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  • Seedstock info on 10 American cities of Agriculture Ordinances, other news

    in Gardening


    Lets get some information on the California publication "Seedstock" and what it states in an aritlce about the "10 American Cities Lead the Way with Urban Agriculture Ordinances".  

    Plus, some other information that you can hear about on various other topics.

    Bring a chair, you pencil and paper and lets get to the subjects for this week!


    Have a Great Community Garden Day!

    Mary K. Hukill, Author and Radio Show Host

    Email:  communitygardenradioshow@gmail.com

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    Organic is a Scam and Sex on TV is responsible for early puberty not the hormones in our food!

    in Self Help

    This is going to be one exciting show! Two men who love the farm life but greatly disagree on the value and the truth behind the Organic Beef Industry. Join Rod Morrison from Rocky Mountain Cuts Organic Meat and Trent Loos. Listen as they argue it out about what's really in McDonald's food. Loos says it's a good a beef as organic! Loos also states that the hormones in beef are not the cause of our young girls hitting puberty earlier in life but the sex that is on TV! Oh boy! Trent Loos is a farmer, rancher, and radio host with a special love for folks who lead the same life he has chosen. Trent is a sixth-generation resource provider, originally from Illinois but now in South Dakota, specializing in supplying seedstock to pork producers, and beef cattle. When he's not busy cutting cattle, Trent's new passion is spreading the word about the many positive things in production agriculture, where it is "individuals, not the institutions, that make a difference.
    Weigh in on your side! This is one controversial show! What do you think?