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  • Self-Determination and De Gullah/Geechee-Kujichagulia fa We!

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    In celebration of Kwanzaa 2014, Queen Quet, Chieftess of the Gullah/Geechee Nation (www.QueenQuet.com) host the second day of the Gullah/Geechee Riddim Radio on air Kwanzaa event.  Yeddi we sho-Gullah/Geechee Riddim Radio!


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    To The Grit of it all: Getting to know THYSELF; Self Determination

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    Self Determination and awareness of self in a world that is quickly changing. The most important part of this discussion is beginning to know the origin of ones lineage an how it plays a part in how you navigate through the applied illusion. Also to give a solution to the downward direction of todays youth but building a bridge form the elders who have walked ahead of us and how important it is for all of us to reconize the struggle in which they had to endure. We are at a pivetal point in a new age of rebuilding. We welcome you to join in our voyage to the peak of the the beginning of the "1st DYNASTY" in the new unapologetic rise to redefining our GREATNESS.

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    PerAnkhLIVE! SaAnkhtified Sundays-Self-Determination&Liberation-September 2014

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    TuneIn to PerAnkhLIVE! SaAnkhtified Sundays for September 2014 "Seasons for Liberation" & More!

    PerAnkhLIVE! is a weekly broadcast sharing inspirational news in celebration of Rehk Djesek Tepi Nefer- Know Yourself for the Greatest Good.  September 2014 Themes: Seasons for Liberation; Solidarity & Labor Observances; Self-determination &Labor Freedoms; CARICOM Updates; International Literacy Observances; Global Ascension and Reparations Progress; Heritage Education & Arts Literacy initiatives (HEAL365) & More! Speak with hosts and invited guests live or listen in @ 917-932-8605; Email- perankh@gmail.com. Share your inspirational voices, global news updates, proactive HEAL365, Global events & more. Listen to excerpts of the Decree of the Sacred and Sovereign Nu Smai Tawi Maatikratik Nation.

    Join Hosts NswtMwtAst Dr. ChenziRa and NswNeb KaRa - Ankhcollaborative Co-Founding Directors of Per Ankh Khamniversity Institute, PerAnkhMSmaiTawi & Per Ankh Inc.- a NGO with Special Consultative Status with UN ECOSOC & NPO in St. Croix, Virgin Islands. PerAnkh preserves, sustains and respects: Culture, Healing, Arts, Technology & Spirituality for Life, Inspiration, Freedom & Education =CHATS4LIFE!  

    Visit www.perankhu.org  www.youtube.com/perankhu & www.facebook.com/perankh RAclaim Ma'at! RAspect LIFE! RAstore the Sacred & Sovereign Nu Maatikratik Nation of SMAI TAWI. Ankhtribute today @www.perankhu.org or @ PayPal to perankh@gmail.com.  

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    Gullah/Geechee Nation: Continues Self-Determination

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    "Gullah/Geechee Riddim Radio" salutes the 13th Anniversary of the establishment of the Gullah/Geechee Nation and the enstoolment of Queen Quet as Chieftess and Head-of-State.  Leaders of the Gullah/Geechee Nation who were the visionaries that have carried forth the Gullah/Geechee Constitution and Declaration will have a dialogue about the continued self-determination of this internationally recognized ethnic group and nation.

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    How the West gave the Arabs self-determination on 99.9% of the Middle East

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     The western anti-western far left love to say how only the West has been imperialist and falsely claim that Muslim terrorism is caused by American and the west's foreign policy. For instance, despite the violation their obligations to the Jews from the Balfour Declaration and abstaining from the 1947 UN Parition Plan, the anti-Israel/anti-western/anti-American western/American left blames Britain for creating a Jewish state, as they portray Muslims and Arabs as purely the victims of Western/American policies. But it must be stated that prior to WWI, the Arabs did not have any self-determination for more than 400 years, as they were under Turkish Ottoman rule. We get told by the far-left how it was unfair for Jews to get a little sliver of their homeland and the West even gets "blamed" for that development, what we don't hear is that the British and the French actually gave the Arabs self-determination on 99.9% of the Middle East [excluding Iran and Turkey, both of which are not Arab]. We also don't get told that it was America and the West that developed the oil fields of the Arab nations and gave them all sorts of oil wealth to begin with. And even when the Arab and Muslim genocidal war against Israel gets occasionally mentioned, the blame shifts to the British, as if it was western evil that's the cause of everything. But today, I will debunk these left-wing myths.

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    Gullah/Geechee Continuing in Self-Determination

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    Queen Quet, Chieftess of the Gullah/Geechee Nation (www.QueenQuet.com) is the host of "Gullah/Geechee Riddim Radio" on behalf of the Gullah/Geechee Sea Island Coalition.   On this episode she will focus on the self-determination and human rights of Gullah/Geechees.   She will talk about some of the current issues in the Gullah/Geechee Nation related to the continuation of Gullah/Geechee fishing traditions and connecting the public to true traditions without having the community exploited.
    Cum yeddi we sho-Gullah/Geechee Riddim Radio!

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    The Black Brotherhood code for self determination

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    As we prepare to live together and start our self determination within a nation, we need a code to live by. We will be discussing laws of manhood and brotherhood.

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    Black Self Determination v Black Self Destruction II: Mel Takes on a Progressive

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    Last week, I called out a black progressive who alleged that Conservatives, like me, who are black, do not believe in black self-determination. Pointing out the focus of conservatism is centered on self-determination, I compared and contrasted the two ideologies to point to why liberalism/progressivism is the real culprit of lacking black self determination.


    The black progressive who made such a statement has agreed to come on MHBT to state why he feels conservatism lacks the belief in black self-determination that progressives have shown over the course of the last seven decades of American history. 

    You definitely want to miss this one......should be interesting, and I will hold no punches with this one


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    self determination and the end of colonization

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    join us tonight as we take a look at the keys to ending colonization. We will discuss our current circumstances and see if this is acceptable for adults. We will also examine others in they struggle to gain self identitity.

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    Black Self Determination Vs. Black Self Destruction: Whose Fighting Which Fight?

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    Earlier this week, some liberal minded person took the initiative to state that I, being a Conservative Christian, lack the belief in black self determination. Initially I was taken off guard by the statement, because after all, the Conservative movement upholds an intentional belief in self sufficiency for all Americans; however, I came to the reality that it is the common liberal theme to mislead and deceive low-informed blacks on the issuue of self sufficiency and full dependency.

    Examining the idea of "self determination," I will discuss how both ideologies measure up to this belief when it comes to their approach to black America. I will analyze the following:

    1. The historical relationship between black America and the Federal Government....teaching our children to depend on, or despise too much government

    2. The comments made by progressives and conservatives in relation to self determination...what history tells us 

    3.  The legislation supported by conservatives and progressives on the matter of determination and dependency...who believes what based on support

    4. The slave master mentality...who shows it, and how is it shown?

    5. Concluding point 

    Please join me for this special session tonight at 11pm as I discuss this concept of "black self-determination," and how the self esteem of black America has been destroyed with the election of President Obama and those who feel a need to blame the problems of black America on the superficial belief in a concept known as "white privilege"  

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