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    Mud Toe at Midnight...

    in Spirituality

    Mud Toe Sasquatch has been a researcher, a materials scientist, a product developer, a quality assurance manager, a schoolteacher, a house painter, a salesman, and amateur actor and director, and a videographer. No matter what avocation he tried, Mud Toe found himself plagued by a persistent sense of spiritual emptiness and an inescapable feeling that human society was fundamentally flawed. He has struggled with substance abuse and self-destructive behavior since he was a teenager.

    Four years ago, Mud Toe embarked on a spiritual journey working the Twelve Steps of recovery. Today, he is a PhD student at a well known Major University in the Midwest. He has also accepted a call to become a Healer of Society in the Nemenhah Native American tradition, which he has joined through spiritual adoption. He writes and speaks about his experiences in addiction and recovery, and publishes his words so they might reach those who need them. He maintains a Facebook page of his writings, and now will be sharing his thoughts on a weekly radio program on Withinsights radio called "Mud Toe at Midnight."

    Mud Toe is not your average, everyday shaman. For him, it's not all "Love and Light." He is not afraid to access and embrace the darker elements of his experience. His intention is to be fully honest with his readers and his audience. He paints vivid pictures, and they're not always pretty.

    Join Mud Toe every Friday at Midnight for a different kind of spiritual program.

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    Anything & Everything Podcast XXX-mas

    in Spirituality


    Happy Holidays!!! We will be discussing the origin of Christmas, the Spurs loss today, Sony pictures and the greatest work of the season, SA comedy, Comedy tips, playstation and Xbox has been offline all day and nerds everywhere have been going crazy, NYPD arresting people for threatening cops and your rights being flushed down the drain, WWE, NXT, Lucha Underground, Kevin Nash choke slams his kid, Scott Hall is still drunk, Dennis Rodman says to watch his movie and more!!!!

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    Data colocation, Cloud Services and the recent successful hack at Sony Pictures

    in Business

    Peter Bennett will provide us some insight into the world of data colocation and cloud services. In addition, we wanted to talk to Peter and get insight into the recent successful hack at Sony Pictures.

    View Peter's interactive, introductory video at  http://tinyurl.com/alchemyPPUSA

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    Episode No. 393: Christmas Edition of The RCWR Show (12-23-14)

    in Sports

    12/23/14: On this Christmas edition some tunes to get you into the spirit as we cover the very latest in Sony Pictures releasing "The Interview" in select theaters and VOD! Thoughts on Ryback responds in-depth to CM Punk's tasteless comments! Podcast! Lee shares what he's most thankful for this holiday season! Sad week in music as legendary singer Joe Cocker dies at the age of 70! And of course the very latest in wrestling and enterainment headlines!






    STORE! http://www.cafepress.com.au/rcwrshow 





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    Elizabeth Eve King, Author with Diverse Background

    in Writing

    Time: 4:30 pm MT / 7:30 pm AST Check your time zone for your local time.

    Ray Bradbury calls E.E. King’s stories, “marvelously inventive, wildly funny, and deeply thought provoking. I cannot recommend her highly enough.” 

    She had published two collections of shorts: Real Conversations With Imaginary Friends and Another Happy Ending and a novel, Dirk Quigby’s Guide to the Afterlife. 

    The first of a children’s fantasy trilogy, The Adventures of Emily Finfeather, and is due out next year. King is the recipient of various international writing, biology, and painting grants. She recently won Gemini’s Flash Fiction prize and has been nominated for a Pushcart award. Her murals can be seen in Los Angeles and Spain. She will be an artist-in-residence at the Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art in 2015. King is an artist, teacher, performer, and biologist.

    She’s worked with children in Bosnia, crocodiles in Mexico, frogs in Puerto Rico, egrets in Bali, mushrooms in Montana, archaeologists in Spain, and planted butterfly gardens in South Central Los Angeles. The butterflies wish she had chosen a different location.

    Read stories, see pictures, and leave her a note at www.ElizabethEveKing.com.

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    Why Christ Became A Man

    in Christianity

    Welcome to this Moralmatters audio Christmas special!  

