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    West Coast Bias Episode #02 S07

    in Sports

    West Coast Bias Episode #02 S07 – On this week’s West Coast Bias the boys will be back in the studio to talk to you about some of the hottest topics in sports. One thing that you know will be on the docket will be the verdict of guilty returned on formed NFL TE Aaron Hernandez. They will look at everything from his promising career to the mess he ended up in now. The boys will also take a look at the NBA Playoffs and the matchups for the West and the East. They will also make predictions for the 1st round matchup by matchup. So tune in on Sunday afternoon at 3pm PST right here on the 4ACES Network at www.Blogtalkradio.com/fouracespresents ...

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    Conversations with the Master-Dr. Patrick Carnes with Carol the Coach

    in Self Help

    Carol the Coach is checking in with Dr. Patrick Carnes to get his take on the evolution of Sexual Addiction. In this riveting interview, he will be discussing what he believes will be necessary to maintain good recovery for the future. Dr. Carnes is a nationally known speaker on sex addiction and recovery isssues. He is the founder of the International Institute for Trauma and Addiction Professionals and Gentle Path Press. He  has written numerous books on sexual addiction and recovery, including.... Out of  the Shadows:Understanding Sexual Addiction,  A Gentle Path Through the Twelve Principles, and Recovery Zone. He is a Senior Fellow of the Gentle Path treatment program at the Meadows.

    This is an opportunity for the listener to hear from "The Master" and find hope, strength and recovery that comes from sexual addiction.

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    Let's talk about SEX!

    in Entertainment

    Why are people so afraid to talk about sex? Sex is nothing to be ashamed or scared of, the Sunday Potluck crew will go all in on this topic...you don't want to miss it. We look forward to your DISH too!

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    Better Sex Life By Eating Better? | The V Word

    in Education

    Many women have been asking me for solutions to reproductive issues. While I am not a physician, as a sex health coach, I am aware that many factors affect how the body reacts to disease. Diet is a very important aspect of this - so on this episode we'll be talking about better eating to improve the sex life. This is good for men and women - so listen closely. I like short and sweet, so I'll do my best not to ramble. 

    Please send any questions or concerns to kimi@vforvadge.com - thanks for listening! 

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    Spend an Evening with Raheem DeVaughn

    in Entertainment

    Spend an evening with Raheem DeVaughn on Monday April 20, 2015 at 9pm est to chat. Join your hosts Taheera, Nacone and Karishma on "The Girlfriend Network" as they explore Love, Sex and Passion.  Be sure to tell a friend! Tune In and don't forget to call in 347-539-5729. 

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    Wake Your Game Up

    in Lifestyle

    Is your love life invisible? Do you and your partner CONSTANTLY argue? Do you want to have a great love & sex life? Then join KP Jonez, E and the lovely lady Kam as we give you the confidence needed to bring the spark in your love life!

    Brought to you by the transformational www.kpjonez.life site, which is dedicated to bringing out the best in you.

    This is YOUR show. Call in, tweet @kpjonez or email kpjonez@gmail.com. We give you what you NEED. Every monday @ 9pm est. Dial in 914-205-5560. 

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    Stop Child Abuse Now (SCAN) - 1076

    in Self Help

    Tonight's special guest is Tim Fisher, a returning NAASCA family member who lives in the Las Vegas area and runs Juvenile Justice Now. Tim, a child abuse survivor, will be with us tonight to describe his experience, strength and hope. Tim was seven years old when he met his predator, a neighbor, teaching Sunday school at the Baptist church. Now Steve Friess has written an article about Tim's important work: One Survivor's Crusade Reveals a Plague of Errors in Nation's Sex Offender Registries. The subtitle: "Estimates of the number of entries with crucial mistakes run into the tens of thousands. One man—and pretty much only one man—is trying to fix them." Tim has told us in the past, "By the time I had reached my 14th birthday I had been sexually molested approximately 350 times over the course of seven years." He continues, "It took four years for me to become strong enough to come forward." Eventually he went to the Anaheim police and reported his abuse and name his predator. From start to finish it took a year almost to the day for him to be convicted. Eventually he took a plea of guilty to 49 counts of child molestation, lewd conducts involving a minor and with the use of force. Sadly although he was sentenced to 2 to 12 years he was released after serving just nine months. "I’m here to remind you that the abuse never stops for the victim," Tim says, "I encourage anyone who has been sexually abused to make a report even if it happened when you were a child." In the recently published article, Steve accompanies Tim to the home of his molester, a registered sex offender.

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    Into Temptation

    in Romance

    Passing the test Do you pass the test? Do you test your partner to confirm their loyalty and devotion to you? Are you guilty of making your guy or gal prove to you like they aren’t like the others? Do you think these are necessary in order to move forward? Do you think they’ll be detrimental in the relationship continuing? Let’s chime in with the temptress as we talking about testing the limits and confines of our relationships.

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    Episode #45 - Season 4 "Above the Surface" Beyond Reason

    in Self Help

    As we seek to find and uncover our deeper spiritual connections, this episode guides us into the understanding of universal order.  As vessels of love and servants of our destiny our work is to remain open and vigilant to our purpose and calling.  We must be vigilant even when we are tired from the press, even when the obstacles seem insurmountable, even when time seems to work against us.  We know inspite of the visible circumstances that our works, prayers, and intent will yeild  good fruit. We are the vessels and God is the source!

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