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    No issues setting up this podcast

    in Sports

    It's hump day on Sports Time Radio. Join The Big Jack and Dan the Man as they cover the top sports topics out there. Baseball season is a couple of weeks old; so are you panicing if your team isn't doing well? Just remember it's only April as we like to say. The blog was brand new today; so go over to www.SportsTimeRadio.com and give it a read. You can also find recaps of every Cubs game this season there as Dan the Man is covering them from his point of view.

    Don't forget we're all on Twitter @SportsTimeRadio @DanZeeeMan and @Burketime

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    JMOR Tech Talk Show: (Episode 12) Setting up Home WiDi and More

    in Technology

    JMOR Tech Talk Show

    Episode:  12 (Setting Up WiDi )

    Home WiDi

    How to SetupWiDi  on your TV
    Connecting your laptop to WiDi
    Things we can use WiDi for at Home

    Why Free WIFi is bad?
    Do I have to Eject USB Drives before I take them out ?
    Why is my Keyboard not letting me hit a “@” or “#” or symbol  ?

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    Setting Up A Winning Combination

    in Current Events

    NEW LIFE ORDER - is now the new order of life. We are the common voice of humanity! TRUTH in the midst of confusion. A place on the planet where ALL walks of life are welcome! ONE GOD, ONE PEOPLE, ONE WAY OF LIFE...RIGHTEOUSNESS!!! All we need is love, because God IS Love!

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    Setting Up a System for Marketing Your Book

    in Books

    Dr. Bette Daoust talks about setting up a book marketing system. Dr. Daoust is an author, speaker and consultant to business. She is a best-selling author with her Blueprints for Success series of publications (now in 7 languages worldwide). Her love is to help people achieve success in their business, whether it is working from home or in an office environment. She is a founding member of the Authors Success Guild and National Book Marketing Association where she provides training content to help authors achieve success.

    Her specialty is in the field of Knowledge Management and Business Process Development. Her work includes working with Fortune 500 companies including Accenture, Cisco Systems, Peet’s Coffee & Tea, Telus, BC Hydro, BC Ministry of Education, and many others in the capacity of developing knowledge systems, online learning programs, and business process improvement. Her degrees include: Bachelor of Education (University of British Columbia, Vancouver BC Canada), Master of Arts in Educational Technology (Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, BC Canada) and Doctorate in Business Management, Computing Science and Engineering (North Central University, Arizona, United States). 


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    MINISODE - How to Start a Coaching Business

    in Entrepreneur

    How to start a coaching business. What first steps to take from positioning, to branding, to getting a bank account, to setting up your website, and where getting your first clients fits into that.

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    the Perception Deception Show 4-29 Live from Lansing. Expo Set Up & More

    in Elections

    Join Us at 3PM EST for a 2 Hour conversation on the future of Cannabis in Michigan.
    Today we are in Lansing, setting up for the CannaQuest Expo that opens tonight@ 6pm
    and continues until Sunday.  Tune in today and hear all the good discussions as we
    Abrogate Prohibition Michigan this election cycle.

    Guest Call In Line:
    (646) 668-2239
    Tune In, Join In, Get Heard, Not Done!

    This isn't your controlled talking points Cannabis Minded Radio Show.
    This is a show to discuss the unthinkable, Actual Repeal of Prohibition in Michigan.
    You can keep up to date with upcoming shows, guests, and
    other show informaiton including Archived shows at

    The views and opinions expressed on the MichICAN Nightly Radio Show are those of the
    hosts, and guests, authors or organizations, and are not necessarily those
    of this station, it’s management or other Hosts or advertisers. The shows found on
    the BlogTalkRadio can promote any lifestyle, belief, religion, political affiliation
    or other personal practice. These shows are for entertainment purposes only and are
    not intended to offer legal advice, or to treat, diagnose and/or claim any cure of
    disease or condition.  Although the Host of this show have made every reasonable
    effort to be factually accurate, no responsibility is assumed for editorial or clerical
    errors or error occasioned by honest mistake. All information contained on this Website
    is subject to change.

