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    "Why is being a "WISE" servant of God's important?" One reason requires that we recognize, accept and fully embrace the recognition that serving God isn’t about us receiving attention or glory. Nor is it about ministering to others through our ego-driven carnal minds. It's about Xemplifying the power of God and how it genuinely works in us, with us, for us and through us to the glory of God and the benefit of one-another. We are all here to serve as ministers to one-another. The transforming power of  God is blatantly visible and on display through the lives of those who have chosen to trade selfishness for selflessness. Peter says believers should recognize that we are speaking and serving directly on behalf of God to others, while He provides us with the ability and strength for us to do so. Through our direct relationship with God, we are able to legitimately validate the depths of our divinity and faith in God as we demonstrate the depth of God's love to the world. What do we need to do to be "WISE" servants? The SISTAH CHAT discussion will focus on and center around what is required for us to be WISE SERVANTS OF GOD. 


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    "A Servant of God and a Friend to Man"

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    Join us weekly for this inspirational show.  You can listen live at (347) 857-1769 or listen live at drjessewalker.com.


    What does it mean to be a servant of God and a friend to man.

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    The Characteristics of a True Servant of God

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    First, I will complete the Bible study on having the Mind of Christ. Who is a true servant of God? What does a true servant of God do and how does he or she act?

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    The Holy Bible declares God's will from Genesis to Revelation and every page in between. It is not just a book, but rather a guide for those who are willing to take on the nature of Jesus and live Christ-like; utilizing the power given by God in Christ.  

    Also join FMSM GOSPEL NETWORK on Pure Word for Everyday Christians Mon - Fri evenings at 10 pm for an encouraging Word from the Lord by The prophet Mary Washington, Ft. Worth, Texas. Join us for a Holy Ghost Party on the www beginning Monday, October 20, 2014; Ministers from around the world will come together and bless the Body of Christ! We want you to join us!  Go to www.fmsmgospelnetwork.org to learn more!

    We appreciate your prayers for the ministry and ask you to Partner With Us in carrying the Gospel to the nations making disciples; Will you pledge a gift of $7.00 to help us reach more souls and fulfilling the great commission. Thank you for your generous donation. FMSM Gospel Network

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    the god

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    we r going to ask things not judge people or peoples faith so call in ask qestions we are not qestioning god or jesus its just people want to know dares nothing wrong with it so i hope you enjoy it . lord all our success is because of what you have done so give us peace   Isaiah 26:1 the god show is a family show we you enjoy it an get blessed buy it amen  if god is with us who can be agaist us  romans 8:31 amen 

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    Dare To Live Ecstacticly-Real Talk on Me, God and A Cup of Coffee w/Susan Kee

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    JOIN THE CONVERSATION SATURDAY 8 A.M. #347-996-5568. Hectic schedules? Endless errands? Growing to-do-lists? Not enough time to pursue your passions and get what you want out of life? Dare to take lifes's detours. Dare to look forward more than you look back. Dare to have a Life Wish List and check off one wish every year. Dare to find what makes you ecstatic, and do it for at least ten minutes a day. - Excerpt from "The Daring Female's Guide to Ecstatic Living" by Natasha Kogan - COME HAVE A CUP OF COFFEE ON ME!

    Me God and A Cup Of  Coffee" is a show that recognizes that every day must start with a morning conversation with God.  Through sharing your experiences with others we realize that "We are more alike than we are different".  Join us for a morning conversation. Grab your mug and fill it up.  #347-996-5568, Saturday at 8 a.m. weekly.

    ME –  I’m just your average everyday woman, filled with Life, Love and Laughter.  I’m excited about life’s benefits, though not always excited about my choices.  I rise each morning looking forward to a great cup of coffee and a good read.  

    GOD – My source of joy, my reason for living, my beginning and my end.  

    COFFEE– Part of every good conversation and Privy to every private thought.  The start of every friendship begins with Coffee. In the acknowledgment of life or even the report of death there’s usually coffee.  The universal language for “The Talk”.

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    HE is THE LORD Your GOD whether you Acknowledge HIM or Not! That's right, you might not know HIM as FATHER but everybody knows HIM as GOD! Yes even non believer's and demons know HIM as GOD!!!



    Tune In LIVE Every Saturday at 11am Eastern.

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    Love of God, the Favor of God is Poured Out

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    Love of God, the Favor of God is Poured Out by His Holy Spirit.

    Rom 5:6 Love of God is poured out into our Hearts by the Holy Spirit.

    Faith comes alive by hearing, hearing by the Word of God

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    The Audible Bible From Ezekiel chap 11-17 The God of Glory

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    As we are reading the book of Ezekiel, I want to remind you that Ezekiel presents us the God of Glory. As you are preparing yourself to meet the God of glory in Ezekiel, you will learn how seriously God take sin, to what extreme God is willing to judge His people because of their sins, what God says sin does to a person, what value is wealth, list evidence that shows God's people have departed from Him, whether a person who departs from God can enters His presense, how God use to show He is desciplining people who depart from Him, His actions are always according to His love, regardless of the impact and or results. The book of Ezekiel has a lot to say about the God of Glory.

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    Speak Life Radio ~ What Servant Leadership Looks Like

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    Speak Life Radio ~ What Servant Leadership Looks Like!


     Blessings beautiful family and welcome back to another amazing show. Remember April is sexual assault awareness month, check your local listings to see how you can help bring awareness and show support. We have two super amazing guests tonight who are the epitome of Servant Leadership. What is a Servant Leader you ask? Servant Leaders put the needs of customers, employees and communities first. That's just what our guests speakers are all about! Meet Brother Mark Olds ~ Founder of The MIDWEST MINORITY Think Tank "A Solutions Strategy" The goal is to have a reliable institution that clarly allows any member to set forth a solution that can help elevate a group of people; whereby, the whole of society will enjoy the fruitfulness of the effort. The Think Tank will labor unceasingly to produce servant leaders who understand that leadership must serve their constituency and all of humanity.

     Please also welcome Ms. Irene Jones Founder of Josiah"s House Inc. Josiah"s House is a full service adult day center that features learning and life skills training both home skills and vocational enclave to individuals with disabilities. The center has learning centers for all aspects of daily living. Talk about Servant Leadership ... Please join us!!!!!

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    Friday's Word Of Encouragement - God Promises To Wipe Away All Tears! (40)

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    Today's Word Of Encouragement comes to us from Revelation 21:4-5.  We can take absolute comfort in the promise our Lord's made to us over two thousand years ago in Revelation 21:4.  Tune in and allow God's promise to comfort and heal your broken heart!

    E-mail us your PRAYER REQUEST in advance at loveradiochurch@gmail.com if you want us to read your petitions/needs on the air to have others intercede on your behalf.

    Please tell other likeminded saints about our other daily broadcasts Daily Manna From Heaven, International Institute Of Biblical & Ministerial Studies and Wolf Tracker and everything these broadcasts have to offer to those who are serious about serving CHRIST in these last and evil days!

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