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    My Supernatural Life - Special Valentine's Love show

    in Spirituality

    Accomplishment Coach Frankie Hernandez gives sound and solid coaching and Intuitive Astrologer Mr Anthony gives you information on what's coming for you. Call in with your question for some supernatural and natural insights. What do you want to accomplish? Are you ready to have that breakthrough you've been wanting in your love life, career and finances?

    Frankie Hernandez is an "Accomplishment Coach" and award winning TV and film producer in Malibu. Frankie has coached countless people over the past 15 years to achieve their dreams in love, career, money and personal relationships. 


    Mr Anthony is the founder of the Mr Anthony Astrology Center bringing love, joy and entertainment to people worldwide through astrology parties, classes and readings plus energy blessings for your business, home or office.  He has appeared on TV, radio is a sought out for his realiable readings and wisdom.

    Mr Anthony Astrology Center

    Call/text (661) 492-0065

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    Feng Shui For Love and Romance!

    in Self Help

    The energy of love is like sunlight, we all need it.

    Feng Shui has tools that can help attract love energy into your life.

    Listen as we discuss tips that can transform your bedroom and learn how to activate the love section of your home as well as every love corner in your house. By applying Feng Shui principals and this ancient wisdom you will experience results!

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    Law of Love ~ You Are Love Inside

    in Motivation

    Law of Love ~ You are Love Inside ~ Live your Life from the Love Inside of You ~ That is what Loving Yourself is all about. When you are listening to Your Inner Guidance System, the Love inside of You, that piece of God Love Universe Creator inside of You, your Heart Energy, you are living from your source, Love is who you are inside and when you are connected to you, fear does not exist. You only have two choices in life in every decision that you make, you can choose to live from Love, or fear. Always choose Love. To understand this more fully you will find the answers in my new book 'Adam & Eve & Heart Energy' by Christine Kowal available at Balboa Press, Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Indigo. You can also go to www.ChristineKowal.net where 'Adam & Eve & Heart Energy' is available as an audio book download or The Heart Energy Program ~ Let us Begin audio CD is available as a download. All of our Love and Happy Valentines Day, Love Yourself first

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    LOVE is a Four Letter Word

    in Relationships

    LOVE is a Four Letter Word features special guest Relationship Coach William Hill and host Intuitive Parenting & Relationship Coach Geralyn St Joseph.

    Psychic Intuitive Geralyn St Joseph and Relationship Coach Bill Hill will discuss the intricacies of Love in its many forms - from the pure love of children to familial relationships to romantic love. Come explore the many facets of love and how it impacts our lives.

    For more information, or to schedule your own, private session contact:

    Relationship Coach Bill Hill at wrhill57@live.com or

    Intuitive Coach Geralyn St Joseph Geralyn@VoiceofSpirit.com 

    Visit www.GeralynStJoseph.com for more information

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    The LOVE SHOW!

    in Christianity

    Do you ever wonder what love is? What is love, baby don't hurt me, baby don't hurt me no more! Well love is more! More than you could ever imagine and more that more, and sometimes less than you think!..Look at your favorite tv show, how does it show love? Does that version of love go along with

    1 Corinthians 13:4-8

    ? and for an interesting read check out 

    Proverbs 5:15-19

    and for an almost creepy read check out

    Song of Solomon 4:8-10

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    Taking So In Love On the Road!

    in Family

    Real! Raw! TRUTH! If you have not registered for the Touch & Agree Truth Revealed Conference, we invite you to meet us there! The So In Love Show will broadcast live at the Marriage Covenant: Truth Revealed Conference. We would love to have you there with us live at the Holiday Inn in Clark, NJ. You can register by visiting www.ylmconnect.org or by emailing us at soinloveradio@gmail.com. YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS THIS EVENT!

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    Love Languages

    in Friends

    Welcome to Chatting with The Village on Moji's World with me your host Moji Solar - Percy.

    Today on Mojis World at five pm Eastern time , we will be talking about the different loe languages. What makes us feel loved. How does love feel to us . Today is Valentines day and so many people have given their loved ones STUFF, sometines all they want is a walk around the block or something as sinple as time alone and not an MK watch or even a Rolex. Join us as we talk about the love languages. Call in to tell us your experience and how we can keep a ship floating even through a storm. 

    The five languages of Love

    1. Words of Affirmation
    2. Acts of Service
    3. Receiving Gifts
    4. Quality Time
    5. Physical Touch

    Joining us for this weeks topic are our panel mambers Cathy Audu, Folashade IT- Chic, Tai Oderinde Abeleshindogba and Taiwo Lawrence.

    Please join us this Sunday February 14th, 2016 at 5:00pm (EST), 10:00pm (GMT) and 11:00pm (+1GMT) 
    by calling 646-668-8625.

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    Valentine's Day with Daisy

    in Christianity

    HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY EVERYONE! Today is our 1st time going Live! Today marks our public launch & release of podcast links.....Tune in to find out what Kaleidoscope Love Radio is!
    Have a story to share? Listen to find out how to be a guest!

    Follow us on FB: facebook.com/kaleidoscopeloveradio

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    Love Is In The Air! Meet the Love Guru and Meet the Love of Your Life!

    in Romance

    Happy Valentines Day Everyone!

    It's Valentines Day again and how do you plan to win?  Will you forever be faithful to make her smile, or will you forever respect him and not for a while? Will you give her a ring that sparkles like the stars, or will you shower him with lots of love so that he does't travel far?  How will you honor the one you love?  Will you show you care by being fair, or will you keep him or her with lots of prayer and care?  

    However you demostrate your love to family and friends this Valentines Day, try to make it a habit to give "him or her" there roses now. That way, they can see them, feel them, and smell them now!  Not when they can't, I think you get what I'm saying!  Whether it be your spouse, family, friends, ect, Valentines Day was created for  "people" to not only demostrate appreciation, but to encourage these types of behaviours everyday, so why not just be sweet and stay sweet?  smile :-)

    For those that are serious about finding "TRUE LOVE" in 2016, look no further, as the Love Guru is back!  He will be sharing some updates on successful matches and how his uniquely designed Match Making Dating Service can help match you up with a potential mate matched to your specifications, likes and dislikes!  He will be standing by to answer any questions you may have. So, if you are serious about being serious, then you may want to consider trying something serious.


    It's been fun...




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    My King's Service Pentecostal Church of God with Arch-Bishop Dr. Abrams, MDiv DD

    in Religion

    My King's Service Pentecostal Church of God & My King's Service Radio and Television Broadcasting Network - training with ArchBishop Dr. Abrams, MD DD