    The following short message, is entitled

    Why Christ became a man


    This message may be accessed in its written form with pictures and linked evidencing Scriptures at:

    The Christian Message – that’s thechristianmessage.org – all lower case.

    Why Christ Became A Man:

    It was the harshest of all frontier winters. The man’s wife and children left for the Christmas Eve worship. He could not bring himself to believe in the Christ of Christmas. To him, God, becoming a man to “save” humanity, was, absurd..........

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    The Visitors Section: Oh no, He no dead.

    in Football

    Josh and Mike are Live! Join the hosts as they work over microphones with words and a slow touch. They will fill your ears with verbal wine. The difference between your common commentary and these two are a simple approach. Sit back at  180 degrees with the lights low or off if you prefer 

    *If you would like to be a live studio audience member of The Visitors Section or The Josh and Mike Mike and Josh Show simply submit a recent headshot and submit a well-reasoned argument about how Topo Chico isn't the best thing every but it will do in a pinch.

    *All audience members must be at least 18 years old. Everyone in your party must present a valid government identification card with proof of age. Your ID must have a photo, your name, and birth date. Acceptable forms of identification include: State issued driver's license, State ID, Military ID, or Passport. Facebook and other social networking sites cannot be used as a valid form of ID. Faxing a picture of your ID is also not permitted.

    *Video cameras, large bags, backpacks, sharp metal objects, firearms, wallet chains, mace, or any other bottles that contain fluid are not allowed at the studio. No recording devices of any kind are permitted. Pictures may only be taken AFTER the show.


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    Black on Black Crime on EspreeRadio

    in Entertainment

    On this program: Ebony Magazine vs Actress Stacey Dash , SONY Pictures vs Black Hollywood, Movie review: Top 5 starring Chris Rock and Rosario Dawson, Uncle Ruckus watch with Stacey Dash, BOBC Game of Black or White with LES, In the World of News & Entertainment and more..

    Black on Black crime is when black people overtly focus, criticize, or analyze other black people in areas they wont consider anyone else.



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    Krish Dhanam; Yes You Can!

    in Spirituality

    In this conversation, Host Todd Weaver speaks with Krish Dhanam. Krish was born in the coastal town of Vizag, in Andhra Pradesh, India.  He finished his MBA at the Institute of Management Technology and migrated to the United States in 1986 with nine dollars in his pocket. Through training, teaching and facilitating seminars all over the world, Krish launched his professional speaking career. As one of only two executive coaches personally trained by Zig Ziglar, Krish has successfully delivered his message of hope, humor and balance in over fifty countries and throughout the continental United States. Krish is the author of The American Dream from an Indian Heart. In it he tackles the issues of faith, freedom, discipline, dignity, pride, possibility, work ethic and relationships with word pictures that will resonate with readers long after they put this book down. His latest work; From Abstracts to Absolutes is available now and he also contributed to the book; Top Performance written by Zig Ziglar. Krish is affiliated with Ravi Zacharias Life Focus Society and Life Focus Knowledge Ventures Pvt. Ltd in India. You can learn more about Krish HERE and follow him on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

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    Did Sony Pictures Do The Right Thing By Pulling The Interview

    in News

    Did Sony Pictures cave in to the hackers? Whay about the freedom of speech and expression. Were they scared because they were hacked? Would they have done the same thing if someone buglarized the studio headquarters and released the same information. What road where this lead us down to next? President Obama said Sony made a mistake by shutting down the picture release. Are we scared of North Korea now? Will this create self sensorship among the movie production companies now

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    Your Weekly dose of Political Incorrectness 12-21-14 - A Life of Thoughts

    in Politics Conservative

    Merry Christmas to one and all!

    Our thoughts on the important news for the week

    Two Officers gunned down in their car, for just wearing the uniform

    Sony sends a message to the World. "We'll do whatever you want, we wont stand up for Freedom or Free Speech"

    Treasury Department orders emergency rations for major banks? Huh?

    Australia figures out taking guns away, makes citizens victoms. 

    Santa banned from School

    More news for the season.

    And don't forget to stick around for our Bone Head of the week, this one's a doozy. 

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