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    Setting Intentions and NOT Resolutions for the New Year

    in Spirituality

    Mary and Janice are having a live class on intention setting for the new year instead of resolutions.  Intention: an act or instance of determining mentally upon some action or result.

    This show is to assist you with your spiritual development and journey. Our vision is to assist you with your life's journey while we are going through ours.  The vision of this show is to help you make the changes you would like to have with ease and grace, to create a more fulfilling happier life. 

    Janice is a transformational coach helping your life Beyond YOUR Bliss and a healer certified in Basic and Advanced Theta Healing, Quantum Touch I & II, as well as a Quick Pulse practitioner.  Contact her at janicepatricehart@gmail.com or on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/janicepatrice.hart/?ref=aymt_homepage_panel

    Mary is a visionary spiritual intuitive addressing the concerns of people from all over the world and from all walks of life. Beginning her soul work after her life met with tragedies that transformed her.  Contact her at maryanswersnow@gmail.com/http://www.globalhealing-soul-utions.com 

    Notice:  We are on Stitcher and iTunes so you can listen from your mobile device! 

    We would love you to see our line of high vibrational energized Ambassador of Peace and other energized Peace and Love Products at The_Peace_Zone. These products are our own designs that we wanted to share with those who want higher vibrational choices for their clothing.

    Much Love,

    Janice & Mary

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    Setting Intentions that WORK

    in Women

    Create your most fulfilled life experience with my tested formula!  IT WORKS! 
    Setting intentions is more scientific than we might think....there are tried and true ways to manifest our desires, but a few conditions must be met. DO you wonder:

    How can I steer this ship of my life?  Why does it feel like I am sometimes drifting with the tide?
    Why do intentions work?
    How do I know which intentions to set?
    Why do some of my intentions work and some don’t?
    Why does it seem like something is stopping me?
    How do I stop sabotaging myself?
    How can I feel the support of the universe?
    How do I harness my true creative power?

    I have put my life's discoveries and tested formulas together for you in my PEMS (Personal Energy Mechanics System) eCourses.  PEMS 3 is “Setting Intentions that Manifest” Home Study eCourse!

    My “Setting Intentions that Manifest” Home Study eCourse includes: 

    How to work with all of your parts in alignment so that you are moving forward in concert
    How to discern when an intention is in agreement with your greatest good
    How to ask for the help of All Creation to support you in your intention for miraculous manifestation
    How to attain one of the most basic (yet most elusive) building blocks of a successful life…Agreement
    How to deal with resistance, the opposite of Agreement
    Experiential practice with your intentions and trouble-shooting from a veteran teacher and energy expert

    Purchase my eCourse here and watch your life change!  Just $33 to get the keys to the kingdom!  www.liciaberry.com
    For more edgy stuff, LIKE our FB page! http://facebook.com/gateway2light

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    Setting Intentions for a Powerful 2015

    in Self Help

    Join Constance as she shares specific strategies for defining your goals and intentions for 2015.  You will learn how to become clear about your top 3 intentions and how to define what you desire to experience in 2015.  Additionally, you will gain an understanding of 40 universal principles that will equip and empower you to manifest an extraordinary life in 2015.


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    Think and Grow Rich Mastermind Men

    in Lifestyle

    Join the International Mastermind Association (#IMA) by calling 661.554.9219 every Saturday morning at 8 AM EST as we walk through Napoleon Hill's best' selling book, Think and Grow Rich.

    We invite you to read along, comment, discuss the benefits and share your ideas on the accountability principles that have helped thousands of other successful people.  Whether you are part of #IMA or you have never heard of it you will sese how Masterminding can help you Think and Grow Rich.

    WWW.INTERNATIONALMASTERMINDERS.COM http://www.facebook.com/groups/181961594694/ Twitter:@intlmastermind #IMA2013

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    Psychic Taste, Psychic Smell. Pay Attention! Angel Heart Rado

    in Energy

    There is Angelic Taste and Smell, and there is, and then there is Psychic Taste and Psychic Smell.

    Clairgustance & Clairalience are not as well as the other 'Clairs', however, they are just as

    powerful and very useful to know more about. The angels also help us with angelic taste and or

    smell. They will bring wonderful fragrances, or tastes to us to guide us and give us information ­

    and that includes when something smells, or tastes 'off' as a way to guide us to be aware.

    Angel Communicators Anayah and Leesa teach about these wonderful 'Clairs' how to tune into

    them, and lead on a golden path with a guided process for each of these Clairs to help you to

    connect, and to recognise these wonderful psychic gifts in yourself, or begin to connect with hem

    as we all have access to all the Clairs:

    Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Claircognizance,Clairsentience, Clairgustance, Clairalience

    Anayah Joi Holilly: Cert Advanced Angel Intuitive, author, voice for the angels and Angel Heart

    Radio Founder

    Leesa Ellis: Reg Diana Cooper Angel Teacher, author, reg Karuna Reiki® Master / Teacher and a

    certified ThetaHealer®

    Anayah and Leesa will help you to identify if you are using this Clair, and how to sharpen your


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    EPS 62: What is your Soul's Agenda? NEW

    in Motivation

    Join UIF Founder Tim and his guest Michelle author of The Souls Agenda as they discuss how you can let go, connect, create and inspire. 

    Michelle launched The Souls Agenda.com in 2012. She created the blog to share the guidance, wisdom and support she received over the years from her guides with an ever-widening circle of seekers. Responding to reader requests, she launched a Spanish version in 2013. In addition to her daily posts, she does automatic writings and conducts private readings for a small group of select clients. Michelle is also an award-winning copywriter, marketing strategist, and brand strategist, and founder of a boutique advertising agency in New York. She is currently in the process of earning a master’s degree in Social Psychology. The Soul’s Agenda is her first book.

