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    Seth Everett is a Comic Book Geek? Who knew?

    in Sports

    Our 2nd hour was loaded with sports and fun talk. Seth discussed his 2 different Podcasts, including a Superhero one called Hall of Justice. We talked how Star Wars has already eclipsed Avatar as the highest grossing film of all time.
    We played FMK involving Kathy Griffin, Renee Zellweger and Meg Ryan. Miss Robin did her weekly Florida update involving an upcoming snake roundup and Peta approved ways of doing it. And with the huge Power Ball a big story, Robin had an update on a lottery winner who is auctioning off his 1-thousand dollar a month winnings - with the catch being the winning bidder only collects as long as the original winner stays alive.
    We closed the show with a rundown of the NFL coaching vacancies and hot candidates.

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    Future Seth Books

    in Spirituality

    Seth through Mark Allen Frost describes the new books he is writing, including The Seth Book of Natural Healing, The Seth Book of Dreams and The Visionary Chronicles.

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    Tom Brady's Suspension & Peyton Manning's Future with NFL Insider Seth Everett

    in Football

    On this week's episode of "Pro Football View from the East," hosts Joe Tufaro (@Tufdan) and Dennis Agapito (@PFVFE) welcome sports radio host, columnist and MLB/NFL insider Seth Everett (@Seth_Everett) to the program.

    The panel takes an in depth look at a variety of topics facing the National Football League as training camps begin:

    Was NFL Comissioner Roger Goodell correct in upholding Patriots quarterback Tom Brady's four-game "deflate-gate" suspension?
    Who will start in Brady's absence and how could his loss influence the Patriots season?
    Have teams closed the gap on the Denver Broncos in the AFC West?
    Can Peyton Manning endure the rigors of another season and what does the future hold for the aging quarterback?
    Which NFL teams are set to take a step forward this year, vastly improving over last season?

    This and much more NFL coverage!

    Pro Football View from the East now available on iTunes and Stitcher.

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    The MLB HOF voting system SUCKS! we discuss w/ Seth Everett

    in Sports

    First Podcast of 2016 at Comedy Sports theatre in Philly and we covered a lot of different topics.
    Great food was provided the audience and crew by our friends at Blue Duck Philly and it was amazingly good.
    The top story was the Baseball Hall of Fame voters electing Ken Griffey Jr and Mike Piazza and the annual idiocy of 3 writers failing to vote for Griffey because of the archaic tradition that no player has ever gotten 100% of the vote, so Griffey fell 3 votes short of perfect.
    We also got into the Twitter 10-thousand character talk and how most people hate the idea so much, Twitter stock has dropped 2%.
    We brought on our old friend Seth Everett to talk MLB and his relationship with Ken Griffey Jr from his days in Seattle and some fun stories involving JR and Ichiro Suzuki.
    Got into some SuperBowl talk and promoted out big SB Podcast and party on Feb 7th, live from the beautiful Glass House in San Jose California.

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    Episode 2 - Seth Everett

    in Fun

    Episode 2 and I talk to Seth Everett about ConTV and more !

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    All Things Seth with Barrie Gellis "Our Poet"

    in Spirituality

    Awake 2 Oneness Radio with Barrie Gellis on Friday, April 29, 2016 at 7:00 PM EDT. Barrie is a former member of Jane Roberts’ ESP class in Elmira NY (one of the New York Boys) and was referred to as "Our Poet" by Seth in 1972. 

    Barrie has written more than 4,000 poems and has published a book entitled "Outside Is a Secret Key". It is a collection of 100 poems that relate to experiencing inner and outer life, including Seth concepts, as well as poems that Sue Watkins included in her book, “Conversations with Seth.”
    Seth was a nonphysical personality who spoke through Jane Roberts from 1963 to her death in 1984.  Seth has dictated 25 books through Jane and is recognized as ushering in the modern New Age movement, introducing the phrase that “you create your own reality.”

    Seth's concepts empower each person to find their own answers, become accountable in a loving way for their own lives — while caring about the well-being of others.

