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    How many times have you settled for the wrong mate, or to even be the side dish? What about a home, job, career, manager, friend(s), etc.?  Why do we consistently SETTLE?  Did you hear in your conscience NOT to do so? Did you see the red flags? What were the consequences you had to pay? How did you get out of that situation?  Do you know that God has an PERFECT Will for your life? He desires the absolute best for us but yet we STILL insist on rejecting His treasures.  Join us this coming Monday @8pm EST to dialog on this issue that imprisons more than 90% of the worlds population, right here with Lady Marni Ali, Richard Bridges & Pastor Nate Fowler on CHURCH IN THE RAW!  God's BEST is waiting for YOU!  ~Lady Marni <3

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    Why do we settle? What is settling?

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    Settling Stops Success

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    Are you settling in life and disguising it as satisfied?  In this episode find out what settling does to your potential and how it prevents you from opening up the door to your full abilities and get some ideas on how to prevent it.  Also, Mario J,Payne is back! He will be discussing how to manage an investment portfolio.  To have better and increased finances learn new and better things.

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    Am I Compromising or Settling?

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    As we establish a relationship with others and garnering the support needed to being whole, we have to ask ourselves while living in those relationships are we compromising or settling?  What do you get out of the relationship when compromising? How do you feel when you have settled?

    Join us on Sunday, February 2nd, at 1pm EST as we ask ourselves, "Am I compromising or settling?" To share your experiences or be a part of the dialogue, please call (646) 915-9198.

    We are not just alive but living...

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    Are You Settling???

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    “There's a difference between who we love, who we settle for, and who we're meant for.”  How do you know if you are happy or settling in a relationship? Join Miss. Liddell as we discuss the major signs that you are settling in a relationship. Tonight’s menu is filled with relationship advice, real talk and the position of the day.

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    BGC: Guidelines For Settling In Relationships

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    Bougie Girl discusses the guidlines for settling in relationships.

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    Livin' the Fast Life, or Settling Down.... Which do you prefer?

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    In today's society, so many want to live the fast life, but claim they are ready to settle down.  Times have definitely changed, and its a new epidemic going on.  Back in the day people made their relationship/marriage work, and when it wasn't working; you had people there to support you, and help get you through those trying times.  Now, people are quickly to tell you to get out of the situation without knowing all of the details.  In this segment, you will have the opportunity to shed some light on this controversial topic, but first you will have the opportunity to speak with Author/Musician Louie Versace; about his endeavors, and take a journey into his world.  We hope to see everyone in the playhouse; where only the grown, and sexxy play.

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    My Love wears glasses, The Representative # 2, Settling

    in Family

    All too often we believe we know what compatibility is but then you find yourself evaluating someone who is the total opposite of you... why is that? Tune into the show tonight to find out what the experts are saying about why we choose the way we do.

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    Stop Settling for "Good Enough"

    in Lifestyle

    We all do it. We all have places in our life where we "put up" with good enough. Usually we aren't even aware of it. Listen to Laura's premier show and get excited to take your life to a new, inspiring level! 

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    We always engaging in conversations with people about the challenges confronting their lives. Difficulties enter our lives through any number of doorways—illness, job loss, accidents. The possibilities are endless, as we all know. Often, we feel powerless over the dilemmas we find ourselves in, causing us to hit our inner pause buttons and ask, "How did this happen to me?"

    Obviously, we don't have control over all the events of our lives, but upon reflection, we discover that we do exert quite a field of influence because we have the power of choice. And there is no such thing as a small choice—not really—not if you truly reflect upon the short- and long-term consequences of even one choice, whether that is what you choose to eat or what you choose to say or not say to someone or whether to follow your intuition and phone an old friend. Every choice matters, and deep in our intuitive gut, we know it—which explains why we anguish over making choices ranging from what to order on a menu to who we should be with in a relationship.

    When it comes to the choices we make in our relationships, however, my experience with so many people is that they admit to "settling" for someone who is not really what they wanted, but at least they are not alone.

    It is going to be another interesting discussion on how we can avoid to settle on anything in our lives.  Please call in and let us know your opinion.

    Our show will be tomorrow night at 8pm.  talk you all then


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    Are you settling in your relationship?

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    What does it mean to "settle" in your relationship? As you age does your list for your perfect mate change? Lets talk about it call in tonight at 7:00 pm central.