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    Deliverence: The Pass Over Seder Meal and The Meaning

    in Religion

    Greetings! This will conclude the episodes on the Pass Over Feast, as Sunday, April 11, 2015 will be the close of the season. However, part two of this message will serve, and satify any questions you may have concerning deliverence. The bible say, "healing is the childrens bread." Deliverence belongs to you, the listener; look at this Seder Plate from that perspective, and understand what each role the elements on the plate play in your life. I want you to know that the Seder Meal commerates the departure of Isreal from Egyptian bondage. Pharo was a type of the devil, and Egypt was a type of sin; the Seder Meal is a type of deliverence for those who are in agreement with God to remember: according to Ex 12:14 "this day shall be a memorial unto you for ever....." There are promises associated with this covenat for your life, and family if you will be willing to take time out and remember the miracles which God did when delivering his people. I fully understand God concerning this request! If I had done such a great deed for anyone, such as this, I would wanna be commerated as well and so would you. Those miracles were powerful manifestations of God, his personality, and his love for his people.

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    The Podcrastinators - Independent Media Watch - Sam Seder On Rachel Dolezal

    in Culture

    Hey gang. 
    This is Ricky L Hines of Americans United Again and William J Jackson of Father Teresa's Wine Cellar. 

    In this episode of The Podcrastinators, Ricky reaches into the Black Bag and pulls out a Compton response for Sam Seder of the Majority Report and how he approached the Rachel Dolezal story. 

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    1/13 Seder in for Hartmann

    in Politics

    Sam fills in as host on the Thom Hartmann show!  On the show, Robert Reich (@RBReich) on the Bain of Capitalism, Dahlia Lithwick (@dahlialithwick) to talk about the importance of the Supreme Court and Citizen’s United and Kanene Holder of Occupy the Dream and the National Day of … Continue reading →

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    Teaching On Passover & Seder Part 3

    in Religion

    Rabbi Taylor Teaching the Life of The Seder Feast!

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    Michael Brooks on BernieBros and Other Campaign Distractions

    in Politics Progressive

    Multi media star Michael Brooks discusses current events in policy and politics

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    Mike Maize, taking it to the streets with Wayne Johnson. Student meets Teacher.

    in Sports

    Join Mike Maize & Wayne Johnson tonight from 7:00-9:00pm pst. call-in @ 1-760-454-7012

    National Journalist & Commentator Mike Maize welcomes Wayne Johnson into the the Political Sports Maze. Wayne Johnson, has been an educator for over 40 years. He served as the president of United Teachers - Los Angeles for six years and as president of the California Teacher Association for eight years. Johnson began teaching social studies at Hamilton High school in Los Angeles in 1962. 

    This  high school has matriculated such notables as Norman Pattiz, Al Michaels, Lee Steinberg, Sidney Wicks,Paula Patton, Alex Hannum & Warren ( Harold ) Moon. 

    The political climate is alive in this presidential election year.The statement that "this is the most important election of your lifetime" might just apply to this election. All the candidates want to make America great again but there is much disagreement about ideology, party, candidate & political platform. 

    America is in debt more than 18 trillion dollars presently. Race relations are at a 40 year low. This is indeed a u-turn society. Never has there been an immigrant and refugee population coming to America that has an element that's ideology is to destroy Democracy, kill innocent people and defy the concepts of American ideals our way of life!

    The incoming president will also have to address the illegal immigration problem. The resources that are being stolen and the crimes that are being committed by illegals in Sanctuary & Non-Sanctuary Cities. 

    Mike & Wayne will most importantly seek common ground for a better America. Please join us live on 1/6/2016 from 7:00 pm -9:00 pm pst. The National call-in number is 1-760-454-7012 

    Michael Maize - The Sports Mike - Sports & Political Commentary 


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    Welcome to The Majority Report with Sam Seder

    in Politics

    Hi. Nice to see you again. Soft launch! You can listen to the audio stream right over here>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> If you don’t see a player in the right sidebar you can click on this link and it will automatically launch an … Continue reading →

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    6/4 Seder In For Hartmann: TPP, Monsanto, Social Security, Patent Trolls & More

    in Politics

    Filling in for Thom Hartmann, Sam discussed the Social Security Trustees new report on the solvency of the program with Alex Lawson of Social Security Works, looked at how dangerous the proposed TPP trade bill is with Melinda St. Louis, … Continue reading →

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    Gaius Publius, Sam Seder: Five Questions

    in Politics Progressive

    While attending the 2013 Netroots Nation conference, Gaius Publius — Contributing Editor at AmericaBlog and member of the Virtually Speaking Sunday Media Panel — conducted seven interviews as part of his annual Five Questions series. In this 32-minute podcast, Gaius talks with radio host Sam Seder. They discuss optimism, pessimism and the dangerous shifts we face — as a nation — from climate change. In the second half, Sam talks about his transition from politically engaged actor-writer to outspoken Majority Report host. Gaius first posted this podcast on AmericaBlog.
    More 5Q here.  

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    #Hotlzclaw #BlackOnCampus #Mizzou

    in Entertainment

    We need a #BlackSignal to know what to follow. 

    Due to our conversations and information sharing being very public, black people need two things to set up what we know we'll be looking into. 

    We need a back channel (#BlackChannel) where we have a private space to discuss framing and story to push forward. 

    This can be in private message groups or secret groups set up in social networks. 

    We also need a public signal booster to get stories set off. 

    I think the public signal should be #BlackSignal so we know what to signal boost. 

    We should only use #BlackSignal to get things started, because it will be covered with trolls the first day. 


    If you are on facebook, link their account to your networks and everybody block them and keep moving. 
    If it is on Twitter, USE THE BLOCKBOT. 

    We have the ability to force trend a topic. 
    When bringing these topics to larger voices, we need to choose Soft Targets. 

    Shoot for getting Sam Seder to get involved in the discussion. 
    Or Jay Tomilson. 
    When we get a story big enough that it can hit the mainstream, aim for Chris Hayes, Lawrence O'Donell,Rachel Maddow. 

    We'll dig more into this in the program. 

    What we do, we want to do full time, so you can sign up to invest in us monthly at this link right here. 

    Or stop by our PayPal and drop a one time investment by donating here. 


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    3/7 Bill Black: Austerity Wars, Baby Seder Arrives, Matt & Michael Guest Host

    in Politics

    Professor, Bill Black explained why the right keeps pushing austerity policies, how austerity failed Europe,  how the destruction of the social safety net and sluggish economic growth go hand in hand and why the United States could never be Greece. … Continue reading →