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    Second Chakra: Sacral Sensuality and Sexuality

    in Spirituality

    Join internationally known psychic and star of Gaiam TVs Beyond Belief, Dr. Lauren Cielo, and the healers and teachers of Golden Rose Psychic Services: co-host Victoria Bustillos and Ishtar, The Golden Witch for another great episode of Golden Rose Psychic Radio!

    In this episode, Dr. Cielo and Victoria discuss the Second or Sacral Chakra. Emotions, sexuality and sensuality' are contained in this mystically, swirling chakra.  Learn more about how this chakra works and how to heal it. Call in during the show and get a Free Psychic Reading about your 2nd Chakra,space!

    Don't forget, during the show we'll announce the Coupon Code for our BLOOMING ROSE special. Once we announce it, click HERE to purchase.

    Callers are welcome and of course, lots of LIVE Free Psychic Readings! We hope you'll join us!

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    My Sensuality: The Darkest Touch At The CrossRoads

    in Entertainment


    Welcome to the CrossRoads with your host Dr. JazziSol. Tonight on the CrossRoads we will explore our sensuality through intimate touches, sensual thoughts, caressing interests and flaming fantasy. This show is centered around the concept of social and cultural discussion. Discussion is faciliated through roundtable discussion, poetry, music, and news. You the listener are an important part of this discussion. With our individual world views we can walk together witth the common goals of a unified deeper level of understanding.

    Through our thoughts, experiences and art we will move through this wondrous topic without pause as we explore every corner of possibility.

    Tonight we will here the first segment of the serialized story The Whisper. It was previously leaked on SoundCloud. Now we embrace its depths.

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    Unleashing Sensuality

    in Self Help


    So much of our stress is caused by the energy we spend holding back our feelings and cutting off the flow of our energy. What if you could have access to your full power? What if you could use all of your energy to ignite your Passion, Creativity, and Connection?

    Whether you are a man or woman, the power of sensuality lives in you. This power simply asks us to harmonize with the resonance of Unconditional Love, Beauty, and Presence.

    Sensuality and Radiance is an invitation to connect to the fullness of your body and wisdom of your whole self, so you can feel and respond with an open heart.

    Every relationship from your lover to your children to your co-workers will be impacted by your ability to use your full sensuality. 

    My guest Tamara Gerlach is the bestselling author of Cultivating Radiance, host of the Radiant Living radio show, speaker, coach, business owner, and walks the Priestess Path. Her life is dedicated to guiding and serving people with ease and delight as they create freedom, open to grace, and connect to the wholeness of divine love. TamaraGerlach.com

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    in Moms and Family

    On Wednesday Night @ 8 pm est, It's time to GET YOU SENSUALITY BACK!!! And heal your womb, ALL AT THE SAME TIME!!! That's right, you heard me. Sensuality has been absent in too many relationships FOR TOO LONG and it's time you got yours back and heal your womb too.

    Call 347.205.9089 and Join Coach Khayr, An Kenion of Jewelz of Comfort and her WHOLE CREW OF HEALING & TRANSFORMATIONAL GODDESSES as we discuss the WHAT'S, WHERE'S, WHY'S & HOW'S of GETTING YOUR SENSUALITY BACK!!  

    We will also be discussing their Divining Soul Retreat For Sensual Healing in Lake Norman NC June 13th - 16th & why YOU GOTTA BE THERE!!!

    Also in the building with us will be Rhyannon Jovan of Naranj Moon, Iya Oyawunmi Awosade Aduke of Ile Arira Tourism, Sat-Ra SoDaye of the Yoni Steam Instiute, Omitola Yejide Ogunsina of Divine Waters Womb Wisdom, Tracey Bryant of Sensual Honey Wellness and LaShanna Braswell of Love & Be Well to round out this most delicious panel of Sensuality Experts.

    This is not one you want to miss & Coach already anticipates a Part 2 or maybe even a series out of this one.  Either way, it's going to be a Epic Barn Burner!!! 

    Tell a friend and bring your notebook.  I feel the jewels forming in the clouds right now!!!


    Coach K

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    June 16 ~ Charlotte View: Suicide, Sensuality and Surrender by Kimberly Beroset

    in Spirituality

    Charlotte View and Kimberly Beroset, embodiment coach and somatic educator, invite you to listen to our interview "Suicide, Sensuality and Surrender: a Map to Self Sufficiency in the Midst of Chaos".

    If you have told yourself: "This is just too much to bear! I can't stand it!", Kimberly knows how alone you must feel. In a moment of deep despair, Kimberly was about to commit the biggest act of self betrayal: suicide…until something miraculous happened!

