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    Origins of the Earth People

    in Spirituality

    194. The ones of other colors only then came very much later to Earth, as well as colossi, giants, titans and the dwarfed, as well as naturally developed beings, as well as dwarves, among others, from which very much later, that is to say, only about 21,000 years ago, their late descendants settled on the shores of the SANURA LAKE and lived there until the embankment broke in the western part of the lake and everything was washed away.
    195. The shore upon which the approximately 40 cm [16”] tall dwarf beings lived was located, at that time, exactly there where the Semjase Silver Star Center stands today.
    196. The differently colored ones who subsequently came to Earth were exclusively very strongly dark-skinned and established themselves in that land which today is the continent of Africa, from where they then spread out further, some to Australia and New Zealand and others to various other locations.
    197. The yellow peoples - the Chinese and the Japanese - are the youngest inhabitants of the Earth, because their appearance on this planet was only a little more than one cosmic age ago, and indeed, seemingly exactly 25,978 years ago.
    198. They came here from the planet NISSAN in the neighborhood of LASAN in the Lyra system.

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    Semjase and The Spiritual Teaching in Contact Report 10

    in Spirituality

    3. The human bears a spirit that does not die nor sleep during the deepest sleep; it records all thoughts and motions; it informs the human whether his thoughts are correct or false-if he has learned to pay attention.      

    4. The spirit within the human is the bearer of the creative realm, and every human has his own (spirit).          

    5. It is incomprehensible that the human speaks of a heaven and of a kingdom of heaven within himself, rather than to merely say: Creation, truth, knowledge, wisdom, spirit, consciousness and existence.      

    6. A human’s yearning lies in the joy that remains, for the imperishable life, the permanent peace, the spiritual and consciousness-related wealth that never fades and lasts forever.        

    7. Heaven and Earth will perish, but truth, knowledge, wisdom and spirit will never be changing [change?] or perish.            

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    SFATH Contact, Billy’s Previous lives, Plejaren Depart the Earth, Bases On Earth

    in Spirituality

    SFATH Contact

    Billy’s Previous lives
    Plejaren Depart the Earth
    Bases On Earth
    Third Millennium

    Impulses from Storage Banks
    Billy’s Contact With ASKET

    Billy’s Trip into the old cubical constructions
    Read GIZA Intelligences “And Still They Fly” Page 229 Who are the Giza Intelligences
    Discuss the Lineage of the Giza Intelligences
    God Delusion Insanity

    Teaching of the Spirit

    Human Spirit

    Contact Report 10

    What the Truth Knows to Say (Goblet of Truth)
    Controlling our Thoughts

    The Mind as Garden

    Personal Responsibility

    Atlantis and Lemuria
    Use of Pyramid during the Great Flood
    ETS on Earth Hyperboreans
    King Arthur and Meier Contacts (Goblet of Truth)

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    Contact Report 31 Billy's Trip in Great Spacer Ship

    in Spirituality

    We head to the ship and let ourselves be lifted by the transport beam. After a few seconds the ship is already hovering high, and from an altitude of about 50 meters I take some photos of the surroundings of the ship‘s departure point below. I take some straight from above, and others at an angle. I take them through the still open transport beam hatch, while we slowly rise. After I finish Semjase closes the hatch, and within seconds the ship shoots up several kilometers higher, without me being able to feel any acceleration or other external forces. It's just as if I was standing on solid ground somewhere on Earth.

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    Contact Report 137 and Contact Report 138

    in Spirituality

    Contact Report 137 and Contact Report 138 are short so I combined them.  Quetzal is mentioned in this contact as being in another time dimension.  It starts out with Billy talking to Semjase about his health.  Quetzal has given Billy a device that will help is health.  Semjase is warning Billy not to get himself upset about group members that are not following his orders.  Quetzal has programmed androids to mimic the group members in some kind of experiment. The overall view of the group members was placed in the first android.  Billy's views were placed in the second android.

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    Contact Report 139 and 140

    in Spirituality

    These contacts talk about the Wedding Cake ship.  The diameter of this ship was seven meters. This ship reduced the time that it took to travel from Erra to Earth.  Billy was given permission to photograph the ship.  Billy took some good close up of the ship.  Billy is getting his health back slowly and Semjase is hoping that there will be no more problems within the group.  The problems in the group are taking a negative action on Billy's health.  Some of the group members are studying more intensively and are gaining more knowledge in some areas.  In Contact 140 Billy suffered another set back in his health and Billy had built up a very intense rage because of the difficulties he was facing with the group.  Billy was again considering stopping the mission and the Plejaren were supportive of this decision. The Plejaren offered to take Billy to their home world in order to restore his health.  Millions of people on Erra would be very much supportive of having Billy travel to their world.