    #wwwMichICANus, #Repeal Prohibition Michigan, #Abrogate Prohibition Michigan,
    #Repeal, #The Perception Deception Show, #MichICAN NRS, @AbrogateMi, #abrogateMi,

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    Wake Up Ministries Sunday Enlightenment Service with Dr Taylor

    in Christianity

    Wake Up Ministries Sunday Enlightenment Service with Dr Taylor

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    Turning Up The Gospel With Lady T

    in Religion

    Hey Everybody,

    Are you ready to Turn Up The Gospel With Me?

    Well, this week we will talk to an amazing 14 year old praise dancer named Christian Jackson and from a Gospel Recording Artist named Chanette Flornoy. You'll hear a snippet of one of her soon-to-be-released song entitled 

    Why does Christian Jackson praise dance? Was it his choice or God's leading? What does his mother think about praise dancing?

    Chanette Flornoy - Why did you choose the Gospel genre? You have such a beautiful voice. You could have chosen R & B. Was it just a choice or was it God's leading/Calling?

    Chanette Flornoy - What do you want to accomplish as a Gospel Recording Artist?

    Christian Jackson - What are your goals as a Praise Dancer? 

    Christian Jackson - What do you do to prepare for praise dancing?

    Christian Jackson - How much time do you put in to prepare for praise dancing? 


    Lady T's Pick of the Week is a man. Yes. This man is an entrepreneur who makes it his business to help others walk out their dreams/destinies. This man is the owner of  SoonTV, an internet television network that is about to blow up. Check out his site by going to: http://www.soon-tv.com/
    Congratulations to you, Mr. Al Johnson!


  • DMVF Unleashed: Division Aftermath

    in Wrestling

    On tonight's episode of DMVF Unleashed we're going to dive into DMVF Division and the aftermath. Who's our new World Champion? Who walked out with all the rest of the belts? Did the New Blood reign supreme? We'll find all of that out tonight! We'll also be looking forward to our next event and setting up for some possible matches. So break the chains and get Unleashed on DMVF Unleashed TONIGHT

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    Setting a Trap for God: The Aramaic Prayer of Jesus

    in The Bible

    Join the Operation Remnant Team as we delve into Rocco A. Errico’s book, Setting a Trap For God: The Aramaic Prayer of Jesus.  We’ll examine what Errico has to say about the prayer itself, what the prayer meant to the disciples and followers of the Messiah, and what these words hold for us today. Is there more to this prayer than modern-day believers have interpreted?  Has the English translation diluted the power behind the prayer?  Have believers missed the meaning altogether thereby allowing a powerful source to lie dormant for centuries?  Can this power still be obtained by the modern-day believer? 

    We’ll take a close look and breakdown supporting scriptural text used by Errico to get a better understanding of his position on this topic. What does the author actually mean when he says, “Setting a Trap for God”?  Join us as we walk step-by-step through each of the fourteen chapters examining everything, as the Operation Remnant (OR) Team is known for, pulling from the word of Yah and multiple resources, to get understanding and possibly another piece of our Creator's original intent.  You may not want to miss this!

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    House of Trill Ep. 10 - Colorism & When & When NOT to Send Nudes

    in Entertainment

    Join the crew for an ALL NEW episode of the show that got it started at Vs Up Radio, "The House of Trill". On this broadcast the crew will discuss "colorism" as it seems to be a new phenomenon within pop culture with countless celebrities apparently indulging in it. In addition to "colorism" the gang will tackle the always controversial, and hot button discussion of "sexting", and will brek down when it is appropriate, and when it is not appropriate to send nudes! DO NOT MISS IT!!! Call in 347-850-8568 or join the conversation online at www.blogtalkradio.com/vsupradio #VsUpRadio #WeGetDiownBaby

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