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    Mind-Body Tools to Help You Let Go of Stress

    in Health

    Dr. Kevin Passero’s special guest Dr. Kim D'Eramo will share her personal experience using self-healing to overcome chronic illness.

    Dr. Kim D’Eramo is a board-certified Emergency Medicine physician who trained at Emory University’s Grady Hospital in Atlanta. Her bestselling book, The MindBody Toolkit, explains the basis for how the prolonged stress state generates toxicity and imbalance in the body, and how reversing this stress state restores our natural state of well-being. Dr. D’Eramo conducts online group training programs, and speaks nationally to doctors, medical students, and the general public for training in mind-body medicine.

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    Get Real! with Mark and Kally - Worry Eaters & Other Tools to Help with Anxiety

    in Health

    Do you find yourself over thinking, worrying, or stressing about life?  There are simple tools that we will share with you to help you get to the root and deal with anxiety symptoms, like 'Worry Eaters'. 

    Anxiety is a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease.  Anxiety occurs typically about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome.

    Everyone experiences nervousness or anxious feelings at times.  But for some people anxiety becomes a regular occurrence, and may even stop a person from living a normal life.   

    Mark and Kally at Indigo Mountain - Your Wellness and Happiness Experts!

    Photo Credits by by Stuart Miles, stockimages, and tiverylucky at Freedigitalphotos.net

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    Supplying you with tools to empower yourself starting TODAY!

    in Self Help

    I am 9 days into a 30 day video challenge to supply as many women and children with tools to empower themselves as I can get out there. Join me today while I share what these tools are and how you can get daily inspiration that shifted my life and that can shift your life as well!

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    My WordPress Help Desk for Oct. 10

    in Internet

    My WordPress Help Desk for Oct. 10, 2015

    Page 1:  WordPress News  

    Page 2 :  WordPress Focus  Ken Freeman  

    Page 3:  Questions & Answers

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    Higher Self Voice - Healing Request - Schizophrenia

    in Self Help

    This week we have a healing request from a long time listener who is having difficluties with her son, who suffers from schizophrenia.

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    in Lifestyle

    TONIGHT- Wed's Topic: Understanding the Enemies' Tools..Call in @ 9pm 347.327.9515 & share your thoughts, opinions, ideas & comments.  

    SAVE THE DATE October 24, 2015 12noon-5pm Teen Progress Picnic!  We need volunteers.... Please email oneopulentnetwork@gmail.com or call 678.287.9685 Thanks,


    Opulnet Network Team


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    Frequency Tools for Transformation with Vibrational Therapist Shira Hunt

    in Spirituality

    Shira Linda, Singer Songwriter, International Teacher, Therapist and Speaker, Native Spiritualist and Hospice Nurse,  Shira has spent many years working with people and animals in the healing environment She has fine-tuned the music teaching that she grew up with, to use with the healing techniques that she has learned from both her Native American background and her esoteric teachings. Her CD, "Eyes Of Light", was created with spiritual guidance to assist the chakra and energy centers to reconnect and open up the communication, so that the energy body flows with community and support through out.  www.vibrationallysound.com


    The Awakenings Radio Show is Your place for tips and insight to live a more fulfilling life, and your relationships. Learn how to attract healthy relationships, and how to create a life you really love. Awakenings broadcasts live every Wed. 12pm -1:30 pm PT   Call in for Intuitive Readings #347-539-5122 Michele answers questions about Awakening, Spirituality, Metaphysics and Self/Soul Development. Michele also answers listener questions from email, twitter and facebook On Air.

    Email awakeningsradio@gmail.com to have your questions answered or to share your insights On Air. 

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    Sovereign Self

    in Self Help

    Welcome to Consciousness Unlimited Radio sponsored by Sovereign Self. Your Hosts are Martin Campbell, Ron Mayer and Karen Murphy.

    Martin Campbell is an author and business executive who is dedicated to helping people improve their lives by assisting them to find out who they are and who they want to be. As a dedicated supporter of individual spirituality, Martin believes humanity’s last major hurdle is in achieving individual empowerment and freedom. 

    Ron Mayer describes himself as a spiritual archeologist. Always affirmative and inspirational, Ron, often brings new and at times a controversial perspective on a wide range of topics and has come to the realization that self-development is never a complete or finished process, that when our journey of self-discovery begins, it is a forever endeavor from the heart.

    Karen Murphy’s 30 years in corporate business combined with an awakening 10 years ago that propelled her to a greater understanding, compelled her to form her own business - Core Value Strategies. One of Karen's deepest desires is to share with others how they can align their true core values in everything they do, including within their work place.

    Martin, Ron and Karen welcome each and every one of you, no matter where you are on your path to join them in exploring the wonders of becoming your Sovereign Self.

    You are invited to share your thoughts by calling in at: 213-943-3410

    (and press "1" to let the engineer know you wish to speak).

    or by writing on their Facebook page at:



    Consciousness Unlimited Radio is a production of The Learning Center for Human Development.

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    Stop Struggling With Self-Sabotage

    in Self Help

    Self-sabotage is often an unconscious thought or behavior that is in direct conflict with your desire to succeed. Self-sabotage is the act of doing a particular behavior that goes directly against what you need or want to do. It can be what stops you from achieving your goals and dreams. It can often come in the form of that inner critical voice, telling you that you can’t do something.

    If you’ve found yourself having these negative thoughts or in any situation like these repeatedly, you may be struggling with self-sabotage.

    Self-sabotage often comes from having low self-esteem. It can be a result of the way you were raised or circumstances that have happened to you.

    No doubt it’s something many people have struggled with at some time or another. The good news is that you can beat it. During this show, we’ll look at what’s causing you to have self-sabotaging behavior and ways you can counteract it.


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    What are the tools to be brilliant now?

    in Self Help

    Have you ever thought about being brilliant in your life? Maybe you are unsure of the steps to take to shine.

    Julie-Anne Black, an international motivational speaker, author and creator of Be Brilliant Now, shows you how to take charge of your own success and happiness so you can be brilliant now. She has 22 years experience as a top Television Producer--Who Wants To Be A Millionaire and a Production Manager for the Sydney Olympic Games Opening Ceremony.

    Julie-Anne is known for showing thousands how to direct your future and be the star of your life. Her website is BeBrilliantNow.com.

    CTHRadio unites healing specialist with childhood trauma survivors. Your host, Susan Jacobi, a thriver after childhood abuse, is the author of How to Love Yourself: The Hope after Child Abuse. She shares her healing journey… and her FREE ebook. CLICK here for a FREE copy of 11 Tools for Happiness. You can reach Susan directly at susan@conversationsthatheal.com.

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    Higher Self Voice - A Magic Bullet Vs Reasonable Expectations

    in Self Help

    Its not about giving up on miracles- Its about clearing out necessary energies to allow the miracles to happen! Tune in for more clarity on how your energies work and how You are in charge!