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    Presentation Skills with Communication Strategist Wes Bleed

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    5 Tips For Public Speaking Success with Communication Expert Wes Bleed

    This episode features a discussion with communications specialist and seminar speaker Wes Bleed and host Grant Fairley. The topic is "5 Tips for Public Speaking Success."

    The conversation covers some practical ways to prepare for occasions when you are the speaker. We also discuss some of the emotional challenges that many people feel when they are asked to speak to others.  The ability to communicate is important for your career as well as in social settings like a wedding.

    The "5 Tips" will help anyone improve their communication skills.

    Wes Bleed is a communication strategist from the Chicago area. Wes works in public relations and has his own training company as well. He speaks to audiences on how to improve your presentation and communication skills. Information on booking Wes to speak to your group is also on his website.

    You can read his blog, see some of his videos and learn more about his services at wesbleed.com. Follow Wes on Twitter @wesbleed 

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    Strategic Seminars Welcome

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    Learn about the work of Strategic Seminars across North America and the Caribbean in this welcome call with principal presenter Grant Fairley.

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    The Importance of attending events and seminars

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    Be sure to tune in this Tuesday @ 12:30pm EDT
    for an exciting episode of Jason Stewart Radio - "The importance of attending events and seminars" 
    What we'll be covering is;
    Why you should consider attending events and seminars on a regular basis and the benefits and opportunities.
    Why most people don't attend events and seminars. 

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    Close-Up Talk Radio spotlights Tina Frizzell-Jenkins of JTI Coaching & Seminars

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    Glendale, MD -- The coach’s journey is rarely direct. Many would-be coaches have had to overcome great hardships to transform their lives. But those experiences often inspire in people an overwhelming desire to help others create and follow the path toward a more rewarding life.

    Growing up in her native Washington D.C. Tina Frizzell-Jenkins struggled all through school; she had to study five times harder than everyone else just to get B’s and C’s. It wasn’t until her own children were diagnosed with dyslexia that she discovered she too suffered from a learning disability. Today, Tina is a certified leadership and empowerment coach and the founder of JTI Coaching & Seminars, a division of Just Traders International, LLC.

    “40 years ago they didn’t talk about learning disabilities,” says Tina. “It was a struggle but I’m very thankful for that struggle because it allowed me to develop a strong work-ethic for problem solving.”

    That work-ethic served her well. Five years after graduating from Northeastern University, Tina went on to NASA where she’s worked as an engineer for the past 26 years. In addition to JTI Coaching & Seminars, Tina is NASA’s Coaching Program Manager.

    Tina says many of her clients are people starting their own business. She helps these clients create a foundation for their business to provide a structure that can help them moving forward.

    “If you’re dedicated and you want to move forward, I’m the coach for you,” says Tina. “Coaching helps people make their own way and I can show you how to get exactly where you want to go one step at a time.”

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    New Book- The Third Act: A Baby Boomers Guide to Finishing Well -Meet Authors

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    A New Book- The Third Act: A Baby Boomers Guide to Finishing Well -Meet Authors

    Meet the authors of a new book on the challenges and opportunities of the life from our fifties, into retirement and onward. "The Third Act - A Baby Boomer's Guide to Finishing Well" was co-authored by geriatric psychiatrist William S. Cook, Jr, M.D. and Grant D. Fairley, a motivational speaker, executive coach and author. 

    About the Book

    The Baby Boom Generation is in The Third Act of their story.  How will your story be remembered? Will you finish well? Explore with you the challenges and opportunities awaiting all baby boomers in the final third of life.

    Family - Retirement - Purpose - Health - Friendships - Perspective - Aging Well - Meaning - Choices - Opportunities - Generations - Grief - Service - Relationships - Legacy. 

    Available on Amazon, Kindle, iTunes, NOOK and in bookstores.  

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    @drwilliamscook @grantfairley @stratseminars @silverwoodspub



    Find the Book

    The Third Act: A Baby Boomer's Guide to Finishing Well by William S. Cook, Jr., M.D. and Grant D. Fairley








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    Boost your Brand: Boardroom Seminars for Executive Leaders

    in Jobs

    On the WIN Without Competing! show Dr. Arlene introduces Boardroom Seminars for Executive Leaders.

    The three seminars are:

    Corporate Entrepreneurship for Executive Leaders
    Solo Entrepreneurship for CEOs
    Solutions for Executive Leaders in Limbo

    Dr. Arlene says:

    "Plan ahead, invest in yourself to boost your brand and put the professional pieces in place for 2015. If you are ready to embrace a unique mindset and branding strategy toolbox to achieve unparalleled success, you must listen to this radio show and read Dr. Arlene's September 17th newsletter in which your seminar invitation to Boardroom Seminars for Executive Leaders awaits." Questions? Call Dr. Arlene at (310) 443-4277.

