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    SPECIAL: Remembering September 11th

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    September 11, 2001 is a date that touches every American from coast to coast, recalling memories of a fateful day that placed thousands at the center of a terror attack. The personal stories that emerged from Ground Zero, the Pentagon, and Flight 93 bring to light the men and women whose courage and resilience have shown how humanity will always overcome fear. 

    Today World Footprints commemorates the anniversary of the terrifying attack that changed the world and brought heroes to the front-line. You will hear from survivors their first-hand account of the events as they experienced them. You will also hear from individuals who selflessly put their own lives at risk to rescue others. We will also share our own memories for the first time.

    We will always be united in memory!

    Click HERE to see our video from within the Pentagon and our visit to the Pentagon Memorial.

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    September 11th Show

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    We'll recap the Packers loss vs the 49ers, get into a little Bucks talk, and find out why Lamont hates LeBron James & the Miami Heat.

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    September 11th Interview

    in Education

    My name is Jessica Akins and I am Interviewing my mother Kathleen Lazar about her experience during September 11th.

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    September 11th, 2001

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    Today's show is the premier of Wake Up To The Truth Radio. We will be talking in depth about the events of 9/11/01 and the questions and lies surrounding the events of that horrific day. We will be taking callers throughout the show and give them the opportunity to voice their concerns as well. We would like to hear from you and you will not be cut off for voicing an opinion or belief that differs from mine. I am open to discuss and address all of your concerns.


    Special guest from I Am The Face Of Truth Claudio Marty

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    Readings with Fleur September 11th

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    Los Angeles based Psychic Medium Fleur connects with Spirit so you can connect with loved ones who have passed.

    Call in for your chance at a free reading with Fleur.  

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    Remember September 11th 2001 By Honoring Families Serving!

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    Please visit our Blog, join our email list (lower right side) for updates, and claim your FREE gift from our affiliate partner.  The Firstborn Son homepage.
    Today's Show Details:
    How does war impact the multi-generational stability and progress of a family?  Has the military and the amazing selfless & sacrificial act of service been woven into the fabric of your family legacy?  As a family member of a service man or woman, not forgetting parents of the deployed, have you felt all along there is a lack of understanding that you also bare the mark of service to this great nation?
    As we engage this historic moment in America's history marked by the events and attacks of September 11th, 2001, we at The Firstborn Son Show and our audience are blessed to have Nanette Sagastume, the author of WE ALSO SERVE: A Family Goes To War as our guest.  
    Nanette Sagastume is the wife of a Vietnam War U.S. Marine and the mother of an Iraqi Freedom Marine.  In 2001, she founded a local support group for military families.  Since retiring as a nurse practioner, Nanette has maintained a practice as a Healing Touch Certified Practioner.  She lives in Chico, CA with her husband , Mario.  They have four grown children and an expanding number of grandchildren.
    Nanette's book chronicles the impact of the two most controversial wars of our time on a mother, her marriage, and her family.
    Join us to share your thoughts and honor the lives of our military men and women, and their families who serve along with them.

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    Ep. 77 Understanding the Law: September 11th Special Edition Memorial Broadcast

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    Today, on the 13th anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks, we will devote our show to remembering the events of that day.  We invite you to call in and share your stories and views on the events of the day and how our world has changed. 

    Join us for our weekly discussion of recent court cases, pending legislation, current legal topics and their impact on consumers, businesses owners and everyone in between.  

    The show is hosted by New Jersey business and personal law attorney Peter J. Lamont.  

    We encourage listeners to call in with their legal questions about the topics being discussed.  However, we are also happy to answer legal questions that are unrelated to that week's topic. To call into the show during the live brodcast please dial (347) 855-8831. To speak with us off the air, please dial (973) 949-3770.

     This weekly program is a service of the Law Offices of Peter J. Lamont.  The firm has offices located in NJ, NY, CO and PR.  The firm serves both business and personal law clients in a variety of matters.  Additionally, the firm has industry specific practice groups for industries including kitchen & bath companies, interior design firms and commercial/residential cleanup companies.

    For more information about the firm please visit www.peterlamontesq.com. 

    For more informaiton about Understanding the Law Radio please visit www.understandingthelawradio.com

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    The Victory Bells Podcast - September 11th

    in Football

    Will and Matt talk the latest in Texas Tech football and recruiting.

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    LatinoTalk Texas 2014, 0018 September 11th and Terrorism

    in Politics

    LatinoTalk Texas is America's only daily indpedendent political analysis, news, and interviews important to Latinos in America presented in English for all to hear.  My opening monologue discusses 9/11 tragedy and how America and Americans courageously came forward to defend America and rescue those wounded and trapped in the collapse of the Twin Towers. American's charitable nature is wonderful and it makes me very proud. I also discuss the peculiar nature of Obama's recent speech about the Islamic State terrorist army not being "Islamist." Very peculiar and wonder why he would say something like that.

    In the latter half of the show, I discussed the value and growth of the Latino independent political movement in states like Arizona where Jose Penalosa is running for Congress and he calls out his democrat opponent for not representing the constituents to Washington but rather Washington to his constituents.  Also there is very good news that the Florida governor's race will hinge on the Latino vote as both candidates selected Latinos as running mates.  Finally, I discuss my opposition to arming Syrian rebels to fight against ISIL.  I don't trust those rebels and already ISIL has American weapons that came from previous similar efforts.  

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    V-RADIO Daily News! September 11th, 11 years later.

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    On this Septer 11th Edition of V-RADIO I am going to read from various news articles about current issues involving September 11th, as well as some recent past issues. Going to talk about how much this event changed the world and how it kept some things the same.
    Note: (This was not intended to be a conspiracy "theory" show but my guests did express their views in that direction some. )

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    September 11th Patriot's Special

    in Politics Conservative

    Join us tonight for our September 11th Patriotic Special. We will be discussing what the left originally had planned for today's date and why we don't agree. We will also be talking about ACORN's latest scandal. Apparently they promote prostitution and tax fraud!

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