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    Sharon Hunter Bey morning Show Presents Ken Sagoes - The Secret Weapon

    in Education

    Ken Sagoes is an American actor who has starred in films and in television. He is best known for his role in the 1987 horror classic A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors as Roland Kincaid and reprised his role in the 1988 hit sequel A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master.

    Sagoes' portrayed Darryl in the 1980s TV series What's Happening Now!! from 1987-1988. He has made guest appearances on shows such as The Twilight Zone, Night Court, My So-Called Life, Martin, The Parkers, The Division, and The District.

    Ken is presently working on a very special project called The Secret Weapon. The Secret Weapon" is a short film about a group of bright teenagers who defy both their parents and the status quo, to help forever change the segregated atmosphere of the 1960's; which gave power back to the Civil Rights Movement. It is a story that needs to be told and very few of us know anything about it. FB join me in supporting Ken and this very worthy project, by helping us raise $25,000 that is needed to produce the film. You can find out how you can help athttps://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1073418353/the-secret-weapon

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    Bloodbath Special: Ken Sagoes' Kick starter for SECRET WEAPON

    in Entertainment

    On this special Eric Morse chats with actor Ken Sagoes (Kincade from A Nightmare on Elm Street 3 and 4). Ken has a special film project that is dear to his heart that he is trying to get funded thru Kick Starter. His short film, Secret Weapon, which he wrote is about a group of children who helped reignite the fight for civil right during the dark days of outright segregation and racism. These children were unsung heroes of their time and their story should be told. Ken will melt your heart with his heart felt words. This show is motivational. Please listen and please help.

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    Victor Bell Jr - Success Secret Weapon

    in Entrepreneur

    Founder of the Champion Program, Victor Bell, Jr. is the Secret Weapon to Winning the Success War.

    In this interview with Jack, Victor Bell, Jr. reviews the life he’s had and the experiences that have shaped who he’s become.

    His background allows him to push others towards success with no hesitation.

    He is a master at creating strategies that most will not think of and firmly believes that someone needs to step away from what others in their niche are doing, in order to rise above the crowd and succeed to their maximum limits.

    You’ll be amazed at the ups and downs that Victor has absorbed in his life. The great thing is that he uses all of it both in his own life and with the people he works with. Basically, he can relate to almost any roadblock that someone might be encountering and help them move beyond that.

    Victor believes that the Universe doesn’t give out participation trophies and pushes others to be successful and win.

    Listen and learn from this secret weapon to those who are successful and wanting to blaze their way to their next level and win the success war.

    To Learn More:

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    Your Secret Weapon in Selling Your Services: Emotion!

    in Entrepreneur

    People choose to hire and buy based on either Emotion or Logic primarily. Emotion is the way a person imagines that they will feel about themselves after the purchase or the way they imagine other people will about them after the purchase. Logic is because it makes sense, or a smart thing to do, or a good deal.

    People buy 9xs faster for emotional reasons than logical reasons.

    Tonight I will showcase for how you can much more effectively utilize the power of emotion in Selling Your Service.

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    in Marketing

    Dr. Frumi Rachel Barr has long been a CEO Coach, Confidante and Mentor. The CEO’s team likes to call her, their “corporate shrink”.
    Frumi is truly an entrepreneur having started and run 5 entrepreneurial adventures prior to starting The Frumi Group of companies. She has a wealth of experience having been a CEO who survived being in the trenches herself. Her own WHY is creating a safe environment for leaders and their teams to talk about what matters most to build profitable and sustainable organizations.
    Frumi is very proud of all her grown children (they’re all off the payroll). She is frequently asked how she managed to raise them, run businesses and never even have maternity leave (a luxury not experienced by entrepreneurs).
    Frumi has taken her business to a new level by recently introducing CEO Virtual Roundtables, for CEOs who are frustrated by having to have all the answers themselves and want to have their own personal advisory board. She was certified as a Virtual Facilitator by NetSpeed Learning Solutions.
    Dr. Barr is the author of A CEO’s Secret Weapon: How to Accelerate Success. The book was ranked top business book of 2012 by ExecRank and has a forward by her colleague Simon Sinek, international author of best-selling Start with Why.

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    Who Runs the Church: Women as the secret weapon of the Church

    in Christianity

    March is Women's History Month and women who made great contributions to the world are being recognized around the world. Women play a major role in the life and ministry of the church. If we were to be candid, women run the church yet are still highly oppressed because the church still functions as a patriarchial organization. What can be done to help create a more liberating role for women in the church? Is recognizing their gifts as pastors, prophetesses, and teachers enough to accomplish this? Join Pastor Neal for another lively discussion and dialogue on Zera Today.

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    The Secret Weapon Of The Muslims

    in Religion


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    FIGHT THE POWER with the Secret weapon of “Order & Organization”

    in Motivation

    Call In (646) 929-0300 Sunday Night @ 7:30pm Eastern // FIGHT THE POWER by starting a blog, a meet up or subscribing to strategic networks and GET IT DONE! Give it what you got and elevate your community with your passion & your gifts. Raise the vibrations of your community with the secret weapon of “Order & Organization”.    

     Take this summer to put your best organized foot forward. Tonight we’ll be blessed by professional organizer Mrs. Marsha Sims who will bring her 20+ years of experience to help us as we encourage you to FIGHT THE POWER with the effective tool of ORGANIZING!

     Like us, follow us and join us Ms. Controversy & Z. Marie. Donate today 786.972.6895!


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    From Darkness to Light: The Power of Names

    in Religion

    Throughout the ages poets and philosophers have mused about the nature of names and the effect they have on the holder? Some names were considered mundane while others were considered sacred. Some names were known openly while others were shrouded in secrecy. For it was widely accepted in the old world that the name of a thing was the key to understanding and manipulating its power. By today’s standards these notions may appear to be nothing more than superstitious jargon - but to the Ruling Elite of this world the Power of Naming is much more. It is the secret weapon in an age old war against the people of God, which they believe allows them to change their Destiny and the course of Human events on Planet Earth. Join us today for another installment of “From Darkness to Light” as we look beyond science and superstition to find salvation in the Name above all Names “Our Lord Jesus the Christ!”

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    "In Other Words…" with Mark Luterman

    in Business

    This is a must-hear from anyone who wants to start their own business.  Or who has a small business, but would to grow it.  Mark Luterman, of SBSW (Small Business Secret Weapon) Companies, shows us some, well, weapons that should be in the arsenal of all entrepreneurs.

    As a successful speaker, author, teacher, and coach, Mark's mission is to help other "small business owners ... prosper and reach their desired goals."  You've heard this before: If you follow the formula, you will be successful.  So why isn't everyone? That's one of the things he'll talk to us about.    

    You'll also walk away from this show with some actionable tips, including how to get a free download of his ebook, 5 Steps to Unlimited Prosperity.  (Hint: Clink on the link.)


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    DX12 Will Do Jack Shit For The XB1 / Will Batman: Arkham Knight Expose This Gen

    in Entertainment


    MotoGP 15 to Use Extra CPU Core on Xbox One, Results in Big Performance Improvements

    Lots of 360 games I'd like to bring to XB1

    Xbox One Slim Microsoft's Secret Weapon For E3 2015

    INTERVIEW WITH DEVELOPER David Jiménez FROM 2Awesome Studio

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