    She loves writing, yoga, reading, learning, hiking, connecting with others. Her purpose is to learn, teach and experience as much joy doing both as she possibly can.


    Ignite your passions and learn to create your dreams at unitedintentions.org

    If you would like to be a guest on the show email Jennifer at jennifer.kramer@unitedintentions.org

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    Learn How To Release Weight And Embrace Light. The Good Intentions Show on AHR

    in Energy

    Katharine Pike is a speaker and Light Catalyst, she also is the creator of the LIGHT SOLUTION®, a step-by-step, holistic, and comprehensive process that helps people release the weight of judgment and unhealthy behavior patterns and, instead, embrace lightness of mind, body, and soul. She received the NAPW Woman of the Year in Health and Wellness.

    Join UIF founder Tim Ray and his guest Katharine Pike as they discuss how to release weight and embrace light on the UI Radio Show, syndicated om Angel Heart Radio. 

    Contact her at:
    Release Weight. Embrace Light.
    email: kat@lighterbodysolution.com

    Create, Track and Manifest your passions at unitedintentions.org

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    EPS 41: Alternative medicine mainstreaming with traditional.... re-broadcast

    in Medicine

    Join UIF Founder Tim Ray and his guest Dr. Janine Romaner discuss alternative medicine mainstreaming with traditional medicine on UI Radio.

    Janine Romaner, ND, is a Naturopathic Doctor practicing in Woodstock, Georgia. With a team of other experienced practitioners at her clinic, she uses non-invasive testing methods whenever possible, and natural medicines to assist in your healing process. Dr. Romaner, ND received her initial training in British Columbia, Canada from the Institute of Quantum & Molecular Medicine with continued studies with doctors considered masters in this field. She then went on to study at Clayton College of Natural Health to earn her BS in Natural Health and a degree as a Naturopathic Doctor. 

    As well as having an extensive practice, Janine is regularly featured on radio health shows, and continues to author many articles printed in international magazines and newspapers on various facets of health. She can be reached at Naturally Healthy, 770-640-6690.


    Create, track and manifest your passions... one intention at a time at www.unitedintentions.org

    If you want to be a guest on the show please contact Jennifer Kramer at jennifer.kramer@unitedintentions.org

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    Blessing Circle... pause on purpose and renew your soul

    in Women

    Our intentions are pure...

    SImply Grace honors diversity in faith and experience by providing a sacred space of kindness, compassion, love and hope for humanity. The Blessing Circle is a divine interruption, a gentle reminder of the abundant grace present in our lives. Faith is when we close our eyes and open our hearts...to be vulnerable, to surrender, to trust as we lean back into the arms of grace and God.

    Joining Nancy Feth this morning is a dear friend and colleague Vera Cornish, Publisher of the Urban Connection, Harrisburg, PA who knows the power of hitting the pause button to allow space for rejuvenation and restoration ~ mind, body and spirit... This is a shout out to all the social entrepreneurs who have a heart for blending community work with business and are hungry for quiet spaces to renew the soul.

    Life in the 21st century is accelerating... Change has become the new normal.  What sustains us? A simple pause out of the ordinary routine can be life changing.  Taking time to pause, breathe and connect to ourselves, one another and God in quiet reflection and gratitude is a gift that keeps on giving.  

    The moment faith becomes a reality in our vision, we begin to see the invisible, believe the impossible, and do the incredible...breathing grace into our hearts and our very being. Grace is the light, the love, the hope, the faith that fills each of our souls with peace. Moment by moment notice the extraordinary, life is a beautiful wonder...feel its divine miracle.  This is Simply Grace...

    Simply Grace Community
    Simply Grace

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    Lesson 3R, Moses, Hebrews 11:24-28

    in The Bible

    Jesus came: Teaching, Preaching, Healing and Delivering the sick, injury and setting the captive free. Lets  do what Jesus did. Luke 19:10 seek and save those that are lost.

    The Way Truth Life Taberncle, Inc.(772) 626-3178  in conjunction with and under its umbrella Love Wings Ministries - Pastor Benny Ramos (772) 834-9634 is located at 6785 S US 1 (Fed Hw) Port St Lucie, Fl 34952. Our Services are: Sunday 11:00 am,  Wednesday 7pm Bible Study and  starting Feb 20th, 2016 and every other Saturday thereafter - at 7pm we're having our Saturday Night Service for those that cannot make it out on Sunday morning & Interested in a Spanish service call the above numbers.Sundays at 2pm . email: wtltabernacle@gmail.com,  website: www.wtlffjim.org, Gifts & Donations can be sent to the above address.  www.ifcj.org/goto/BlessIsrael

    Church Prayer Line 712.432-1212   access code: 832348540#   @10:30 W/F

    Recommended  Prophecy Watchers with Gary Stearman & Bob Ulrich,   (VOE) with Perry Stone on Roku

    Objective: To Learn to walk by Faith, resting in the Lord

    Memory 1 Corinthians 10:13

    R) Moses

    Moses, Hebrews 11:24-28

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    #DOSubstance - Rejection or Being Rerouted

    in Spirituality

    Daughters of Substance is about helping women enjoy her life while becoming empowered and equipped to deal all life brings.   The evidences of her Substance is recorded in her lifestyle.  How being synchronized, setting things in motion and know that it is promotion time because her Substance Matters. 

    We believe in assisting women to see and know that her Substance is within.  We want women to DO Substance (things that will make them be equipped, edified and empowered) to bring blessing to themselves and help the next generations of Daughters of Substance.  Daughters of Substance are “Joie-De-Vivre”!

    Email: daugthersofsubstance@gmail.com

    Website: http://daughtersofsubstance.weebly.com

    Prayer line: 979-202-1227 / Toll Free:  866-821-0526



    #Daugthers of Substance