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    Missions Ministers Talk Best Practices

    in Christianity

    Transcibed and edited for the November issue of Christian Standard, this hour-long discussion gives practical nuts-and-bolts help for anyone leading a local church missions ministry.

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    Short Talk and Meditation on Confidence

    in Spirituality

    Confidence is such a huge issue for so many of us. The Source knows how many times I have had a crisis of confidence. Listen in for a short talk and meditation on the subject.

    Go Confidently Forth! :)



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    Confidence vs. Low Self-Esteem

    in Christianity

    On today’s Faith Time with Faye Nicole Hines we will talk about confidence and low self-esteem. Ever heard the scripture, “For as he thinks in his heart, so is he” (Proverbs 23:7). Well this verse  is more than true. What you think about yourself, good or bad, is affecting your life in ways you can’t imagine.

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    Self-Confidence Special: Personality Workout & More ... on Read My Lips Radio

    in Lifestyle

    Read My Lips host akaRadioRed brings you lively, unscripted, spontaneous, non-canned interviews with interesting new authors on a range of lifestyle-related topics. Listen LIVE on Mondays 7-8 pm/Eastern or anytime on-demand.


    Ever done a PERSONALITY WORKOUT? According to Laurie Burton, "We keep our body fit — why not our personality?" You could have PDD – Personality Deficit Disorder – and not know it. Are your charisma muscles flabby? Is your confidence weak? Laurie explains how to train, condition and keep your personality in shape. Her "gentle yet ferocious approach" earns trust and gets results. Her book: Presenting You: Use Skills from the Actor's Playbook to Master the Art of Communication. LaurieBurtonTraining.com


    Meet Heather Hans, LCSW, MSW, MBA, CPIC, the first mass online healer and therapist for today's pop culture. Overcoming a difficult upbringing that exposed her to loss, addiction, oppression, abuse, and physical ailments, Heather learned to create confidence, success, and healthy relationships from the ground up. For her worldwide audience of 500,000+, she specializes in human relationships – with ourselves, others, our work, money and more. Heather also shows Generation Y how to avoid becoming the most unfulfilled generation EVER! Her book: The Heart of Self-Love: How to Radiate with Confidence. www.heatherhans.com



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    Mamas Confidence - Leadership

    in Health

    How to lead in motherhood!

  • 00:31

    Body Image - Confidence, Sex & Self Esteem

    in Spirituality

    How important is it for us as women to love our bodies?

    Does your body image affect your confidence, sex life and or self esteem from time to time?

    Would you like to learn to love your body more?

    Imagine how having a positive body image will impact on that of our daughters, nieces and younger women in our communities.

    Join Caleen Diedrick, Transformational Coach, Radio Show host and founder of Fervida "Sensuality Unleashed" who will be joining Dr. Chan & Coach Seah to share knowledge and insights around her new "Encouraging Women to Fall in Love with Their Bodies in this month's episode of Growing Consciousness.

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    Daddy's Confidence! Wellness in Fatherhood!

    in Health

    It's Fathers Day! Thought I would celebrate  dad's with this broadcast! 


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    Sovereign Self

    in Self Help

    Welcome to Consciousness Unlimited Radio sponsored by Sovereign Self. Your Hosts are Martin Campbell and Ron Mayer.

    Martin Campbell is an author and business executive who is dedicated to helping people improve their lives by assisting them to find out who they are and who they want to be. As a dedicated supporter of individual spirituality, Martin believes humanity’s last major hurdle is in achieving individual empowerment and freedom. 

    Ron Mayer describes himself as a spiritual archeologist. Always affirmative and inspirational, Ron, often brings new and at times a controversial perspective on a wide range of topics and has come to the realization that self-development is never a complete or finished process, that when our journey of self-discovery begins, it is a forever endeavor from the heart.

    Martin  and Ron welcome each and every one of you, no matter where you are on your path to join them in exploring the wonders of becoming your Sovereign Self.

    You are invited to share your thoughts by calling in at: 213-943-3410

    (and press "1" to let the engineer know you wish to speak).

    or by writing on their Facebook page at:



    Consciousness Unlimited Radio is a production of The Learning Center for Human Development.

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    Higher Self Voice - Healing Childhood Trauma

    in Self Help

    The Higher Self Voice radio hosted by Janet Richmond! Tune into this fascinating show - every Wednesday from 10 am pacific time - as Janet Richmond leads listeners through an hour or two of rich, tantalizing, 5th dimensional, raw spiritual information direct from the Higher Selves! 2015 brings a shift to the show where Janet opens up the forum to share much more of the Higher Self information. The breadth of the material is vast and Janet will offer many different perspectives sometimes delving into what may normally be seen as unknown. Janet accepts on air (or via email) requests for healing, general questions or ideas of what topics would interest the listeners. This is an amazing opportunity to call in and receive personal one-on-one help to help unclog areas of your life and/or to better understand your journey. You even will get answers for what you had thought were unanswerable questions. And as always, even listening to a healing for someone else will take you through the same transformative experience as the person it's directed toward. Since 2006, Janet Richmond has made it her life's effort to promote the Higher Self healing techniques to empower those who learn it so that they can start living the life they want and deserve.

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    CBM With Steve and Greg- Choosing Self Confidence

    in Fitness

    Self Confidence.

    Trust in your choices and decisions.

    What would it take to stand in your confidence?

    What can you create from there?

    Join Steve and Greg as they explore self confidence!

    Today, Monday the 30th.

    1pm Denver  3pm New York  9pm Central Europe

  • Do you trust your confidence?

    in Self Help

    Do you believe in yourself? Can you see your true value?

    Guest Laurie Maxson is a Personal Development Coach and creator of Your Essential Insights. She walks people through their own personal discovery to uncover false beliefs that entangle their thinking. Laurie teaches her clients how to fully grasp their uniqueness and value.

    Her website is: YourEssentialInsights.

    CTHRadio unites healing specialist with childhood trauma survivors. Your host, Susan Jacobi, a thriver after childhood abuse, is the author of How to Love Yourself: The Hope after Child Abuse. She shares her healing journey… and her FREE ebook. CLICK here for a FREE copy of 11 Tools for Happiness. You can reach Susan directly at susan@conversationsthatheal.com.