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    The Spanish Jews-Yesterday and Today

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    (Part 1 of the Spanish Jews)  "BTR Staff Pick"
    Their story, people and culture continue to have a voice and presence, even if in small numbers. There seems to be resurgence if you will, to the importance of their language, culture and identity.  
    It is Joey's hope here, to present and promote a culture and people that still need to be heard today. 
    Who are the Spanish Jews (Sephardic)  What happened to these Jews in 1492?  Where do they live now?  What happened to their Judeo-Spanish? Are there dialects of Judeo-Spanish?  Why  is Ladino listed as one the endangered languages by UNESCO?  What is being done to save the ladino language? 
    Join Sephardic experts as they answer all of these things and more!!
    Rachel Amado Bortnick-rachelucha@gmail.com http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Ladinokomunita/
    Dolores Sloan -President, Soiety for Crypto-Judaic Studies -Author, The Sephardic Jews of Spain and Portugal http://doloressloan.com   http://cryptojews.com
    Gloria Ascher -Gloria.Ascher@tufts.edu
    Bryan Kirschen -ucladino@gmail.com