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    LOVE, SEX, AND MARRIAGE.... and not necessarily in that order !?!

    in Lifestyle

    Melvin Dawson, Jr. Licensed Marriage and Relationship Counselor talks about the relavence of marriage in a world where any and everything goes. From the music to the stars we love so dearly to the junk we watch on television, there are few if any limitaitons. Yet we are in many cases, "chasng after God", Seeking our true purpose in life. Does character, integrity and happiness have any connection to loyalty, faith and faithfulness, committment or is it all just mystical?



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    Whats the problem with sex before marriage?

    in Self Help

    This episode deals with the many problems of accepting sex before marriage as a norm..

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    Kings and Priests: God's Laws Of Sex and Marriage

    in Religion

    Rev 1:6 And hath made us kings and priests unto God and his Father; to him [be] glory and dominion for ever and ever. Amen.

    What does the Bible say about relationships between men and women.  Are there "rules" or laws that explain how we're supposed to interact?  If so, are those "rules" relevent in today's society? Join us as we search the scriptures for answers to these questiuons and more.

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    How to Have Great Sex in Marriage - The Joe Beam Show

    in Relationships

    Would you like to have more sex that is more fulfilling, more exciting, and more pleasurable for both of you?

    Some married couples have great sex. Some have good sex. Some have bad sex. Some have little to no sex.

    Which are you?

    In this program Joe Beam shares with you scientific research about how to make your sex life great...IF you are willing to do what it takes to make that happen!

    Also, Joe will answer your questions about sex, including problems with sex...physical problems, relationship problems, inhibition problems, desires problems, and more.

    You may not want to listen to this one with the kids around. It won't be offensive, but Joe tells it like it is. If anatomical terms turn you off, or if you get antsy when someone talks boldly and plainly about sex, skip this program and wait for our next relationship program.

    If you want great sex and are ready to be the lover that will elicit great lovemaking from your spouse, this program is for you.


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    How important is sex in Marriage /Relationships?

    in Friends

    Often in our sex life suffers after we settle into relationships or marraige, should this be so or should it florish. How do we improve and enrich our sex life after we have?  what role does reigeon play in our bedrooms ? Join usw on chatting with the Village this Sunday @ 5pm EST (10pm GMT - UK), and (11pm +1 GMT - Nigeria) on Moji's World. Feel free tpo cick on the link beloe or cal in via Skype, ( Mojis Worlds) mor via telephone. Spread the word.

  • Sex After Marriage

    in Romance

    Sex after marriage 

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    Should Christians Date and Have Sex Before Marriage?

    in Entertainment

    Hot topic tonight tune in. Should Christian Date and have sex before marriage?

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    Sex Before Marriage - CONTD!

    in Relationships

    On Tonight's Episode of Love In The House, we will continue from where we stopped last week on SEX BEFORE MARRIAGE.

    Focusing on >>

    Over-coming temptation


    Pregancy Before Marriage

    Advantages or/and Disadvantages of NO Pre-marital Sex

    Children or Teen Pregnancy.


    P.S. Please remember the show is designed with you in mind, so call in to the studio and share your views. Thanks

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    Real & Raw "No Holds Barred Adult Conversation" Saying no to sex in Marriage???

    in Relationships

    What happens when our spouse or significant other does not want to have sex anymore?  

    What happens after we have asked, repeatedly, for sex?  

    What if they cheat?  Do we have a right to complain?  

    Does the infidelity give us a right to leave?


    Ladies have you ever wondered what men really think?

    Have you ever tried to tap into the mind of a man on subjects of love, relationships or life itself?

    What drives a man wild?

    Is the sex good enough?

    Have you been in the relationship too long?

    Can a man stay faithful?

    Why would a man cheat with a woman less attractive?

    What drives a man up the wall?

    What makes a man commit to a woman?

    What can a woman do to make sex better?

    When do men know they are in love?

    Those questions a lot more on Real & Raw

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    50 shades of Black ep #8 "why are we afraid of commitment?"

    in Relationships

    347-989-8767 Wednesday 3.27.16 8pm Pacific time

    Join 50 shades of Black as Supernormal Goddess goes into depth on why we are afraid of commitment. Besides the tv images that reinforce the Black family as being all but non-existent, the homosexual agenda that normalizes destructive behavior, there are concrete reasons why many of us are relectant to give their all to a committed relationship.

    Tune in at 347-989-8767 (press 1 to join convoersation) also charoom will be open!

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    The Art of Waiting and Choosing"The One"

    in Spirituality

    Finding the "perfect mate"...does such a one exist? Let us not confuse perfect for flawless.There are no perfect people, but there is such a thing as a perfect match.  If such a person exist, how do you go about choosing her? How do you attract him? And what do you do during the waiting season? What about sex before marriage-allowed or no? What if he is no longer interested becuase I'm "waiting for marriage" to have sex?

    These are sample questions being addressed by our esteemed guests Steve and Alicia Johnson, Founders of ministry organization Longevity For Marriage (http://longevityformarriage.com/). Steve and Alicia have been married for 32 years and have coached individuals and married couples for over 20 years. They are experienced at dealing with the tough questions related to being single, waiting for marriage. 

    Join us as we get real and discuss what choosing the right mate looks like and how to not compromise during the waiting season!