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    Mental Health in Italy: An Interview with Dr. Paolo Molino

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    During a visit to Florence Italy we met with a local psychotherapist, Dr. Paolo Molino.  It was very interesting to get his views on mental health and the stigma surrounding seeking treatment in Italy.

    We discussed his use of Gestalt Psychology, EMDR, emotional clearing for him in between client visits, and how mental illness is viewed in Italy. Paolo is fluent in English, French, and Italian which allows him to work with travelers, expats, and students.  

    Please enjoy the blog article here.

    Dr. Paolo Molino

    Via Antonio Scialoja 68

    Tel: +39 3311064726

    E-mail: paolomolino@gmail.com

    web: www.paolomolino.com

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    Telebehavioral Health: What Is It and Why We Need It

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    I met today's radio show guests at the fall NCTide conference in Asheville, North Carolina. Telemental health is a hot topic with our behavioral health providers. InSight is one of the largest telepsychiatry service provider companies in the country.  As always, it is our pleasure to speak with business leaders with credentials in the world of behavioral health. Please read the full blog article here.

    Questions we asked on the show:

    What is telebehavioral health?
    Where is telebehavioral health being used?
    Tell me more about this direct to consumer model of telebehavioral health.
    How do consumers react to telebehavioral health?
    How does telebehavioral health enable a consumer to navigate a challenging and intimidating health care system?
    What are some of the pros and cons of a telebehavioral health practice?
    What tips do you have for providers doing telebehavioral health for the first time? 

    Geoffrey Boyce

    Executive Director

    James R. Varrell, M.D.

    President and Medical Director



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    Insanity IS the Mental Health System

    in Entertainment

    Tucker, Mace and the Doctor dicuss how the mental heath system treats it's patients. Now believe us, we are professionals....sort of.

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    Mental Health News Radio: Symptoms of Codependency with Darlene Lancer, JD, MFT

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    Join us as we interview Darlene Lancer, JD, MFT and author of: Conquering Shame and Codependency: 8 Steps to Freeing the True You and Codependency for Dummies. On the show we discuss shame and codependency.  Some questions from the show are: 

    1. What is internalized shame?

    2. How does shame show up when treating clients?

    3. What are some common defenses to shame?

    4. What are clues to help spot shame in clients?

    5. How does shame affect codependency and relationships?

    6. How might shame and codependency affect us as health care providers?

    7. How should we approach treating shame?

    Please read her popular article on this topic. For more information about Darlene and her work, please visit our post here.

    Darlene Lancer is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and expert on relationships and codependency.


    This show is brought to you by everythingehr.com

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    Mental Health and Substance Abuse

    in Health

    Im going to be a peer specilist at our mental health facilty here in Visala Ca.

    My guests will be from all walks of life with the same issues its going to be a great ride

    Come Join us as we get better and better 

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    An Interview with Craig Lewis: Mental Health Provider, Advocate, and Author

    in Psychology

    Craig Lewis is a Certified Peer Specialist and author of the Better Days – A Mental Health Recovery Workbook. Craig based the Better Days workbook on his personal life and recovery, and every page has been used successfully in peer group settings. A Better Days support group facilitation guide is currently being developed as are Spanish and French language versions of the Better Days workbook.

    Craig also has edited and published You’re Crazy Volume One which compiles first-hand accounts of people from the punk rock scene who live with mental health struggles, addiction and trauma. A second volume ofYou’re Crazy is currently in the works.

    Craig can be contacted at: betterdaysrecovery@gmail.com.  

    Please enjoy Craig's articles for our show: My Inner Human and An Interview with Craig Lewis, CPS.

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    Transforming Mental Health Care in America. Can that be done?????

    in Self Help

    This segment will be the beginning of a series, where we explore why Pres. George Implemented his New Freedom Initiative.  This was in response to the consumers having unfair treatment limitations and financial requirements for mental health benefits,using a fragmented mental health system and fighting the stigmatism surrounding mental health issues.

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    Alternative Help for Mental Health Concerns

    in Current Events

    Are you having issues dealing with the world around you today?  Have you sought professional support and walked away not helped or satisfied with the process?  Are drugs the only answer for your mental health issues?  Is life just throwing curve balls at you and dealing with life is getting harder each day?

    My guest is Dr. Amelia Kemp, psychotherapist and author of From Psychotherapy to Sacretherapy: Alternative Holistic Descriptions and Healing Process for 170 Mental and Emotional Diagnoses Worldwide.  The process of getting help for our mental and emotional being is often over looked in the healthcare arena and the stigma of needing help is a barrier to seeking treatment or support.  No longer are we denying the connection between all areas of our body, mind and spirit as our wellbeing.  We are not pieces to be fixed but rather a unit of life that needs to be nurtured and listened to as symptoms arise.  Help is available, exercises are included and solutions outlined in this book by Dr. Kemp.

    For more information about Dr. Kemp, visit her website:  www.drameliakemp.com

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    Teen and adolescent addiction/mental health

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    Today's topics is "Teen and adolescent addiction/mental health".  My special guest today is Mendi Baron, founder and CEO of Evolve Treatment Centers, is a passionate advocate for teens in the fields of mental health and addiction. Baron created the Evolve Treatment Centers to bring a unique approach to the treatment of children and adolescents who are struggling with a variety of emotional and behavioral disorders and substance abuse issues. Clinically trained, Baron earned a BA with honors in psychology and social work at the University of Maryland and an MSW at the University of Maryland School of Social Work. His extensive experience as a therapist includes individual and group counseling for children, adolescents, and families in various settings.  We will focus on Teen and adolescent addiction/mental health.  How parents should communicate with their children to help prevent substance abuse and address MH issues ( we need to broaden focus out of just addiction for these things) How parents should handle the situation should their child need treatment. Where can parents get help, how to prepare and get the best help, how to prepare and get the best help.  For more information about Mendi please visit his website. http://evolvetreatment.com/  Facebook.com/mendisplace  Twitter: @evolvetreatment  Mendisplace.com  Tune in live to find out how you can have a chance to win special prize give aways.


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    in Religion

    Christ Actualization is Self Transcendence = PART TWO 


    We continue with part 2; Person; Place; POSITION

    Galatians 5:19 - 23 - Fruit of the Spirit is Christ Actualization

    Self-transcendence: 1. The act or condition of going/being beyond ego or egoity, usually as a result of love, service, non-egoic discipline, or undivided attention for another. 2. An evolutive practice or technique which involves moving beyond prior conceptual, presumptive, or behavioral limitations. 3. A state or condition in which spiritual ecstasy is experienced by virtue of the release of a spirit-being from the confines of ego and egocentrism. 4. Any experience or process through which the spirit-being comes to know itself as it is, i.e., spirit and not ego or lower mind.


    In John 14:12 more or less at the beginning of his long Farewell Speech, Jesus issues a startling pledge to his disciples: "Amen, amen, I say to you, the one who believes into me will do the works that I do, and greater than these she or he will do because I am going to the Father." Throughout most of the history of the Christian movement, such a promise of fabulous possibilities has tended to be regarded as unimaginable and unfulfillable. 


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