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    American Variety Network Special: Interview with Rapper Ryan Serene!!

    in Hip Hop Music

    I will have the extreme and upmost honor of having a guest on my show today. But not just any guest, my personal favorite Rapper that I support each and every time I listen to his music! This rapper is an awesome man, and I'm friends with his mom. Ladies and gentleman, my guest tonight will be Mr. Ryan Serene an awesome rapper!!! I am beyond excited to have a rapper on my show and I hope to give Ryan Serene some awesome exposure!

    On the Agenda for the show:

    -Ryan will tell us about his Rap and how he got into rap music

    -We will hear many of Ryan's songs and he will explain them

    And much more!

    Please feel free to call in at 1 347-989-8142 to ask Ryan Serene a question!

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    Is Gentrification Bad For Inner-Cities?

    in Politics

    New developments and housing is great... in theory, but how does it affect the existing communities and those citizens? Call 760.283.4647 This Thursday at 7pm to comment on the HOT TOPIC - "IS GENTRIFICATION BAD FOR INNER CITIES?" Click www.eblockradio.com from your smartphone, laptop or tablet to catch the show LIVE! ****SPECIAL MUSICAL GUEST... CITY SHAD**** ?

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    Shine - What is inner beauty anyway?

    in Women

    I met Kate years ago and we instantly clicked.  She radiated truth, beauty and fun so I just had to get to know her and as I have I have been touched by her heart and passion for leading woman to their inner beauty and health which translate into HOTTNESS.

    Kate Burkett is an Inner Beauty Expert. She is on this planet to embody what woman require to truly love and trust themselves, so they can have a life of clarity and freedom. Kate has been on a journey to find her paradise, through battles with her body, the loss of loved ones and travels around the world.

    She has found what we need as women to stay healthy and vibrant. Kate's intention is to empower women around the world to step into new found energy, dynamic self-confidence and lasting health! She is focused on connecting woman to their physical bodies, emotional wellbeing and spiritual health. Discover her secrets at http://www.kateinparadise.com 

    This week we are teaming up to bring you a WEEK LONG event to tap into your Ageless Beauty and SHINE!  Follow us and join the week on Facebook. 

    Learn more about Antiqua and get her amazing gift just for you 237 tips to Celebrate Your Ageless Beauty @ www.AntiquaLisha.com 

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    INNER THOUGHT Episode 2

    in Spirituality

    Thought Provoking Live Call In Talk Show hosted by @Womanofthewomb and @TheFallBackUp authors of Introverts Explained, Melanin Explained, Women Of The Womb, and The Fall Back Up poetry book.  Join us and call in to join our conversation. Sponsored by @EmpathIntrovert @MelaninFacts @AscensionFacts on Twitter.

  • It's Time for a Makeover

    in Christianity

    The cosmetic and hair care industry is a multi-billion industry because we live in a society that places great emphasis on your outward appearance. This industry is invest millions of dollars annual to create new products to bring to the market place that will make you look younger and feel better.  If you're fighing fine lines and wrinkles, they offer you a skin cream.  If you're challenged with gray hair, they offer you hair color and if you want longer hair there are countless extensions available at you local hair salon.  While those products will certainly help your appearance on the outside, the inside of you; your mind, will, emotions and spirit often goes unaddressed.  Tune in today and learn how God wants to provide a real makeover, from the inside-out!

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    Serene Motivations

    in Self Help

    Catch Serene Motivations w/ Host Johnnette Young Wednesday, 9/16/15 @ 11 A.M. EST On The Survival Radio Christian Network!  Ms. Racquel Williams, Founder & President of Can I Live, Inc & 1MMOW Will Be Returning To Dish All About Her 1 Million Moms Off Welfare Launch On Washington, DC! Tune-in & Find Out How This Launch Inspired Women In Their Pursuit of A Better Life & When This Phenomenal Movement Will Be In A City Near You!

  • 01:06

    The Inner Consciousness Presents: I Forgive and I'm Thankful

    in Self Help

    Join Rev Harvey on Thanksgiving day as he talks about Forgivenes ?  ?reasons we need to forgive others but also ourselves.the benefits of forgiveness and exercises to help you forgive. He will also talk about being Thankful, once you have learned how to let go and let GOD take the wheel by forgiving yourself and allowing other people to be themselves then you can truly be Thankful.Learn techniques to truly feel Thankful and to expand your feeling of thankfulness beyond yourself.

    Call in 646-929-0630 or listen online  

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    Your Deep Inner World

    in Spirituality

    Join your host Clairvoyant Psychic & Spiritual Teacher Bernadette Dickinson for an update on the prevailing energy affecting you. Venus is Square Pluto which is uncovering your deep inner world view of relationships. The first relationship being affected is the one you have or don't have with yourself. Coming in a close second is your deep issues in close partnerships. 

    Live Chat and Live Mini Readings 347-324-3891

    Hidden Wisdom Radio is an oasis of spiritual teachings that will help you in love, work, family and all aspects of daily living. Featuring topics on awakening your spiritual power and creating a fulfilling human experience while pursuing your best physical, intellectual and spiritual self.

    For a private consultation visit Bernadette's website www.bernadettedickinson.com

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    Serene Motivations

    in Self Help

    Catch Serene Motivations w/ Host Johnnette Young Wednesday, 9/2/15 @ 11 A.M. EST On The Survival Radio Christian Network! We Have Special Guests Mr. Klarque Garrison Talk Show Host, Entrepreneur & Speaker, Along W/ Mr. Marvin “Mack” Jones, Gospel Recording Artist & Song Writer Joining Us Live! Be Sure To Tune In Because This Is A Show You Don’t Want To Miss!

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    Free for All Friday! Black Friday Edition

    in Christianity

    Join Randall and Stacy Harp for a Free for All Friday Black Friday Edition of Bible News Radio where we look at the headlines of the day through the lens of the bible

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    Inner Stellar Mini Readings

    in Spirituality

    Join me for a half hour of  mini readings

    Focus on your question for the best insight

    No medical legal or lottery questions will be answered

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    Inner Stellar

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