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    Great Loop Radio: Upcoming Boating Seminars for All

    in Travel

    Captains Chris & Alyse Caldwell and Curtis Stokes will share information on a new series of boating seminars they're hosting.  We'll also give details of the popular "Great Loop Cruising: A Guide to the Looper Lifestyle" seminars that are coming to Annapolis and Chicago.

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    Strategic Seminars Welcome

    in Business

    Learn about the work of Strategic Seminars across North America and the Caribbean in this welcome call with principal presenter Grant Fairley.

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    The Importance of attending events and seminars

    in Self Help

    Be sure to tune in this Tuesday @ 12:30pm EDT
    for an exciting episode of Jason Stewart Radio - "The importance of attending events and seminars" 
    What we'll be covering is;
    Why you should consider attending events and seminars on a regular basis and the benefits and opportunities.
    Why most people don't attend events and seminars. 

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    Presentation Skills with Communication Strategist Wes Bleed

    in Business

    5 Tips For Public Speaking Success with Communication Expert Wes Bleed

    This episode features a discussion with communications specialist and seminar speaker Wes Bleed and host Grant Fairley. The topic is "5 Tips for Public Speaking Success."

    The conversation covers some practical ways to prepare for occasions when you are the speaker. We also discuss some of the emotional challenges that many people feel when they are asked to speak to others.  The ability to communicate is important for your career as well as in social settings like a wedding.

    The "5 Tips" will help anyone improve their communication skills.

    Wes Bleed is a communication strategist from the Chicago area. Wes works in public relations and has his own training company as well. He speaks to audiences on how to improve your presentation and communication skills. Information on booking Wes to speak to your group is also on his website.

    You can read his blog, see some of his videos and learn more about his services at wesbleed.com. Follow Wes on Twitter @wesbleed 

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    Close-Up Talk Radio spotlights Tina Frizzell-Jenkins of JTI Coaching & Seminars

    in Business

    Glendale, MD -- The coach’s journey is rarely direct. Many would-be coaches have had to overcome great hardships to transform their lives. But those experiences often inspire in people an overwhelming desire to help others create and follow the path toward a more rewarding life.

    Growing up in her native Washington D.C. Tina Frizzell-Jenkins struggled all through school; she had to study five times harder than everyone else just to get B’s and C’s. It wasn’t until her own children were diagnosed with dyslexia that she discovered she too suffered from a learning disability. Today, Tina is a certified leadership and empowerment coach and the founder of JTI Coaching & Seminars, a division of Just Traders International, LLC.

    “40 years ago they didn’t talk about learning disabilities,” says Tina. “It was a struggle but I’m very thankful for that struggle because it allowed me to develop a strong work-ethic for problem solving.”

    That work-ethic served her well. Five years after graduating from Northeastern University, Tina went on to NASA where she’s worked as an engineer for the past 26 years. In addition to JTI Coaching & Seminars, Tina is NASA’s Coaching Program Manager.

    Tina says many of her clients are people starting their own business. She helps these clients create a foundation for their business to provide a structure that can help them moving forward.

    “If you’re dedicated and you want to move forward, I’m the coach for you,” says Tina. “Coaching helps people make their own way and I can show you how to get exactly where you want to go one step at a time.”

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    Grant Writing Seminar

    in Radio

    Join Chaplain E. Jean Jones, Minister Crystal Bates, Minister Patrina Smalls, Nancy Smith and Minister LaShanda Lewis as they speak to members of God Answers All Prayers (GAAP) organization who will host of a Grant Writing Seminar Saturday, May 30th. 

    God Answers All Prayers (GAAP) is a professional training program for individuals, churches and/or non-profit organizations seeking assistance in establishing a non-profit organization  and the grant seeking and the grant writing process.  We offer  group training seminars/sessions in a Christian Environment. 

    For more information about GAAP and the grant writing seminar visit http://www.godanswersallprayers.org

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    New Book- The Third Act: A Baby Boomers Guide to Finishing Well -Meet Authors

    in Self Help

    A New Book- The Third Act: A Baby Boomers Guide to Finishing Well -Meet Authors

    Meet the authors of a new book on the challenges and opportunities of the life from our fifties, into retirement and onward. "The Third Act - A Baby Boomer's Guide to Finishing Well" was co-authored by geriatric psychiatrist William S. Cook, Jr, M.D. and Grant D. Fairley, a motivational speaker, executive coach and author. 

    About the Book

    The Baby Boom Generation is in The Third Act of their story.  How will your story be remembered? Will you finish well? Explore with you the challenges and opportunities awaiting all baby boomers in the final third of life.

    Family - Retirement - Purpose - Health - Friendships - Perspective - Aging Well - Meaning - Choices - Opportunities - Generations - Grief - Service - Relationships - Legacy. 

    Available on Amazon, Kindle, iTunes, NOOK and in bookstores.  

    Follow us!

    @drwilliamscook @grantfairley @stratseminars @silverwoodspub



    Find the Book

    The Third Act: A Baby Boomer's Guide to Finishing Well by William S. Cook, Jr., M.D. and Grant D. Fairley








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    Not Yo Mommas Radio Show Presents: Independent Wrestling Month week 2

    in Wrestling

    TONIGHT on "Not Yo Momma's Radio Show" hosted by former WWE Superstars of the groundbreaking tag team Men on a Mission, Oscar and Mo with Dreami Mimi....Independent Wrestling Month and Wrestling's only On-air Seminars continue in week 2. Who will appear on the show tune in and find out! One thing is for sure, when Oscar and Mo are on together... the cannons will be set to fire and opinions will soar as "Not Yo Momma's Radio Show" takes over the Pipebomb Radio Network Thursday night!

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    Boost your Brand: Boardroom Seminars for Executive Leaders

    in Jobs

    On the WIN Without Competing! show Dr. Arlene introduces Boardroom Seminars for Executive Leaders.

    The three seminars are:

    Corporate Entrepreneurship for Executive Leaders
    Solo Entrepreneurship for CEOs
    Solutions for Executive Leaders in Limbo

    Dr. Arlene says:

    "Plan ahead, invest in yourself to boost your brand and put the professional pieces in place for 2015. If you are ready to embrace a unique mindset and branding strategy toolbox to achieve unparalleled success, you must listen to this radio show and read Dr. Arlene's September 17th newsletter in which your seminar invitation to Boardroom Seminars for Executive Leaders awaits." Questions? Call Dr. Arlene at (310) 443-4277.

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    Not Yo Mommas Radio Show presents Independent Wrestling Month

    in Wrestling

    TONIGHT on "Not Yo Momma's Radio Show" hosted by former WWE Superstars of the groundbreaking tag team Men on a Mission, Oscar and Mo with Dreami Mimi.... WWE Superstar, Back by popular demand is Independent Wrestling Month and Online Wrestling Seminars ... the cannons will be set to fire and opinions will soar as "Not Yo Mommas Radio Show" takes over the Pipebomb Radio Network this evening!

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    Life Conversations with Tracie

    in Lifestyle

    Show: Life Conversations with Tracie

    Hosted by: Tracie Kelly

    Topic: "I am" documentary www.iamthedoc.com We are all connected, heart vibrations, changing the human conditions.

    Special Guest: Aaron Givens, Counselor New Millineum Secondary School

    Air Date: Wednesday, May 20, 2015 7pm-8pm

    Host Contact Information: Tracietalks@hotmail.com