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    Is "Straight Black Pride" the 21st Century Black Philosophy?

    in Politics

    Abibifahodie (Black Liberation),

    The year is 2016.  Black Nationalism and PanAfrikanism dominated the 20th Century as the primary "Black Power" philosophy for Black unity.  The movement that most prominently pushed this philosophy was the UNIA under the leadership of Marcus Mosiah Garvey.

    PanAfrikanism in its purest essence is a philosophy that seeks to unite the global Afrikan world community into a solid mass of people dedicated to the uplifting and progress of Black people.  Afrika would be our base and the world would become our working space. 

    The question is now that there is a "homosexual agenda" whether or not PanAfrikanism is sufficient for our modern world dynamic or if we need a more definitive construct to protect the identity of us as Afrikan people. 

    In short, is "Straight Black Pride" a philosophy that can accompany PanAfrikanism or is it a 21st Century philosophy that can ultimately replace PanAfrikanism as the primary intellectual philosophy for Black people in the 21st Century.




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    in Religion

    Although Satan is the enemy of every believer, he's not man's greatest enemy. Our greatest enemy is within the human soul which manifests itself in pride. What are some of the indicators of this enemy called pride and how should we combat it?

    Pastor Woods explains in his sermon titled, "The I's of Pride". Taken from Romans 12:3.

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    Pasadena Pride Center

    in Entertainment

    QTalk Radio is an LGBTQ radio station. We are also the creators of the LGBT Hero Awards.


    Follow us on Twitter and Instagram: QTalkRadio 

    Host | Xavier Mejia

    Guest | Aaron Saenz

    Joining me on this episode is the board president of the Pasadena Pride Center, Aaron Saenz. The Pasadena Pride Center serves the greater San Gabriel Valley, here in Southern California. 




    To play your music on our station email: xm.lgbtheroawards@gmail.com


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    Knights Of Awakening: Pride and Passion

    in Spirituality

    Today we are going to be tackling the “Evil” P-words......Pride and Passion and the Dogma that cripples us when trying to accomplish our goals.   I will share with you about my trip and the coolest dog I have ever met, and we are going to talk about  our stance on fair use of created and copyrighted material


    We will open the phone lines during the show and get your comments and take your questions!

    I look forward to seeing you in the chat room, and can't wait to talk to you during the show.  Until then Knights.............

    Awaken the Knight Within!


    You can also find the Knights Of Awakening at:





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    Patriot Pride - Controversy behind U.S. problems

    in Politics

    For opening night of our newest show Patriot Pride, Mike "Mayhem" Hodges plunges into hidden problems within the U.S. and covers the controversy behind these problems.

    Tune in by clicking on the link (http://tobtr.com/8770723) or call in 929-477-3101 and if you have a question or a comment press#1 to join the conversation.

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    Guest:Padraic McKinley/Editor/Kingdom/Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

    in Movies

    Padraic McKinley began his career in film as a music editor for renowned film editor William Anderson, A.C.E. After successful collaborations with Mr. Anderson including Paramount Pictures’ THE TRUMAN SHOW, Mr. McKinley began editing music videos, commercials, and title sequences for The Picture Company in Dublin, Ireland. He has since cut 13 feature films and over 75 episodes of television.  Mr. McKinley’s first feature film as an editor was the 2002 critically acclaimed IGBY GOES DOWN for United Artists, collaborating with director Burr Steers for their first of four films together including the 2009 hit comedy 17 AGAIN for New Line Cinema, Universal Pictures’ 2010 romantic drama CHARLIE ST.CLOUD, and this year’s action-comedy PRIDE and PREJUDICE and ZOMBIES for Sony Pictures/Screen Gems.  Mr. McKinley also has a long-standing cinematic relationship with director Gary Fleder, having collaborated on seven television pilots together and two feature films: Universal Pictures’ 2012 biographical sports drama THE EXPRESS and the 2014 action thriller HOMEFRONT for Open Road films. Mr. McKinley’s other film credits include the 2004 remake of ALFIE (Paramount Pictures), directed by Charles Shyer; the political drama BORDERTOWN (THINKfilm), directed by Gregory Nava; and the action film WILD CARD (Lionsgate) directed by Simon West. Television credits include such notable shows as THE SHIELD, DEXTER, LIFE ON MARS, LIE TO ME, OCTOBER ROAD, and the critically acclaimed drama KINGDOM for DirecTv. Mr. McKinley acts as the main editor on KINGDOM, having edited all 30 episodes to date. He is also the music editor, co-music supervisor, and co-producer of the show. 

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    Higher Self Voice - Commitment to the Self

    in Self Help

    If there is any lack of the commitment to the self the destiny cannot be played out to its fullest extent, The healing for today will be to clear away engrained concepts of self sacrifice and the false beliefs systems and self identities around being 'failures'.

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    Higher Self Voice - Understanding Unity & At-one-ment

    in Self Help

    This week Janet discusses the subject of Unity and will also be doing a healing for listener Anshul, regarding Self Love.

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    The Self Analysis of Our Spirituality

    in Self Help

    The Flag of Islam reads under Justice/The Star: "The Stars are witness bearers. Every believer in Allah(God) is like the Stars of the heavens above us. The believers bears witness to his Creator, that He is God, the Supreme Being over all. And since we belong to the Creator of Heaven and Earth we are justified by the Creator as being His people." ~The Honorable Elijah Muhammad~ Welcome to TheGodSquad Radio Broadcast. This is the beginning of Our new Series. After all of The Commands and Divine Instructions. There is a Spiritua; aspect of all of what was said by The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. The Instruction that were given were from The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad. Please shae and tell your family and friends about the impactful series "The Self Analysis of Our Spirituality."

     Thank you in advance.

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    Little Khanya and Kihura Teach Us About Straight Black Pride (SBPM)

    in Politics

    Abibifahodie (Black Liberation),

    Tune in on Monday night @ 7:00pm EST to hear Baby Kihura and his big Sister Khanya share their life experiences with us.  Khanya is 3 years old and Kihura is 2 years old.  They are learning their Afrikan countries and they have a wealth of knowledge to share with us about what's going on in the world. 

    This is a program that you will truly enjoy.  You can listen online or by phone and even ask them a question or 2 directly if you so choose. 


    War on the Horizon (WOH)


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    Pride and Ownership: Fire Service Traditions, Part 6

    in Management

    Rick Lasky is back with Glenn Corbett to discuss fire service traditions. This episode originally aired on January 21, 2008. They discuss fire musters, the use of hand pumpers, wetdowns of apparatus, early firefighting equipment, and more.