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    ContactReport 130

    in Spirituality

    130th Contact
    Saturday, May 31, 1980, 2:18 AM
    This is pleasing, that you finally appear once again. You were probably on vacation?
    1. You are very peculiar and strange.
    2. Everything about you seems to me to be without any feeling.
    3. What has happened with you?
    4. Ah, now I feel it... it... it is so painful.
    5. What's the matter with you?
    6. Oh, that is terrible... you are completely empty and blocked inside you, and you emit an icy cold...
    You notice absolutely everything.
    7. Even your voice sounds so peculiar and strange.
    8. Please come here to me and let me discern your inside.
    As you wish. Just don't be frightened by it.
    9. ...
    10. This is awful, dear friend.
    11. You are completely destroyed inside you.
    12. You are no longer capable of feelings, and they are all destroyed.
    13. Just what has happened with you?
    14. ...
    15. Awful, you are like a living dead person, like a mechanical, psyche-free robot.
    16. All feelings are dead inside you, and not even a tiny impulsation can be perceived or felt.
    17. Tell me, just what has happened?
    18. You are no longer a human being but only a machine.
    19. Just how are you able to live like this?
    That is also a mystery to me.
    20. Just how has this terrible destruction come about?
    21. You must resolve this soon, for in the long run, you won't be able to survive in this state.
    22. You are destroying all your vital functions of the organs and the whole body.


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    in Spirituality

    129th Contact
    Wednesday, March 5, 1980, 3:05 AM
    You don't look very happy, girl.
    1. This should not sadden you.
    But may I at least know what's eating you?
    2. I'm just still always depressed by all the connections with regard to Vreni and her unfair business, about which I wouldn't like to speak, however.
    3. In this regard, we have, indeed, made the agreement that from our side, we will no longer get involved in your group concerns.
    And if I ask you to talk about it now in this case, nevertheless?
    4. That would present the things in a fundamentally different light, because you would then just seek information and explanations.
    Then I hereby do that, my child, about which you will certainly be glad, because you, as I look at you, would like to unload a heavy burden from yourself, right?



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    in Spirituality

    This is but a short visit, Quetzal, if you want to go again before I'm actually right there.
    1. I have only taken a short walk and want to end it now.
    2. Menara waits for me a few hundred meters away with a herd of cows.
    3. We also have our ship in the vicinity there.
    Oh, I see, then you are probably the reason why the cattle are so restless up there on the southeastern slope of the forest.
    4. That may very well be, because Menara is with the cows, which have done this to her and with which she is gladly occupied.
    That, too. Then be careful, however, when you go up there because Engelbert waits not too far from that place in his car. Your silvery rain cloak just isn't good, despite this rainy darkness.
    5. That is of correctness, but I will be directed according to your words.
    1. You are both incorrigible.
    6. Then I will go now.
    7. Until we meet again.
    Bye, and greet Menara for me.


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    Contact Report 134

    in Spirituality

    134th Contact
    August 13, 1980, 11:16 PM
    Here, I brought you the written decision of the group members.
    1. We already know that they have chosen the implementation of the twelve months.
    Then I can spare myself a long speech.
    1. Such is not necessary because we only have a few things to explain about these concerns.
    1. That is of correctness, which is why I would also equally like to explain the following.
    2. It...
    One moment, please. First of all, if I may, I would still like to attach this letter here. The han...
    2. You know that you are not supposed to give us any more letters.
    This is not just an ordinary letter. It's about a suggestion and clarification for people who want to join us. The Pfeiffenberger family, for itself and for its friends, asks for advice on various matters.
    2. Nevertheless, I cannot agree to read the lines.
    3. Clearly and plainly, we all refrain from reading any form of any writings and letters, etc., and we want to hold ourselves to this.
    4. On the other hand, you can very well tell us the concern so that we may then decide on it.

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    in Spirituality

    131st Contact
    Sunday, June 15, 1980, 1:05 AM
    Long, long has it been, my child.
    1. I was on the move again.
    2. But now I had to come here, because we must carry out our film work.
    Naturally. I also have an idea for that. How would it be if I would first go out and search the area for a suitable place? A place where we won't be constantly disturbed?
    3. The idea is not necessarily good, because such a place can hardly be found in Switzerland or in the neighboring states.
    Why not?
    4. The European states are precisely those of the Earth that, due to the irrationality of the human beings of Earth, are so densely populated that an impeccable place can hardly be found.
    But nevertheless, there are places in Germany and also in the Swiss Jura Mountains where there are no residential buildings, etc.
    5. You suppose that.
    6. But it is probably best if you clarify this fact on the spot.
    7. But you know how much we have to be careful, that there are no inhabited buildings within a radius of 1000 meters and that also no human beings are walking or otherwise resting there in the area.
    8. If that is not so, then we'll have the same difficulties as before, when we dealt with film and photo works.
    That is clear to me. Therefore, I also want to go to Munich today to find a place there in the area that is secluded enough.
    9. That is impossible.
    10. Nevertheless, we will take pictures of one of our telemeter discs.