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    Ep 13: Types of Education & the Self-Propelled Advantage

    in Moms and Family

    In Episodes 11 & 12, Joanne took a look at the Advantage score earned by both the Public School and Private School educational options. How well do each of these options meet the standards of educational excellence set by the Self-Propelled Advantage?
    Public schools earned a whopping 35 out of a possible 99 Advantage points.
    Private schools fared better with an Advantage score of 53 out of a possible 99.
    In this episode today, Joanne takes a look at the final educational option in America today: Home Education. How well does home education stack up against public and private schools in the form of the Advantage score?
    Tune in to find out the answer which has a surprising twist and may cause you to reconsider your manner of home education if you are a home educator!

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    Ep 11: Types of Education & the Self-Propelled Advantage

    in Moms and Family

    So what are the educational choices in 2013 America?
    In this episode, Joanne will take a look at the educational options available and how they stack up against each other with regard to giving your student the self-propelled advantage in 2013.
    Episode 11 features public and private schools, the types of each one, and The Advantage score Joanne gives to each.
    Informative and unbiased, Joanne cuts to the chase and defines what education should look like to be most effective.

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    Episode 5 How to Give Your Kids the Self-Propelled Advantage

    in Moms and Family

    Episode 5 is entitled The Three (AMAZING & MAGICAL) Elements of the Self-Propelled Advantage! Of course they are not literally magical, but the results you get from your children certainly seem magical to others.
    "How do you get kids who like each other?"
    "How do you get kids who are so incredibly self-motivated?"
    "Why don't your teens hate you?"
    These are just some of the types of questions you'll get from observers when you utilize the three elements of the self-propelled advantage.
    Joanne will also reveal the MOST IMPORTANT THING that goes on in her home in Episode 5. It's likely not what you'd think.
    This is be a foundational episode! I hope you'll join us!

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    Intro: How to Give Your Kids the Self-Propelled Advantage!

    in Moms and Family

    In this inaugural episode, Joanne looks at the power you have as a parent, and she'll address one of the most important choices you will make for your child: his education. 
    Education comes in various forms, and you'll find out what method of education Joanne has chosen for her eight kids and why. She will talk about raising perfect SAT scorers and nearly-perfect SAT and ACT scorers and how they got that way.
    The highlight of this show? Joanne will share the three core elements of what she calls The Self-Propelled Advantage, and how these elements enabled her first four students to earn free college educations at both public and private universities.
    As you may have guessed, this is the first in a series of Joanne Calderwood's Self-Propelled Advantage episodes which serve as a parent's guide to raising independent, motivated kids who learn with excellence!
    Become Underwhelmed!

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    Episode 4 How to Give Your Kids the Self-Propelled Advantage

    in Moms and Family

    Episode #4 is entitled Benefits Beyond Education because not only are self-propelled students apt to blow away their personal goals, but they also tend to be.......wait! Let's not ruin it for you!
    Tune in to find out the MAJOR side benefit to having a self-propelled MINDSET! This benefit is evidenced in students and adults as well. They both have a tendency to be.....wait! You've got to hear this for yourself from the horse's mouth!
    The second thing Joanne will be sharing is a striking analogy she calls The Bicycle Analogy. When you understand this analogy, you will wonder why in the world anyone would choose to micromanage children when self-propelled kids are extremely equipped to explore uncharted territory without the poking and prodding of well-meaning parents and teachers!
    See where you as a parent may be in The Bicycle Analogy, and gauge how prepared you may or may not be to do the unthinkable: let go of the bicycle.
    Are you the micromanaging type? Is that a good thing? Joanne has some eye-opening thoughts that just may help you to become Underwhelemed while simultaneously doing your students the favor of a lifetime!
    Join us!

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    How to Give Your Kids the Self-Propelled Advantage!

    in Moms and Family

    In Episode 2, subtitled Excellence in Motion, Joanne shares that education and learning are two very different things, and she will dissect the classroom mentality of hoop-jumping.
    As odd as it may sound, the job of teachers in schools is not to make sure that every child learns. Well then, what is their job? Get the inside scoop on the secret that every classroom teacher knows but won't tell you, the parent.
    The highlight? Joanne plans to share her own embarrassing deficiencies from her schooling years and how she has dealt with them. She will share what she decided to do differently with her own kids so that they would not know the sting of ignorance that is the result of the System of education in America. 
    Join us for a very interesting look at the classroom model of education and excellence. 
    Today's Underwhelmed Mom Show is brought to you by URtheMOM.com. Connect with Joanne Calderwood via Joanne@joannecalderwood.com.

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    Self Discipline: The 20% C lub

    in Women

    In his book, No Excuses, author Brian Tracy says, "In our society, the top 20% of people earn 80 percent of the money and enjoy 80% of the riches and rewards."  Join Successful Woman Radio Host and Business Success Coach, Trina Newby as she shares self-discipline principles that can assist you in being a part of the 20% club!

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    Self Confidence

    in Education

    Stewart Brand, founder of Whole Earth Catalog, once said that "The formula for an interesting life is skills - acquire them and use them. The more skills, the more interesting you become. Skills automatically give us pride and self confidence."

    Using Stewart's formula, we will discuss how to develop self confidence skills as dynamic and interesting leaders.

    As usual, we will also discuss two delicious recipes for sharing. The "safe" recipe will be Pasta Primavera, and the "adventure" recipe will be Smoked Salmon Casserole.

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    Come Out of Her My People

    in Current Events

    In the name of the everlasting Father, He that causes all that exist to exist. He that is self existent, He who directs the sun ships of millions of years, and he who made time the seed of the universe.  Known among the ancient Chemites as Amen Ra, and Aton, among the Hebrews as Ain Soph, Yahweh, and Elohim, among the Christians as Lord, God, and Jehovah, among the Muslims and Islamic world as Allah the one GOD, among the Rastafarians as JAH – Rasta Fari.  I bare witness that all these names refer to the same "One" Almighty GOD and it is to him whom I give reverence and to whom I submit. I boldly proclaim that we, the descendants of those Black Men & Women who survived the transatlantic slave trade are the lost 13th tribe, born in North America and are of a Nubian Chemetic lineage.

    I bare witness that The blood of all the nations of the earth flow through our veins.   I greet you in the ancient  Holy words of Peace! Hotep, Shalom, As Salaam Alakum, Habari Gani, A la fi ya, and Ai Shay.

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    “Practicing the Principles of Enlightenism: Redefining Your Life With Power"

    in Spirituality

    Join the author and philosopher, Malcolm Kelly, in his daily discussion on hot topics from an Enlightenism perspective. He provides listeners with thought-provoking, life-changing prescriptions of Enlightenism for healing toxic beliefs and values. Each show brings you closer to your Authentic Self.  #ourpowerlieswithin

    Malcolm Kelly: Power of Mind Radio - “Practicing the Principles of Enlightenism: Redefining Your Life With Power" | Mondayday, November 30, 2015 | 12:00pm PST/3:00pm EST | Listen Online: http://tobtr.com/8107955 | Call-In: (773) 897-6543

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    Become an Empowered Diva!

    in Self Help

    Listen to Deb St. Hilaire as she shares her wisdom on being an Empowred Woman and Diva!