    Barrie has given presentations at various Seth conferences, including the most recent Global Online Seth Conference in October 2015. He has created a number of online Seth sites and message boards including: Barrie Gellis’ Seth Group—All Things Seth.
    To learn more about Barrie you can go to:

  • "The White Man's Religion?"- FINAL AUTHORITY on KLJN 107.7 w/ Everett Robinson

    in Christianity


    K L J N 107.7

    There has always been heated discussion around rather or not Christianity was a creation of thw white man as a way to make people of color conform within society. If, in fact, Christianity is the brainchild of the oppressor, would that effect believers and how would this change the face of christianity as a religion? Listen and be ready to be enlightened as Everett Robinson tackles this controversial assertion.


    HOST: Ambassador Everett Robinson

    SONG CREDITS: Various


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    Seth Sikes: Sings Liza Minnelli @ 54 Below!

    in Entertainment

    Seth Sikes joines Rated G Radio tonight to talk about his performance career paying tribute to Liza Minnelli.  Seth will be appearing at the famed "54 Below" on May 2nd at 9:30 p.m. est.

    Call 323 657-1493 to ask this popular entertaininer a question and join the fun!

    Seth Sikes is a singer and director in New York.  He recently played packed houses at 54 Below with his Judy Garland tribute concert, backed by a seven-piece band. Time Out New York called him "The Theatre Elf," as Sikes is best known in the theatre behind the scenes as an assistant director.  He was the Assistant Director of The Nance, on Broadway (starring Nathan Lane and directed by Jack O'Brien), and of the Off-Broadway productions of Tribes (directed by David Cromer) and and Pageant.  His other Assistant Director credits include Sondheim: The Birthday Concert (directed by Lonny Price), and Sweet Bird of Youth (direted by David Cromer and starring Diane Lane).  In his Judy Garland show, Sikes recounts how Garland captivated him as a young boy growing up on a farm outside of Paris, TX, and recreates her thrilling, swinging arrangements with a fantastic band.

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    Tony Collins, Bob Fields, JJ Birden, Kent Hill & Jim Everett

    in Football

    This week on a special NFL Draft edition of Thursday Night Tailgate our guests are: former Patriots Pro Bowl RB Tony Collins, former Rams DT turned broadcaster Bob Fields, former Chiefs & Falcons WR JJ Birden, former Rams Pro Bowl Guard Kent Hill and former Rams Pro Bowl QB Jim Everett.

    Tony Collins - We talked with Tony about his draft day memories plus what it was like showing up at training camp the first time. Did the players, especially the other runningbacks, welcome him or did they view him as the guy drafted to take their jobs?

    Bob Fields - Bob is a member of the Board of Directors for the NFL Alumni Association and was an undrafted free agent signed by the Rams. What was the draft process like for him? We'll also talk about what the NFL Alumni Association is doing to help the many former players who are now dealing with long term health issues later in life.

    JJ Birden - JJ was an 8th round draft pick by the Cleveland Browns who later cut him. What were his expecations heading into the draft? JJ was also a track star in college at Oregon, making it to the US Olympic trials. We'll get his thoughts on the Olympics later this summer and his thoughts on fellow Oregon Duck Devon Allen who's following in his footsteps.

    Kent Hill - Kent was a 1st round draft pick by the Los Angeles Rams in 1979. We'll talk about what draft day was like for him. What was it like going through that day and sitting there waiting for your name to be called? We'll also hear his thougths on the Rams selecting Jared Goff with the #1 selection. 

    Jim Everett - Now that the Rams are back in LA and drafting #1, we'll hear what Jim thinks about the Rams selection of QB Jared Goff as the 1st overall pick. Plus we'll hear the story about what led the Rams to trade for him after a couple of months after the Houston Oilers selected him in the first round. 

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    The New Seth Books

    in Spirituality

    Seth will discuss his two new projects: The Seth Book of Dreaming and The Seth Book of Natural Healing. Listeners will be invited to participate in creating material for the new books.

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    "Same Sex Marriage"- FINAL AUTHORITY on KLJN 107.7 with Everett Robinson

    in Christianity


    K L J N 107.7

    Does God approve and/or honor same sex marriages within the church? Is marriage, from a biblical context, more about more than the love a couple shares? Does what society deem acceptable equate to what's acceptable under the Word of God? Get the answers to these and other questions when you tune in for this informative discussion.


    HOST: Ambassador Everett Robinson