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    in Christianity

    There's a limit to where your own human wisdom and strength can take you in life. 

    If you really want to go far in life and rise to incredible heights in life you need something more.


    Discover what in this broadcast. It's your time to shine!

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    And was transfigured before them: and his face did shine as the sun, and his raiment was white as the light.
    Matt 17:2


    Geniuses think productively, not reproductively. When confronted with a problem, they ask “How many different ways can I look at it?” Genius often comes from finding a new perspective that no one else has taken. Leonardo da Vinci believed that to gain knowledge about the form of problems, you begin by learning how to restructure it in many different ways. He felt the first way he looked at a problem was too biased toward his usual way of seeing things. He would restructure his problem by looking at it from one perspective and move to another perspective and still another. With each move, his understanding would deepen and he would begin to understand the essence of the problem. Da Vinci called this process “knowing how to see.” Einstein’s theory of relativity is, in essence, a description of the interaction between different perspectives. Freud’s analytical methods were designed to find details that did not fit with traditional perspectives in order to find a completely new point of view. By not settling with one perspective, geniuses do not merely solve existing problems, like inventing an environmentally-friendly fuel; they identify new ones. It does not take a genius to analyze dreams; it required Freud to ask in the first place what meaning dreams carry from our psyche.

    - See more at: http://www.superconsciousness.com/topics/knowledge/how-geniuses-think#sthash.ApvX6wmY.dpuf

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    Knowing True Love from Something like it....

    in Relationships

    I often find people mistaking true love for something like it. They swear by it, get married because of it, and then wonder why they end up surprised by it, and in most cases destroyed by it. Those are the same reasons we have to learn to know the difference between love and something like it. Nice Read : Knowing True Love from Something like it.... 

    Tune in, call in , and sound off. You can join in the conversation or just ask a question. 

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    Do Secret Civilizations Exist Beneath The Earth's Surface?

    in Spirituality

    Did you know NASA recently received radio signals from the center of the earth? These signals are believed to be transmitted by aliens. Have you heard of the Hollow Earth Theory? Did you know another sun is thought to be inside the earth? Join us as we discuss interesting secret civilizations believed to exist beneath the earth's surface and much more

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    grace n peace join the ovaflow family as we shear about knowing who you are because its importing befor u can get to know sumone els u have to know ya self but we are going to be shearing from a spritual aspect and its going to be good so join us tonight @7pm.sharp

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    Ep #106: Knowing vs Not Knowing

    in Business

    On this episode of The Life Coach School podcast, we take a look what it means, as well as what it feels like, to truly know something. We also break down what we can do in order make the process of looking into the unknown easier. Join us to discover how you can stop living in the place of confusion and move towards more knowing and more willingness to go into the unknown, letting go of the “I don’t know” excuse we have all been guilty of.

    Get full show notes and more information here: http://thelifecoachschool.com/106

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    Confessing A Secret Is Dangerous Work

    in Entertainment

    After talking to a classmate, she visits her house to console Patience and her mother. Once again, Lauryn got more than she bargained. She even realizes her goof before calling her brother-in-law. Yikes!

    Being able to communicate and see the dead can prove difficult, especially if one has to keep it secret. Lauryn never had it easy. She held that secret since she was merely six. She didn’t think high school would change things. Of course, a visit from Devon Rizzo, from the previous Nesis World books, had an impact on that. Could losing as a new hero be The Death of Her?

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    "The Carnegie Secret"

    in Entrepreneur

    The hosts and panelists discuss the timeless secret revealed in "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill. Many have read the book "The Secret" and had some success but majority of people failed to uncover the missing ingreident. 

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    If Knowing God is Our Purpose, What is Keeping Us From Doing It?

    in Christianity

    Misconceptions About Who We Are, Who God Is and What He Is Doing Hinder Our Purpose Now

    Do you know why you believe what you believe? Beliefs are caught, not taught, and we are often not aware that much of what we believe contradicts something else we believe. God wants us to know His ways, how He does things, how He feels about us, and how He works on our behalf. Taking another’s explanation for this hinders God from revealing the truth to us directly.

    Knowing Ourselves According To Our Temperament Hinders Our Purpose Now

    We often live according to the belief that our temperament is who or what we are. But our temperament, the way God put our soul together, is not the basis upon which He evaluates us. In fact, most often our temperament, because of our misbeliefs, is our greatest hindrance because it provides a means to excuse the flesh. Our goal for freedom is not so that our temperament can be free, but so that He can be free, unhindered by our temperament. Before our soul (our temperament) can be fully available for the Lord to flow through, it must become unencumbered by the flesh.

    Not Understanding How God Uses Circumstances Hinders Our Purpose Now

    God often allows things to go wrong in our lives to reveal that what we are believing is a lie. If we don’t understand this, and then learn to listen for His voice, we miss out on learning to know Him in the practical areas of our lives.

    Our Flesh Hinders Our Purpose Now

    Flesh is getting our God-given needs met outside of dependence on God alone. If we don’t understand what our personal flesh patterns are, and how flesh develops, it will continue to develop and interfere with the learning process. As we begin to understand our new nature, and that all of our needs are met already, we will cooperate with God as He consumes our flesh.

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    The Secret Shop Owner Returns!

    in Soccer

    With Daryl out of town, The Secret Shop Owner is back in studio to answer your listener questions. We talk Pulisic v Morris, the perils of getting someone else's name on your jersey, and the best possible ways to break in new shoes.