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    Milling About at The Veranda Historic Bed & Breakfast Inn

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    Milling About visits The Veranda Historic Bed & Breakfast Inn in Senoia, Georgia where tourists and vacationers alike flock to the home of The Walking Dead, now shooting season five. In fact the inn is situated right around the corner from where Woodbury once stood, so owner and innkeepers Rick and Laura Reynolds welcome people from all over the world with their warm southern hospitality, who for no other reason are coming to see the fictitous town. The inn which dates back to 1906 when it was originally The Holbrook Hotel has retained it's original features; Georgian pine floors, ornate ceilings with elegant chandliers, and 11 fireplaces throughout the nine guest bedrooms. There is a wonderful wrap around porch where you can sit back on a rocking chair or a porch swing and take in the sights.

    Laura tells Robin some of those sights have included a Norman Reedus (Daryl) sighting flying past the inn, or guests treated to a showdown at 2 AM of walkers vs. Rick and company on the street right in front of the inn. And several cast members have stayed at The Veranda including Laurie Holden (Andrea) and Chandler Riggs (Carl); room three is unofficially named 'The Andrea.' Laura says, 'we've had a great influx of people. And they're so excited when there's a room! It's exciting to see people so happy about a place and they're never disappointed in Senoia. Not only are they seeing Woodbury but they're seeing Senoia and it's a special place.' Make your reservations now at http://verandabandbinn.com/

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    Milling About 'The Walking Dead' City

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    Milling About visits Senoia, Georgia, also known as the city of The Walking Dead. This sweet little town just outside of Peachtree City, Atlanta with it's Norman Rockwell Main Street, has become the backlot for the most successful television show on AMC. Walking around you see where the Governor lived, Hershel's farm, the railroad tracks and lots of familiar woods where zombies roam. Don't expect to go there and try to hop the fence that was built around the surrounding woods or find out anything about season five currently shooting there as the show is shrouded in secrecy. Scott Tigchelaar, president of Raleigh Studios, which houses the production, and John Hartnett, former president of Riverwood Studios now with Southern Hollywood Film Tour join host Robin Milling with some fun nuggets about the show.

    John tells Robin why the homeowner of Hershel's farm was a tough sell and how tourists love to ring the bell of the Fried Green Tomatoes house even though someone lives there! Scott reveals why Senoia is their permanent production home and how the cast, especially Norman Reedus (Daryl), like to surprise Walker Stalkers visiting The Woodbury Shoppe, the official Walking Dead store. There's a great photo on their Facebook page with Norman and manager Carrie happily straddled behind him on the motorcycle which is on display in the store's basement. Here is where you'll find all your Walking Dead swag. Scott promises an upcoming installation of Penny for Penny's Cage by zombie make-up artist Greg Nicotero. They have specialty items like leather eater keychains with ears made of leather; a throwback to Daryl's trophy of zombie ears he wore on a lanyard around his neck.

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