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    What Is the Second Coming?

    in Spirituality

    Christ's Second Coming, which is sure as God, is merely the correction of mistakes, and the return of sanity. It is a part of the condition that restores the never lost, and re-establishes what is forever and forever true.

    Pray that the Second Coming will be soon, but do not rest with that. It needs your eyes and ears and hands and feet.It needs your voice. And most of all it needs your willingness. Let us rejoice that we can do God's Will, and join together in its holy light. Behold, the Son of God is one in us, and we can reach our Father's Love through Him.

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    The book of revelation, the second coming of Christ

    in Religion

    Author Larry Toombs will be teaching out of book if the Holy bible called revelation. Apostle John prophesied these things would cone to pass after he saw Jesus on an island and being in good spirits that day. He said he saw a door in a heaven that contained 7 seals. He also said I saw an Angel coming down from the having the key to the Abyss and holding in his hand a great chain. On the 1st coming of Christ God sentenced Lucifer to be chained up for 1000 years. The righteous reigned in Heaven with Christ for 1000 years. Revelation 20:5 The rest of the dead did not come to life for 1000 years. God loosed Satan After 1000 years and he reigned on earth with the sinners who did not survive the first coming of Christ to complete the war called Armageddon. Whoever received the mark of the beast could not eat or go to heaven in the second coming of Christ. Revelation 20:13 revealed and the sea gave up the dead which were in it and death hell delivered up the dead which were in it.

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    in Sports

    KEVIN NEWMAN II, "THE SECOND COMING" WILL BE JOINING ME N THE RING TODAY,WE''LL BE DISCUSSING BOXING,HIS CAREER, HIS LIFE,Las Vegas resident Kevin Newman II possess the Mayweather pedigree of success embedded deep within!!!! TEAM MAYWEATHER


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    The Second Coming Of Jesus

    in Christianity

    Tonight we will be looking at and studying the second coming of jesus plus we have live music

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    Obama to decide 'soon' on sending weapons to Ukraine (Second Coming Watch #589)

    in News

    1. U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said on Thursday that President Barack Obama will decide soon whether to provide Kiev with lethal weapons to fight separatists in east Ukraine but added that Washington prefers a diplomatic solution. 

    2. A United Nations watchdog says that ISIS militants are selling abducted Iraqi children at markets as sex slaves, and killing other youth, including by crucifixion or burying them alive. 

    3. The brutal killing of a Jordanian pilot captured by the Islamic State has sent shock waves through the Arab world and galvanized support for a forceful response to the militants.

    4. Russia’s Foreign Ministry spokesman said that Moscow would see any decision by the United States to give Ukraine lethal weapons as a threat to Russia’s security.

    5. Hundreds of Christian protesters clashed with police in Delhi as they pressed demands for government protection amid concern about rising intolerance after a series of attacks on churches. 

    You can read these stories in more detail and get more prophecy-related news at SecondComingHerald.com.

    The prophetic passage of Scripture we are looking at today is Leviticus 23:37 which reads: "These are the feasts of the Lord, which ye shall proclaim to be holy convocations, to offer an offering made by fire unto the Lord, a burnt offering, and a meat offering, a sacrifice, and drink offerings, every thing upon his day."

    Our second coming quote for today is from Frederic Godet. He said, "The Lord's Supper is a link between the Lord's First Coming and His Second Coming."

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    Coming Apocalypse

    in Current Events

    United States Sec. of Defense Ash Carter has just announced the deployment of Tanks, Heavy Weapons, and 5,000 US Soldiers to 6 Eurpoean Nations along the Russian Border. Also Russia has just deployed Advanced aerial weapon systems to the Arctic near the border of Alaska. Also Tornados tear things up in the Midwest portion of the United States. Also a powerful 6.3 earthquake hits Japan and shakes up Fukushima. Also ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) is turning the Tomb of Jonah the Prophet into a "FUN PARK" in Iraq as they continue to destroy the nations of Iraq and Syria. Also Ebola returns to Sierra Leone capital as the plague continues. Also 18 people have died in South Sudan in the last 3 weeks from Cholera. Also reports are coming out of the Vatican that Pope Francis may have compared the Bible to the Koran as being the same, but we are trying to completly verify that  info. These and much more current news events along with bible prophecy and the powerful Word of God. Your Host Pastor Paul Begley of Indiana. 