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    Planning, Pricing, Promoting, & Profiting From Live Seminars

    in Marketing

    Live, in-person events like seminars are a tougher sell than ever. Webinars, webcasting, and other technology make it easy for your best prospective attendees to learn at home. All those flights, hotels, cab rides, and out-of-town expenses add up quick - not to mention the opportunity cost of taking time away from their offices!With your target market forced to pick and choose which live events they can afford - and everyone now immune to "pitch fests" - how can you plan and structure, choose a registration fee for, and promote a profitable seminar?Be sure to join us when Sherrie Sokolowski, founder of SLS Event Planning and Consulting LLC and previous Event Manager and Planner for Glazer-Kennedy Insider’s Circle™, reveals priceless insights on how to put together your next live event!

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    CUTV News Radio spotlights Ida Shessel International

    in Training

    Markham, Ontario – So you’ve been asked to give a short talk or workshop. But once you’ve got your audience in the room, what do you do with them? How do you create an engaging, dynamic environment where you’re not just spraying the group with information and praying that it sticks?

    That’s how most talks, seminars and workshops are run. Ida Shessel knew there had to be a better way, a way to generate excitement and learning in the room. As the founder of Ida Shessel International and Rock the Room programs, Ida teaches experts and coaches how to engage, encourage and empower their audiences.

    “People don’t need you if all you’re providing them with is information,” says Ida. “They can get that in a lot of other places. They need your guidance, feedback, coaching and suggestions. They need you to help them learn. They want to know, ‘How is this relevant to me and how do I apply it?’”

    Ida’s clients are typically coaches and experts who are interested in making a greater impact on more people.

    “I’m teaching them how to create and lead an effective talk or workshop that gets people participating, learning, remembering, and implementing,” says Ida. “Instead of trying to prove that you’re knowledgeable, engage your audience with activities, questions and exercises.

    Ida offers her clients a roadmap based on how adults learn best and they can watch her model this approach from the very beginning.

    “My clients can expect me to practice what I preach,” says Ida. “Any workshop I host is going to be interactive and I’m going to be engaging people right from the start.”

    For more information on Rock the Room programs and Ida Shessel International, visit http://idashessel.com/

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    An Empowered Personality

    in Relationships

    Personality Speaking welcomes Dr. Theresa Scott to discuss “An Empowered Personality”.  We will discuss her work with empowering many to live out the God-given potential and dreams.  Join us by logging onto www.blogtalkradio.com/PersonalitySpeaking or dial into 929 477-1876 (Press 1 to comment or ask a question) on Thursday, March 23,2015 @8PM EST.

    Dr. Theresa Scott is a prophetess and teacher to the Body of Christ. She has been saved over 35 years. She ministers with her husband (Apostle Dr. Richard Scott) at Grow In Grace Worship Center, Delmar, MD.  She has two children and five grandchildren.  Dr. Scott received her Doctor of Divinity degree from Spirit of Truth Institute, Richmond, VA; Master of Christian Education and Bachelor of Biblical Studies degrees from H. E. Wood Bible Institute & Theological Seminary, Alexandria, VA.  Dr. Scott comes with a wealth of experience and wisdom in walking with God and maintaining her individuality. She teaches through with clarity and practical revelation of God’s Word. She is also anointed in intercession and spiritual warfare. She is a sought-out speaker in revivals, workshops and conferences. She always comes with a “Word for the house”.
    She has an anointed women's ministry which exhorts, edifies and encourages women enabling them to be free to live a genuine balanced life in Christ. Her passion is for people to accept themselves and walk in the power of their individuality. 
    Dr. Scott is the author of “Why Am I Here?” This book answers one of life’s greatest questions. Life has a way of putting us in some unlikely places. It helps you to understand no matter where life leads, you can have an encounter with God.  To learn more about Dr. Theresa Scott and her kingdom work visit her website at www.TheresaScottMinistries.com   

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    The E.A.G.L.E.S.S. Club uses a three tier or three legged approach to replacing error with truth! Books, ebooks, videos, tapes, CD, DVD, seminars, sermons, classes, etc… are available on the THREE subjects; 1)biblical wealth-seek ye first the kingdom and HIS righteousness and all these things will be added 2)biblical health & physical health; mind of Christ; walk in the spirit-grace, mercy-faith, hope & love and physical health through the biblical diet 3)biblical wisdom-fear of God and keep his commandments.

    The E. A. G. L. E. S. S. CLUB employs the power of the three strained cord, which states; one standing alone can be attacked and defeated, but two can stand back to back and conquer; three is even better, for a three strained cord is not easily broken. (Ecc 4:12)

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    Lakota Heart -N- Soul

    in Spirituality

    The topics of this show are based on Lakota Star Knowledge and may include viewing current events from the Ancient Lakota perspective. This show's objective is perpetuate peace among all people, as the foundation of all universes is based on "Mitakuye Oyas'in". The Lakota Star Knowledge definition of "Mitakuye Oyas'in" is that before you can be at peace with all the relatives throughout all universes, you must first have peace among all the relatives within your own inner universe. The mind, body, soul and emotions are all connected to each other. When you do your best in nurturing these four parts, you will establish peace within yourself. Only then are you able to be at peace with all creation around you.

    MaLakota Website: http://www.malakota.com

    Lakota Spirituality Seminars: http://www.malakota.com/online_seminar.html

    Lakota Online School: http://www.malakota.com/en_lakota_school.html

    Lakota Language: http://www.malakota.com/en_lakotabk.html

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