    In our interview, Kimberly will share how her keen sense of body awareness from 10 years of embracing somatic practices, and God’s grace, saved her in the midst of a truly painful and potentially life-ending experience. She’ll also share how our wounds and pain are, if we surrender to them, the ultimate guides to transformation and an open heart. Kimberly urges us to develop deep body listening and awareness and from this, we can learn embrace our wounds and become warriors on a path of more ease and grace. Lastly, Kimberly will offer how learning to sense, perceive and feel our embodied experience will help us to maintain self-sufficiency in midst of chaos.

    This program is for everybody. However, if you know someone who is experiencing deep emotional pain and feels there is no way out, encourage them to listen in. Kimberly will offer tips on how to get in touch your embodied experience, how to find the right teacher/ mentor for you, and will provide information on a myriad of programs that offer a safe space for healing and transformation.

    Tune in LIVE or On-Demand and listen to Kimberly’s inspirational story. Like her, you too can claim your feelings, fully experience them, and find balance and peace.

    Charlotte View is a powerful tool for inspiration and for sharing stories that transform lives info@charlotteview.net (Claudia Pureco)

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    After Dark with Triple DarkGodis: Dark Divine Feminine Sensuality

    in Radio

    We Dish on EVERYTHING. From clothes, current events, black female enterprise, black feminism, black female rights, black female sexuality, black female health, black female wealth and most importantly BLACK FEMALE SOVEREIGNTY!


    While Iyanla mite "help" you "fix" your life: the Angry Deva's help you GET YO LIFE! 

    In all thy Getting, get an Understanding.


    The Original Mother, the Black Wombyn is the last to awaken to her Divinity and Divine Place in the Cosmos. We are the place to discuss all the things they DON'T WANT us to talk about or focus on. Tune in daily, write to us to be a host, and share! This is FOR US and BY US. so lets SUPPORT our OWN.

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    Sensuality on the Run

    in Health

    Ever feel like sex is the last thing on the to-do list? Do you sometimes think it is a “have-to” rather than a “get-to”? Sometimes, there’s nothing better than a nooner, especially when that’s all you have time for.
    Sandy Egge, MS illustrates a game plan to keep things hot while burning the candle at both ends. Sandy is hot. Seriously. At 50 years old and mother of two adult children, most people would never guess that she is a day over 33! Sandy took her skills as an artist/ interior designer to make things look hot and her smokin’ hot body and now as CEO of a natural products company (AlmsBio), her products are hot. When you combine this with the fact that her lover (and co-owner of AlmsBio) have kept things sexy through entrepreneurship, we wanted Sandy to spill her secrets.
    Sandy holds two nutrition degrees, one from Bastyr University and another from New York Chiropractic College’s School of Applied Clinical Nutrition. Naturally, Sandy will make the point that busy and hot do not have to be mutually exclusive.

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    The Keys to Authentic Sensuality

    in Lifestyle

    Join us for a fabulous hour with Christie Mawer, Best-selling Author of "The Bad Kitty Handbook:  A Journey Toward Authentic Female Sensuality"
    The only person we can blame for not getting what we want is ourselves.  Like any goal or dream, we only get what we’re willing to ask and work for.
    For some, it’s hard to know what to ask for because we don’t even know what we want.  If this is you, then it’s time to find out!
    Tired of being invisible and miserable, Christie Mawer discovered her passion when she realized that every woman needs to know and believe – just as she did – that she is amazing and beautiful just as she is, no changes required.  A speaker and best selling author who has been described as dynamic, inspiring, out of the box and way too much fun, Christie loves to give women the gift of loving themselves again – or maybe even for the first time.  As a recent participant said “Every woman needs what Christie has to offer – whether she knows it or not.”
    Connect with Christie Mawer at:  www.TheBadKitty.com

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    How to Awaken to Your Sensuality In the Bedroom

    in Women

    Sex and Sensuality Theme - How to Awaken to Your Sensuality in the Bedroom with Kim Gillespie.
    Have you ever felt the pleasure of a feather lightly brushed over your body, the delicious smell of fresh roses, a romantic song, dining by candlelight, a massage?
    There is a glow people can see and feel around you when connect to your sensuality and the more sensual you are the easier it is to be comfortable with your sexuality and the easier it is to be aroused.
    In this talk, Kim will show you how to connect to your juicy feminine sensuality and awaken your Inner Goddess in the Bedroom.

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    Reclaiming The Goddess Within-Sensuality

    in Self Help

    Join Bel Marshall as she discusses sensuality what it means, why is matters and why every woman truly should embrace this amazing magical part of herself, not for her partner but for HERSELF.

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    in Lifestyle

    I feel you dog. What does it really mean to sense?
    It isn't nearly as simple as we make it. So, we will exlore our senses, all of them, and realize why they are so important. We will also look at how and why they can be negative or positive for us.
    Sit back, feel good, and get satisfied, cause this is going to be the most sensual podcast ever!

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