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    Midnight thanksgiving praise radio - 830 pm PST 930 pm MST 1030 pm 1130 EST

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    Midnight thanksgiving praise radio - 830 pm PST 930 pm MST 1030 pm 1130 EST

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    Matthew Chapter 4

    in The Bible

    Come and study Gods Word with us,so you can walk close to Jesus.

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    Billie Ozment Show talking about Xyngular & Guest Speaker is Mindy Rutter!

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    Billie Ozment Show talking about Xyngular & Guest Speaker is Mindy Rutter!

    Billie is presently Serving As The Vice-President Of Helping The Less Fortunate Ministries. Her Mission Is To Help Those In Need And To Prepare The Young, the Elderly And the Disabled with The Skills And Knowledge they need To Be Responsible Citizens. She strives to Help Those Who Are Struggling... To Learn In A Loving And Caring Environment.

    Today Billie will be talking about her new venture with Xyngular!

    Our guest speaker is Mindy Rutter tonight.  She is a mother of a 14 year old, a healthcare provider; a mammography technologist and CNA  in NC. Mindy is also active in her church and an assistant cheer coach at her daughter's high school. She has been on the products for 4.5 years. Mandy had such amazing results that she decided to refer this outside of her healthcare profession.

    From our small beginnings, Xyngular from day one had a specific direction and purpose. Founded by a group of passionate individuals dedicated to changing lives for the better, Xyngular has grown and flourished thanks to strong corporate leaders and dedicated Members. Together, they have worked to create something incredibly unique. The Xyngular Way can truly change any individual’s health, wealth, and life. Our story is your story.  Come with us!

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    Episode 1285: Research to Tactics

    in Training

    This radio show will discuss all of the research conducted with the fire service by the UL Firefighter Safety Research Institute.  Guests from fire departments that have served on the technical panels of the research will share their perspectives and how they have incorporated the results into their departments.

    Host Steve Kerber is the Director of the UL Firefighter Safety Research Institute. He has led fire service research and education in the areas of ventilation, structural collapse, and fire dynamics. A 13-year veteran of the fire service, with most of his service at the College Park Fire Department in Prince George's County Maryland where he served at ranks up through Deputy Chief.  He currently serves on the Advisory Board of Fire Engineering and the Fire Department Instructors Conference.  Steve has also been appointed to the rank of Honorary Battalion Chief by the FDNY.

    Sponsored by Rite Rescue Systems

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    Simple Wellness Hair & Day Spa's reputation is quite impressive (just check out our reviews), but why?!?!?!  On this show, I will interview the Rock Stars, who continues to take their Good to Great!  As you know, my shows dig deeper than most.  It's not enough to know what they do, but tonight; we shall learn why they do it!  Whether it is specializing in natural hair, being a massage therapist or choosing to be an expert skin care specialist, or operating behind the scenes as a support member...WHY?  What is the driving force in these amazing people that makes them want to continue to give of themselves on a daily basis?  We will discuss their own personal growth and beauty enhancing journey, the daily routines that they do to keep them reaching to a higher level of greatness and give a transparent perspective as to why it is extremely important for YOU to be selective of who you entrust your beauty and wellness needs to!!!!   

    Join us tonight in this exclusive discussion, as we share some industry trade tips and secrets, and reveal to you why your spa service technicians should be carefully selected!  You wouldn't just choose your surgeon based off of his/her availability would you, well listen and learn why it shouldn't be done in the spa industry either.

    Show starts at 7pm
    you may listen in by calling (646)929-0630 or online at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/familyhealingcircle/2016/05/05/total-empowerment-presents-meet-the-team
    To join in on the conversation; call the same number, then press 1
    All business owners are invited to call and promote their service and/or business for FREE
    Total Empowerment may be replayed at any time, at the "about us" page at www.dayspasw.com

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    Juicing vs Smoothies

    in Nutrition

    Sandy Cameron NC RMT, also known as "The Farmer Chick," is a Holistic Nutrition Consultant and a Usui Reiki Master.

    Her passion for food began as a child with a desire to become an ethnobotanist. Her service range from a need to break a diet soda habit to rounding out a vegan diet to working with health challenges to learning how to make soup. She also dabbles in Herbal Medicine, having various products she offers to locals, fans, and clients. She has worked with her own son to overcome moderate autism.

    Sandy will guide you to healthier options for you that assist you with Mind, Body and Soul Balancing.

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    America's Champions with LT Dan (Navy SEAL) Ret

    in Motivation

    America's Champions has Sheriff Jim Muller of Adams County (Gettysburg PA area).

    After his military service, employment in the building trades and managing his own business, Jim Muller was again eager for public service.  In 1991, he was appointed Constable of Mt. Pleasant Township by Presiding Judge, Oscar Spicer.

    That, in turn, led him to a position with the Adams County Prison System and Jim attended the Officer Corrections School in Hershey, PA.  He later took a position as a County Detective for Adams County.

    Those positions gave him hands-on experience dealing with the criminal justice system, crime, criminals, prisoners and prisoner transport as well as security, among other issues. He continued attending state-mandated Constable courses given at the Harrisburg Area Community College to stay current in techniques and issues of law and law enforcement. He also attended Dickinson School of Law where he graduated from the Deputy Sheriff's Academy.

    In 1998, Jim Muller started his career with the Adams County Sheriff’s Office. He was placed in charge of the Warrant & Civil Process Division.  He was also appointed as a Deputy U.S. Marshal (a position he eventually stepped down from once elected as Sheriff) and the same year, voted Deputy of the Year. After eight years of service with the Sheriff’s Office, four years ago, concerned about the lack of progress within the Sheriff’s Office that he had observed first hand, Jim decided that he would like to use his years of experience as a business person, a Constable, County Detective, Corrections worker and Deputy Sheriff and made the decision to run for the office. He succeeded.

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    Building Fortunes Radio - Everything PM Marketing Networkleads

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    Building Fortunes Radio - Everything PM Marketing Networkleads......

    PM Marketing allows you to leverage your marketing efforts to give you a competitive Edge and separate yourself and your business from everyone else.  Peter Mingils has develop PM Marketing and NetworkLeads.

    Everyday at 6:30 PM Eastern, he explains Building Fortunes to past, present, and future customers on the webinars. www.networkleads.com/meetings.

     http://www.networkleads.com for leads and systems

    http://www.buildingfortunesradio.com for our promotional materials

    You can probably find everything you need to build your home based business here.
    Leads, Training, Tools, Systems & Customer Service is what we provide.

    With over 17 years of experience in Training and Systems, Network Leads has established itself as one of the top companies, offering a full-range of Network Marketing, Business Opportunity, Affiliate Marketing, Internet Marketing and Work From Home Marketing Packages with or without leads. For more information for how all of it works together go to: http://www.networkleads.com/imp.