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    Nutmeg's Mix Volume 6

    in Fun

    Nutmeg's Mix Volume6 was compiled in winter of 2008: 1) 1000 Deaths-Aesop Rock 2)Starlight-Muse 3)McNugget Rap-Those dickheads from the TV commercial 4)The Unthinking Majority-Serj Tankian 5)Black Cat-The Young Werewolves 6)Psycho-Puddle of Mudd 7)Pégate-Ricky Martin 8)Bohemian Rhapsody-Queen 9)Jaguar Shark-Soraia 10)Eff Granddad-Thugnificent (from “The Boondocks”) 11)Goodbye Horses- Q-Lazzarus 12) I Have Nothing-Whitney Houston 13)Loco-Hector Lavoe 14)Mad About You-Hooverphonic 15) I Won’t Reveal-Beth January 16)Grinning Mouths-Isis 17)Guitars, Cadillacs-Dwight Yoakam 18)Amaranth-Nightwish 19) C.R.E.A.M.-Wu Tang Clan 20) Ladylike-Big Wreck

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    Nutmeg's Mix Volume 5

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    Nutmeg's Mix Volume5 was compiled in winter of 2007-2008: 1) F*** Them Bitches-Kelis 2)Coffee-Aesop Rock feat. John Darnielle 3)It’s Oh So Quiet-Björk 4)Billie Jean(Michael Jackson Cover)-Chris Cornell 5)Erotica(You Thrill Me)-Madonna 6)Pump It-Black Eyed Peas 7)Sasquatch-Tenancious D 8)Ooh Baby-Britney Spears 9)Soy La Voz-Hector Lavoe 10)Sweet Lady-Soraia 11)You Shook Me All Night Long (Live)-AC/DC 12)Beer!!!!!-Psychostick 13)Right Thurr-Chingy 14)Bye Bye Beautiful-Nightwish 15) Pride&Joy-Stevie Ray Vaughn 16)Behind Your Lies-Linkin Park 17)Evil Soul-The Young Werewolves 18)Rusty Cage(Soundgarden Cover)-Johnny Cash 19) 99 Ways To Die- Megadeth 20) Beethoven’s C*** -Serj Tankian 21)Sober- Tool

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    Nutmeg's Mix Volume 4

    in Fun

    Special thanks to Kenneth R for Co-hosting this episode :) Nutmeg's Mix Volume 4 was compiled in the late autumn/early winter of 2007: 1)Ball & Chain(Live)-Janis Joplin 2)Cocaine Blues(Live at Folsom Prison)-Johnny Cash 3)F*** The Pain Away-Peaches 4)Empty Walls-Serj Tankian 5)Damn Dirty Woman-Soraia 6)Living Dead Girl-Rob Zombie 7)Me Enamora-Juanes 8)Angel With The Scabbed Wings-Marilyn Manson 9)Violently Happy-Björk 10)The Wind Cries Mary-Jimi Hendrix 11)Rag&Bone-The White Stripes12)Lather-Jefferson Airplane 13)Emo Kid- Adam&Andrew 14)Creep-Radiohead 15)Bat Out Of Hell-Meatloaf 16)Jackson-Johnny Cash & June Carter 17)My December-Linkin Park 18)9 to 5ers Anthem-Aesop Rock

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    Serj Tankian Discusses His System of Resiliency

    in Lifestyle

    Known as the most unconventional front-men in rock and the voice of System of a Down, Tankian now emerges as a solo artist, writer and producer in his new release Elect the Dead. Famed for his inimitable vocals, incisive lyrics and unwavering dedication to humanitarian causes. Melodic Visionary Serj Tankian joins Resiliency Radio host Def Leppard drummer, Rick Allen and co-host Lauren Monroe in a personal interview discussing resiliency, music and hope during times of injustice and change.

    Serj's Bio:
    Musician, singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, record producer, poet, political activist. Born in Beirut, Lebanon to Armenian parents during tumultuous political times, Tankian lived in Beruit until 1975 when his family immigrated to Los Angeles.

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