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    All About Life Show

    in Self Help

    Join us for a conversation with Dr. Umar Johnson where we will be disccussing the topic of Special Education to Prison Pipeline. This show promises to be phenomenal!

  • 01:31

    WIIM Radio: Season Autopsy Edition

    in Hockey

    The Wings' season is over, but there's still plenty left to talk about on our latest episode of WIIM Radio. Join along as me, Graham, and Kyle break things down while Michelle joins in to edify your asses on the lads in the pipeline. Here's what we got up to.

    The Red Wings are Done - What doomed the Wings this season and into the playoffs? How much of it was just bad luck versus how much of it was stuff they did wrong all season long?
    How to Right the Ship - Fixing the power play (including dealing with Abdelkader), time to stop "playing safe" and playing the damn kids for better or worse.
    Making the Moves - Ken Holland talks about getting more aggressive with trades. We take a look at some names out there and some potential trade destinations for Jimmy Howard.
    Prospects Report - With the Griffins still alive, Michelle runs us down the Griffins as they get ready for their 2nd round series against Lake Erie in the Calder Cup playoffs.
    Reader Questions - Y'all didn't get any FMKs or duck/Tangradi questions, so Kyle and Graham had a great time while I suffered through hosting this portion. Thanks a lot. 
    The Rest of the Playoffs - Who do we hate the least who's left. Find out!

    - - -

    WIIM Radio is rated R for language and horse whispering.

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    Educator and Advisor Work Together

    in Education

    We will talk with Malcolm Shabazz Hoover to explain to us how he witnesses the juvenile justice system creating a constant flow of prime working age young men and women being funnelled into the adult system of recidivism and imprisonment that will pigeon hole many into a life of little satisfaction and no accomplishment. We will intersperse information about this system and it's affect on the educational system as well as the students who strive to attain an education without getting caught up in "the life".

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    Mothers Saving Our Sons

    in US Government

    Mothers Saving Our Sons is a Call to Action campaign aimed to empower mothers to use their collective power to change situations and circumstances contributing to the negative outcomes of their sons. We endeavor to engage communities and provoke government response to end the prison pipeline, severe and unfair sentencing from the war on drugs, gang violence/death, police brutality, and discrimination against ex-offenders re-integrating into society.

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    Navigating through the marketing technology jungle

    in Marketing

    Is identifying the right technology solutions to help accomplish your marketing objectives like walking through a jungle? Are you integrating technology solutions that streamlines marketing processes? Selecting marketing technology isn’t a “one size fits all” solution; but managing a mix of marketing technology tools proves an ongoing challenge for modern Marketers.  “Will the software integrate easily? Am I paying for duplicate functionality from multiple vendors?” are issues marketers need to address.


    Navigating the Marketing ‘Stack’


    Navigating the Changing Marketing Landscape


  • 02:02

    Congratulations! Your 401K just built another Private Prison

    in Politics Progressive

    Join us on The Smoking Glass Hour with Baron Glass

    Monday, April 25 2016 at 7:30 PM CST

    Guest: Mr. Aaron Hopkins

    Topic: Congratulations! Your 401K just built another Private Prison

    Where: www.thesmokingglasshour.com

    Call In Number:  773-897-6398

    What is your role in the school to prison pipeline? 99% of people don't even know that a % of their 401k is going to private prisons.

  • 01:11

    In the"BULLPEN" with Dr. T

    in Youth

    Last April, the Center for Public Integrity published an investigation identifying Virginia as having the top rate of public school referrals of students to law enforcement agencies.  Virginia Delegate Jennifer McClellan sponsored Virginia House Bill 487 seeking to redefine the roles of School Resource Officers, particularly their role in school discipline issues.      

    This week Delegate McClellan Joins Dr. T in the "BULLPEN" to discuss the contents of the bill, its implications for school resource officers and how the role of school administrators will be impacted.                  





