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    Hoodtunesradio: The weather is nice!!!

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    start this sweet weekend off with hoodtunesradio...the spot before the spot...club before the club...your card playin' dj fo' the night...hosted by emaxxtheemijj from 8-10pm... 646-478-0944 is the number to call in live...press 1 to talk... rock city goin' in

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    eugenes corner

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    Contemporary music and weather.

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    Tonight is a special thirty minute broadcast with detailed information concerning the four judgments that will be released against the United States. There is a fifth judgment that will complete the cycle. You must be prepared! 

    Our Father in heaven is about to do a favor for the Christians in America. Please share this message with everyone you love and care about. Let righteousness rain down from above and enter into the hearts of a remnant who will be able to stand in the midst of the judgments being released. 

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    OFF THE CUFF RADIO(Breaking the Ice)

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    The Weather is breaking and the ladies(judging from my timeline) are out there looking fly out chea! On the next show of Off the Cuff radio, We're gonna tackle the Art of the Approach when it comes women and why Women should approach men too. Is it still effective or has technology ruined the total interaction all together.

    We're gonna discuss What to do, What definitely NOT to do, How to bounce back from getting dissed. We're gonna cover different aspects of the spectrum and how to keep it P.I. at all times.

    We're also gonna discuss Plies getting Brock Lesnared off the stage, Big Sean disgracing Detroit, and the latest between Hip Hop's beef between the Rico and Goldust of hip hop(Young Thug and Lil Wayne) along with dropping exclusives so tune in on Friday April 17th at 9 PM. I'll have the link up in a day or two so BREHS and BREHETTES definitely tune in.

    Also be sure to tune in to Brian Trust Tee The Shoutout Show 


    Call in Number is 914) 338-1628

    Its gonna be a fun show!


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    eugenes corner

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    Contemporary music and weather.

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    The Chat with Charity Show- "Hey Hey, Its Your Girl Charity"

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    The Chat with Charity Show aires every Thursday Night from 7pm -8pm.

    This show is hosted by the youngest person in the biz."CHARITY"


    Spring Break is over, back to school...
    Sports Talk Time...
    Whats Crazy? Weather, Sleep is Needed, Robberies are back,Shooting are back and its not even summer yet,

    You can also win prizes as well so call in 347-355-8032

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    eugenes corner

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    Contemporary music and weather.

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    Drama Free Thursday April 16th, 2015 ft Leonard Bryant

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    No Drama, No Stress! Majorr Tee & Sister Betty prepare for Friday by releasing all that anxiety and tension this morning on the MTMS!

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    WOVE (Women of Vision and Excellence), Travel, Fitness and Kush Kumedy Kafe

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    Sabrina has a fun filled show with many special guest. Sabrina and Kyle Kurt Fogle continue to discuss what are the benefits of jump rope, jumping jacks and the best ab workouts.  8:15pm Kush Kumedy Kafe, Rachel Fogletto is a stand-up comedian local to philadelphia who is known for her raw and unapologetic material that dips into everything from unnerving sexual encounters to the brazenly confronting the absurdity of controversial issues  with her unique style of dry-dark humor. 1030pm HereToMeet.com aims to give people a safe, easy and real way to meet others while traveling. Weather it's business or please, "We Make Traveling Social".

    The best highlight of the show is WOVE stands for Women of Vision and Excellence. It is our mission to encourage, uplift, and inspire women to become all God predestined them to be. Its starts with restoration! God’s Word says in Isaiah 54:4 that because of Him we no longer have to be afraid, feel ashamed or humiliated because of mistakes in our past. God wants us to be restored, leaving behind the hurt and pain cause by others so that we are able to fulfill our preordained purposes in life.

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    MoneyOverZombie Presents: Friendly Group Chat!

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    Episode #1

    Friendly Group Chat is a half hour hip-hop show about exactly that- friendships, family, and f^@%ery!

    Tune in as we talk about an array of topics from the LASTEST entertainment news, the HOTTEST word on the street, and the you just might get a weather report here and there.

    In conjuction with "Bless Set Radio", a monthly, hip-hop group-based, internet radio stream on soundcloud hosted by MoneyOverZombie, Friendly Group Chat will follow along the same structure.

    Follow us on Instagram/Tumblr/Soundcloud for updates and news on what's going on with the ILLEST $#!T OUT ON THE STREETS FAM!

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    Community Stories: Wolves & Wolfdogs Living through Natural Disasters

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    Wolfdog Radio: Your Voice, Your Time would like to thank everyone in the Wolfdog Community for rallying together and donating to Summerfield Farm and Zoo to assist them in rebuilding after they were brutally hit by a severe storm and tornado.

    Last episode we aired a special segment to bring awareness to this devastating event and made a promise to Rick Anderson and his family that Wolfdog Radio: Your Voice, Your Time would continue to do whatever we can to raise money and generate supplies to help restore Summerfield Farm and Zoo as quickly as possible.

    With that in mind, Wolfdog Radio: Your Voice, Your Time will host another special show on "Wolves & Wolfdogs Living through Natural Disasters" as a way of further honoring this promise.

    On this episode, we will focus on weather disasters and how they have affected our lives and the lives of our animals. We want to hear from you, the community, and welcome all to call in and share your stories. Among others, we will have Jerry Mills, who has lived through some of the worst hurricanes of our time. Jerry will discuss the effect this has had on his family, animals, and what it is like to have to rebuild from the ground up. Also, John Waller, our friend across the pond, will join us to share his experiences and how they've affected and changed his life.

    To donate now to Summerfield Farm and Zoo, please go to: http://www.gofundme.com/rj3k9xc

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