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    "Sex Sells" with @DulceDeLauryn

    in Entertainment

    I hope that title doesn't come off wrong.  LOL!  Anyway, we all know that sex sells.  Anytime something steamy appears on the television screen, we'll stop what we're doing to get a glimpse.  Mission accomplished for the advertisers, right?
    Tonight, we'll discuss how sex is marketed like no other when it comes to sales.  From magazines to television, a little skin goes a very long way.
    Also being discussed: how sex can make women look more attractive, birth control sabotage, enhanced G-spots via surgery, and Japanese masturbation bars for women.  Yeah, you read that last one correctly.
    All of these things and more on the Talk 2 Q Radio Show!
    "No experts. Just opinions.

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    Sex & Souls For Sale

    in Politics

    Sex sells.

    So much so, that many people are jumping into careers by using their sexuality instead of their talent. 

    How many times have you heard about some singer, actor or model who used sex or got used in order to get a career started?

    Entertainment make people do crazy things, particularly with sex. In many ways, they end up selling thier souls.

    Is selling sex and souls the only way to get put on?

    Tune in to The Bridge Radio this Sunday at 4pm Pacific as we discuss the American Way for Entertainment--Sex & Souls For Sale. And, we’ll interview a model/actress who is actually using her talent, wit and beauty to establish her career.  Cavel Davis has been modeling for more than ten years, landing a number of music videos, book covers, magazine features, television shows and films, including Ride Along 2, with Kevin Hart. Cavel has associated herself with the monster deejay team—Fleet DJs as a Fleet model, getting work with recording artists and continuing to embed her brand in the marketplace. She does model promo for Ciroc Vodka and has been featured as a Jet Beauty of The Week. Cavel is not a video vixen, so there is no laundry list of sexual escapades or an internet sex tape.

    Also, amongst his new music, DJ Gates will feature Fleet Cypher Battle Freestyle winner VA Paperchaser. 

    Listen to The Bridge Radio Today at 4pm Pacific as we discuss Sex & Sould For Sale. Join Award-Winning Author Darryl James and co-hosts Tracy Powell, Dr. John Hamilton, Marcus D. LeGall III and DJ Gates on one of the most intellectually stimulating shows on radio.

    Tune in each Sunday at 4PM Pacific Time for "The Bridge," a smarter radio show.

    Call in and add your view! (347) 857-2846 to listen LIVE and/or comment!

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    child sex exploitation can be prevented

    in Moms and Family

    Through education child sex exploitation can be prevented.  Join us in the battle.

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    VoicesOTEarth: Sacred Sex & Magick - authors Dorothy Abrams & Shawn Marie Jones

    in Spirituality

    On this week's Voices of the Earth program I welcome two of the authors of Sacred Sex and Magick, Dorothy Abrams and Shawn Marie Jones. They are members of the Web PATH Center in Lyons, NY, a pagan church and community.  Their reason for creating the book is explained this way, "“Men and women in the Web wrote this book to share common and uncommon knowledge about the magick of human sexuality. Magick and sex are sacred.”  A recent review (link below) included this comment: "[It is written] with honesty, using examples from their own lives and their own experiences. It is a brave and much-needed exploration of the use of sex and sexual energy within pagan spiritual practices."
    Our hour together is certain to be a fascinating discussion of a topic not well understood but much needed in the world today. Please join us for a sensitive presentation to which we welcome your questions and comments.

    You can find out details of the book here:


    A review on A Bad Witch's Blog:


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    Bruce Jenner Sex Change news and thoughts

    in Entertainment

    People are making a big deal out of this crap. I'm not seeing one gold coing from this drama.

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    Amun & Amunet share concerns regarding love, sex and relationships

    in Spirituality

    In this show we share our views on the many different aspects of love, sex and relationships.

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    #39 David Schwartz: Orchard Counseling

    in Lifestyle

    Orchard Counseling and Education was formed in 2007 by David Schwartz, who is a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW), and holds advanced degrees in both social work and human sexuality education.  Along with treating a variety of mental health issues, Orchard Counseling specializes in helping individuals and couples with sexuality  and relationship concerns.  One of the things that makes his practice unusual is his sex-positive approach to polyamory, kink, and swingers--topics that are often misunderstood by many medical and mental heath professionals.  Orchard Counseling and Education, has offices in Center City and Jenkintown.  You can find them on the web at www.orchardcounseling.com.

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    Obedience & Personal Purity Pt2 (Purity & the Opposite Sex)

    in Religion

    Teaching & Preaching the Word to the World & Making disciples. 

    Luke 19:10 " For the Son of Man came to seek and save the lost."                                         BlogTalkRadio

    Monday/Friday - 8am Food For the Journey Int'l Ministries- Prophet Deborah call (347)426-3857
    Wednesday/Friday - 10am The Way Truth Life Tabernacle-           Pastor Carlos call (347) 426-3343
    Monday,Wednesday,Friday - 10:30am New Church Prayer Line  (712) 432-1212      I.D. 832348540#

    Donations at:

    Bless Israel via our secured site      www.ifcj.org/goto/BlessIsrael

    Website:  www.wtlffjim.org

    Objective: To walk in the same manner as He walked.

    Memorize: 1 Corinthians 6:18

    Read: Romans 3 & 4

    B) Purity and the Opposite Sex

    What does the Bible say about the sexual relationship in its proper place (Hebrews 13:14)?
    When templed by Immorality, what should a Christian do (1 Corinthians 6:18)?
    List three things you can know when tempted (1 Corinthians 10:13).

    Temptation is common to man.
    You will not be tempted above what you're able.
    You have a way of escape, that you may be able to bear it.

          4.What are the three warnings against immorality.

    Proverbs 6:26
    Proverbs 6:32
    1 Thessalonians  4:3

          5. What is the most important characteristic of a young woman (Proverbs 31:30)?

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    Child sex exploitation can be prevented

    in Moms and Family

    Child sex exploitation can be prevented through education

    Raising awareness is key

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    the Conversation: Cheryl Holland, Early Jackson & Boy Meets Girl!

    in Self Help

    It's time... for the hottest show out "the Conversation" hosted by Klarque Garrison & Michele Gilliam-Morrissey! This week we're bringing you a TRIO of exellence!

    Eric Schaeffer- Film Diretor Eric Schaeffer bring us his newest project "Boy Meets Girl" a poignant, sexy, romantic coming of age comedy about three twenty year-olds living in Kentucky. This is a sex/human positive modern fable and identification with its story crosses all gender and sexual orientation lines!

    Early Jackson- Life Coach Early Jackson talks to our guest/listeners about how a hard life and drugs couldn't keep his desire for excellence from being born

    Cheryl Holland- This wonderfully talented women's empowerment coach and brand strategist give us a few GREAT nuggests for branding A-Level women entrepreneurs

    ALSO, Stacey J. drops by to talk about an upcoming event "RYSE Wellness Spa" The Health and Wellness Experiene

    All this and more!!!

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