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    Pipeline Risk Management, Mortgage Professional's Handbook - Dean, CEO of MCM

    in Finance

    It’s called the NEW STANDARD INDUSTRY REFERENCE.  Three volumes of the first ever published book entitled “The Mortgage Professional’s Handbook.  It’s the first resource since the meltdown that discusses every aspect of the business from production, secondary marketing, operations, compliance, technology and finance.

    Dean Brown, Founder & CEO of Mortgage Capital Management and also one of the authors who wrote the chapter in regard to pipeline risk management joins the podcast to discuss the book and managing pipeline risk.

    Since 1994, MCM has helped mortgage bankers maximize profitability, decrease earnings volatility and powerfully manage their risks through their unique pipeline and interest rate risk management services and tools. 

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    Former Senior Policy Advisor at US Dept. of Education Karen Gross

    in Education

    The Total Tutor Neil Haley will interview Former Senior Policy Advisor at US Dept. of Education Karen Gross.

    Karen Gross has taught and continues to teach across the educational pipeline.  In spring 2016, she will be teaching at Bennington College in Vermont.  She writes, consults and advises on how to improve student success and has a forthcoming book from Columbia University Teachers College Press titled Shoulders to Lean On (Publication date: 2016) on this very topic.  A former college president and Senior Advisor to the U.S. Department of Education, she currently serves as Senior Counsel to Widmeyer Communications, a Finn Partners Company, and as an Affiliate to the Penn Center for MSI’s at the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education. She blogs/writes for many education outlets including Huff Po, WPo, InsideHigherEd, Unplugged, DiverseEducation, Evollution, NAIS, and CollegeAD.

    Karen is proud that two high school seniors at the Emma Willard School have so ably illustrated the Lady Lucy story.  The book and the process of its creation provide a concrete example of the kind of deep collaboration that can occur in education, where the teacher is a learner, and the learners are teachers.  The illustrations, led by Lindsey Slaughter, a gifted art teacher, have made Lady Lucy and the story come alive.  The author and the two illustrators and their teacher see Lady Lucy as a symbol of the power of the possible that rests within all of us.

    Based on the true life of Lady Lucy Duff-Gordon, a leading 19th century fashion designer and survivor of the Titanic, Lady Lucy’s Quest brings vigor to the spirit of young girls everywhere. The illustrations contributed by high school students Ji Woo Jasmine Shin and So Young Jang, also shed light on the importance of empowering female youth.

  • 02:00

    The Branden Johnson Show: Gumbo Mix

    in Education

    Collette from the Women's Circle has collaborated with us at the Gumbo Mix. We tag team on the topic of School to Prison Pipeline. We have a special guest professor on the show planned to give us as citizens the basis for this practice. You and I will learn more in depth how our communities are impacted by these privatized prison builders taking advantage of our young people. This episode will also provide you with options to break the cycle of your child following the path toward prison as early as elementary school. 

  • 00:39

    When Dreams Die Young: Stop Youth in Engaging in Gun Violence

    in Youth

    Our guest and author, Robert Batista will share his passion and journey to curb and stop gun violence through his writing and novellas called Street Angel and The City Game. He will talk about the “iron pipeline” and the collateral impact of gun violence. Gun violence is not the answer to disputes, disagreements and differences. Robert will discuss non-violent approaches to dealing with these differences and share his stories.

    Robert Batista grew up in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. After attending Brooklyn College, he enlisted in the U.S. Air Force. While stationed at Edwards Air Force Base in Southern California, he began his writing career; first with poetry, then short stories.

    In 1992 he founded Word Is Bond Press and began writing and publishing positive, uplifting stories for teenagers and young adults. His books ‘The City Game’, ‘Street Angel’, and ‘Brooklyn Story’ were picked up by the NYC Department Of Education, and Robert’s powerful message of self-determination and non-violence is now required reading in schools throughout the country. He is currently working on his new young adult novel, ‘Crisis At Central High’.

    More Information:  Robert Batista,  The Street Angel Project, The Funky Writer, The Funk Soul Cafe, Twitter