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    Coming Apocalypse

    in Current Events

    Pastor Paul Begley will have "Country Gospel Artist" Kevin Wilson from London, KY on live to discuss and listen to some of his music unto the Lord. Also Pope Francis and the Vatican are about to launch thier "Global Message" to the World as the Pope prepares to come to America. Also Alaska is "On Fire" as thousands of people are being evacuated as thousands of acres of forrest is burning in huge flames. Also Texas under water as Tropical Storm Bill comes ashore bringing 8 more inches of rain on Texas and Oklahoma. Also Al-Qaida's number 2 Leader has been killed by a drone strike by the United States. Also according to NASA thousands of Asteriods are coming toward the Earth. These and much more current news events along with bible prophecy and powerful Word of God. 

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    Coming Apocalypse

    in Current Events

    Avi Lipkin tells a crowd at a mega church in San Deigo California that Muslim spies infilttrated every church in America to prepare for the coming "jihad" in America. Also Tropical Storm Bill crashing into Texas as flood waters rise. Also Floods in Indiana and Oklahoma, and other states as the rains keep falling in the heartland of America. Also Donald Trump announces his run for President of the United States of America. In Georgian Flood and "Apocalyptic Plague" has come as now 16 people have died as the latest victim was killed by a lion that escaped from the Zoo. Also a "Mega Earthquake" 7.0 hits the Mid Atlantic Ridge with Tsunami potential. Also in Middle East News Palestine Government will resign in 24 hours as the Hamas and President Abbas can no longer agree after 1 year. Also these and much more current news events along with bible prophecy and the Powerful Word of God. Your Host Pastor Paul Begley of Indiana. 

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    Our One Identity: the Second Coming of Christ with A Course in Miracles

    in Self Help

    When you look at the world what do you see? Do you see a world united or divided? Of one Mind or many and separate minds? Of one Will or separate wills? There are only two ways to see the world: through the eyes of fear that show us separation or through those of love that show us oneness in Identity.

    Today, with Eloisa Ramos, we make a choice for Love and forgiveness; discovering inner peace and witnessing to the healing to our mind and the world.

    With the guidance of Lessons 301 to 310 we offer our willingness to “let forgiveness rest upon all things without exception and without reserve” recognizing our equality and inviting the Second Coming, which corrects all mistakes and ends the lessons that the Holy Spirit teaches.

    The Second Coming signals the end to our journey without distance since it is part of “the condition that restores the never lost, and re-establishes what is forever and forever true.” Pg. 449 Lessons. We come full circle to the return of sanity and our one Identity in Christ.  

    Lesson 304, “Perception is a mirror, not a fact. And what I look on is my state of mind, reflected outward. I would bless the world by looking on it through the eyes of Christ. And I will look upon the certain signs that all my sins have been forgiven me.”

    For more information about Eloisa Ramos, her book Beyond Self-esteem: Discovering Your Boundless Self-worth, EFT and to download a free flowchart of the Ramos Clearing Technique; visit www.healing-with-eft.com

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    The Second Coming of Jesus Christ!

    in Spirituality


    Inner: Situated inside or further in; internal, Healing: To ease or relieve (emotional distress), Spiritual: Of or pertaining to the spirit or the soul, Transformation: Change in form, appearance, nature, or character.

    You may call into a live program or schedule private time with us for prophetic consultation at (760) 951 9484 or email us at propheticnetworks1@gmail.com to discuss your situation and opportunity.

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    Exclusive interviews with recording artists, open discussions on numerous topics for those 50 and over regarding business, health, hair, fitness, music, dance, Lifestyles, and much more. Join us each and every Sunday at 7:00PM for an hour long show of news you can use. "STOP LISTEN AND LEARN" 50+The Second Half~It's Our Time Blog Talk Radio

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