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    Al Diaz, Mitch Russo insights on The Invisible Organization

    in Lifestyle

    Al Diaz and co-host Mitch Russo share their insights on The Invisible Organization.

    Monday, November 23rd  10am PST

    In 1985, Mitch Russo co-founded Timeslips Corp, which grew to become the largest time tracking software company in the world. In 1994, Timeslips Corp was sold to Sage, plc. While at Sage, Mitch went on to run all of Sage U.S. as Chief Operating Officer, a division with 300 people with a market cap in excess of $100M.

    Mitch was nominated for Inc. Magazine’s “Entrepreneur of the Year” on two separate occasions, 1989 and 1991 and Won “Best Entrepreneur” in 1989, from a list of 4,000 other entries by The National Association of Legal Vendors. 

    Mitch joined long time friend Chet Holmes as President, later to join forces with Tony Robbins and together created Business Breakthroughs, Int'l, a company serving thousands of businesses a year with coaching, consulting and training services. Mitch was the President and CEO.

    After the untimely death of Chet, Mitch left Business Breakthroughs to help others build their business as a consultant specializing in working with call centers with large volume lead flow, and helping coaching organizations scale.

    In 2013, Mitch began writing “The Invisible Organization” which is the CEO’s guide to transitioning a traditional brick and mortar company into a fully virtual organization. www.InvisibleOrganization.com

    To contact Al Diaz personally: al.diaz4love@gmail.com 

  • Former Senator Dave Zien - American Patriot

    in Military

    Former Wisconsin State Senator Dave Zien, Often referred to as the Million Mile Man”, has logged over 59,000 miles since March 2015. Dave has gained notariety through many of his actions but one the of most notable was when he logged One Million Miles on his 1991 FXRT. Recognizing those KIA in Vietnam, all veterans, patriots and their families is his passion! Zien flies seven flags from his 2014 Harley Davidson Tri-glide, including the 3 x 5' American and Don't tread on me, biblical scriptures and personal quotes are emblazoned onto the machine. He has been been bestowed with over 100 world motorcycle & flag flying records. Dave gives everyone he meets an Apache Tear (an obsidian stone) & a business card with scripture & messages. Senator Zien was declared Wisconsin's most decorated lawmaker by then Senate President Al Lasee in 2004. He is blessed with a brilliant and stellar career, dedicating his life to Veteran, Family, Patriotic & Christian issues. Hear from a man whose heart is absolutely on fire!

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    KGR with Sen. Mitch McConnell

    in Politics

    Clint "the real deal" Hardy  will be recording a live event at the southwest government center with senate minority leader Mitch McConnell.

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    Local Politics with Baron Glass, Mitch Bratton, Clay Bennett and David May

    in Current Events

    Join The Smoking Glass Hour, Thursday November 5 2015 at 8:OO PM CST as we talk live with former Candidate Mitch Bratton as he makes an endorsement and talk live with Runoff Candidate for Sheriff, Clay Bennett and Runoff Candidate for Clerk of Court,David May.

    Tune in at www.thesmokingglasshour.com or

    Call in live at 773-897-6398 or go to

    Spreaker.com and follow the smoking glass hour.


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    in Politics Conservative

    In order to have the strong electorate needed to sustain the form of self-governing we have in the United States is is vital that we have an informed electorate. Even if those in power are not reading bill they regularly vote on, We The People should have the opportunity to read them before our representatives vote on them. 

    This rule in both the house and the senate would give back some of the power stolen from the American people over time. 

    Please join us as we intend to return to a government that is, Of, the People, By The People and For The People. 


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    Senator Nina Turner- Empowerment

    in Social Networking

    Welcome to Marlene’s Mannah Blog Talk Radio, we have a special guest, Senator Nina Turner scheduled for 10/25/15 @ 6:30 p.m.  Senator Turner’s resume is impressive and more importantly the work she’s done speaks for itself.  Senator Turner’s public service career includes quite a bit, she was a Legislative Aid, Administrator for the City of Cleveland, Lobbyist for the Cleveland Metropolitan School District, Cleveland City Councilwoman, State Senator and a candidate for the Ohio Secretary of State.  Senator Turner has made it her mission to empower hundreds of thousands across the nation and has appeared in the CNN Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer, HBO Realtime with Bill Maher, MSNBC Guest Commentator since 2010 appearances on Hardball, Morning Joe, The Last Word, The Ed Show, to name a few.

    Senator Turner is the Chair of Political Engagement for the Ohio Democratic Party,and a Professor of History at the Cuyahoga Community College in Cleveland, Ohio.  She holds a Master of Arts degree from Cleveland State University, and in 2013 received an Honorary Doctorate of Human Letters from Wilberforce University.  She is an advocate for economic fairness, reproductive freedom, workers rights, voters rights.  She, her husband and son reside in Cleveland, Ohio.  Stay tuned for this powerful segment!

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    Congress College honors the late Senator Fred D. Thompson

    in Politics

    Congress College honors and celebrates the life of Fred Dalton Thompson. Your hosts, Elizabeth Chryst was blessed to be the Senator's friend and to work in the Senate at the time when Senator Thompson was the Senator representing the state of TN. Elizabeth shares a bit of his life with the listeners in an effort to honor Fred's life. All shows are archived on GradeGov.com under the radio tab. Happy listening.

  • Carson's Corner: UFC Fighter Mitch Clarke.

    in Politics Progressive

    On this MMA edition of Carson's Corner, we welcome UFC Lightweight fighter Mitch Clarke back to the show. It's been 6 years since Mitch has appeared on the show; and Bob wants to reflect with the 29 year-old Canadian fighter about his career thus far in the UFC. Coming off a tough loss to Michael Chiesa, Clarke is hungrier than ever for advancement in the organization. Find out what's next for Clarke. Find out Mitch's opinion is on the controversial UFC/Reebok sponsorship deal and more on Carson's Corner. 

    In the second hour, we will reach out to Dan Quinn himself about his up-coming fight against Mike Gonzalez at Gladiator Challenge on October 10th. 

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    The Beat Break w/ State Senator Vincent Fort, Cynthia Bailey & Singer Algebra

    in Radio

    The Beat Break w/ State Senator Vincent Fort, Cynthia Bailey  & Singer Algebra

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    The $12 Dollar Radio Show with David Bublitz #36 (11/09/15) w/:Mitch Jones

    in Comedy

    LIVEThe $12 Dollar Radio Show with David Bublitz

    with guest comedian Mitch Jones.

    #36     (11/09/15)
    FREE internet radio.


    To you the consumer.

    And worth almost every penny.

    LIVE most days.

    Monday-Friday   10am MST.

    Archived episodes available 24/7.



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    Conservative Report: RINOs Neuter Paul Ryan, RNC & 2016 GOP Field

    in Politics Conservative

    Join the Founder of Conservative Report tonight as Patrick Read details how the GOP Congress neutered Paul Ryan, the RNC & 2016 field. Will Candidates finally take the Tax & Spend RINO Congress to task?! The 2015 GOP Wave Election Won on Social Issues!

    CBO Reports Tsunami of Debt, Cruz Exposes Debt Surrender, Rand Must Ditch Mitch, the People’s House, Coburn’s 14 Wastebook

    Cruz Pisses off Marxist Media, Grimm Reminder: PPact’s Organ Cartel, What Would Ben Carson Do? Reject Govt Religion, Choose Cruz or Lose America

    RNC Removed from negotiating further debates. After a dismal 2012 election, its time to bring back Newt - this time to Chair the RNC!