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    The Loose Screws: Apologetics Gone Wild

    in Education

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    This show is dedicated to the more unusual, bizarre, weird, wild, and often jaw-droppingly offensive apologetics defenses of religious beliefs.  What's most surprising is that many making these claims aren't actually deviating very far from the edicts of their various religions and holy texts.  

    Steve Shives' YouTube page:  https://www.youtube.com/user/stevelikes2curse

    Steve and Stuffy Burn In Hell:  https://youtu.be/_wYzh7WGxCA

    God of Evolution article: "Theory of Evolution Disproven by Video Posted on Facebook"  http://www.godofevolution.com/theory-of-evolution-disproven-by-video-posted-on-facebook/

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    in Lifestyle

    WEDNESDAY,  May 01st, 2013-  TONIGHT keep in step with our HUMP DAY THEME drilldown on the subject of SWINGING with our SPECIAL GUEST, LOOSE SCREWS. In less than 3 weeks, LOOSE SCREWS have secured over 450,000 views on youtube with the smash single "I'M A STAR". What is swinging? We will discuss that this evening and a whole lot more. Call in, share insight or your experience surrounding the topic. Dial 917.889.3926 to join the discussion and comment LIVE. Real talk. Real People. Real Times. We are TM Hyman Radio!

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    America's Next Top Model' Cycle 22 Prediction: Who Will Be Sent Home in Week 12?

    in Pop Culture

    The competition has dwindled down to the top five, and the "Fab Five" are fierce. With a frontrunner falling to the back of the pack, nothing is certain. Think you know who's going home next? With the not so congenial Hadassah out of the picture, find out who we think will be eliminated next.

    The Guys

    Mikey is on fire, and I don't just mean when he pees. Mame barely edged him out for best photo. His biggest weakness is the ladies, but his determination to get laid on a regular basis doesn't seem to be having a negative impact on his performance. 

    Nyle has performed better than Devin overall, but the judges obviously see something in Devin despite those freaking eyebrows. Devin is weird enough to be fashion friendly while Nyle's more relatable good looks may wind up working against him. I feel confident a guy is going to get cut this week, so unless Mikey really screws the pooch, either Devin or Nyle is going home.

    America's Next Top Model Winners: Where are They Now?

    The Girls

    Mame has been nipping at Lacey's heels the whole competition, and she's finally starting to pull ahead. If Lacey can't regain her confidence though, the finale could be a Mame-Mikey showdown. 

    Both girls are undeniably gorgeous, so it's just going to come down to winning challenges and working the poses. This should be a dogfight right up until the end.

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    Daily Gogetemism #112 Like Your Head Screws On And Off

    in Lifestyle

    This show willl be about people who tell outlandish lies that sound ridiculous but the tell the stories like you're really gonna believe that crap! Do they think your head screws on and off?

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    Episode 9: Loose Screws & Bees Knees

    in Entertainment

    Listen in on the only episodic podcast on blogtalkradio.com. Each week Max Holiday, Superbad and Johnny Draven bring you their opinions on everything from Pro Wrestling, Pop Culture, Your Mother and . They even enjoy live music and fighting with you. Loos Screws comes to drop some cranked up music on those noggins. Tune in for  an eargasmic 

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    Loose Screws Stop by Conversations LIVE

    in Music

    Host Cyrus Webb welcomes the members of Loose Screws (Bri-z-ana, Freeze and Tannerman) to Conversations LIVE to discuss their love of music and the single I'M A STAR.

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    Home Free | Build DIY skills | Mike Holmes Jr., crown molding, tools, more

    in Design

    Bring your DIY up a notch or 90 with Mike Holmes Jr. from Fox's Home Free.

    Mike joins us on the show to give us a behind the scenes peek at Home Free on Fox and rocks out some tips for crushing your next DIY project---safe and smart.

    From the elusive art of coping crown molding to the fine line between caution and bravado when it comes to revving up a table or miter saw, we'll talk tools and techniques.

    And we'll get into it from the ground up and ask Mike Holmes Jr. about learning his trade, taking on huge projects well outside his comfort zone and see if we can shake loose one of those rare moments where work reflects life and life reflects work. The Home Free Drill-Down test is on with Mike Holmes Jr.

    Watch this episode on YouTube, listen on BlogTalkRadio or do both right here!

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    ChabDog and Stephanie Brackett sit in on the Wed. 9-16 Republican Pres Debate

    in Sports

    Can Trump get another bump in the polls?
    Will Jeb come out of hiding?
    Has Chris lost any weight on the campaign trail?
    Can Bobby gin up any more support?
    Are the odds truly stacked against Pataki?
    Will Ben Carsons change his name to more Bubba-friendly Benny Parsons?
    Will JIm Gilmore's candidacy be sentenced to death?
    Can anyone find a place for Marco Polo Rubio?
    Is John Kasich sufficiently "jacked" up?
    Is Carly about as obsolete to this race as the typical HP device?
    Will political reality finally put the screws to Cruz.
    Maybe Ru or Ron should stand in for Rand Paul.
    Are the adventures of Mike Huckabee as a Pres candidate finally Finnished.

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    BTR screws up again

    in Politics

    Last night I programed a show and forgot to check the date.It seems BTR charged me for a whole segment when I only did 15 minutes of air time.As many of you know,sometimes the show get's great and we want to do another hour.
    Something told me to do only 15 minutes that way I'd have an hour and forty five minutes.WRONG I couldn't get in,so now you don't even get what you paid for.
    It's open conversation,and we'll talk about many issues tonight.

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    More of the Same . . . Less of what we Need!

    in Politics

    SCOTUS Screws us again!  We are now forever stuck without healthcare in the US.  

    More on the banning of the Confederate Flag - The over the top rhetoric has now hit an all new high!

    SWAT raids home to check if residents have gas and electricity - shoot their dog.

    Shona Banda Now Faces Decades in Prison Because She Used Cannabis Oil to cure her Crohn's Disease

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    Wisdom From The Man of God Apostle Edward Jones

    in Christianity

    Edward Jones is an American apostle called to serve God in 1998. A father to 7 children Brittany, Autumn, Cierra, Keith, Joshua, Capria, Jessica, and a husband to one wife, Prophetess Deshauna Jones. He accepted his call in the latter part of 1999. He gave his life to Christ under the ministry of Pastors Frank and Nancy Ward of the Power of Prayer Cathedreal Ministries of St. Louis, MO. Edward began preaching with an emphasis on the prophetic and soon found himself ministering late nights in both St. Louis, MO and Brooklyn, Il streets. He and his fellow servant Aundray Williams preached tirelessly beginning at midnight each Friday in some of the roughest parts of the aformentioned cities. Together and through the power of the Holy Ghost, they saw many lives saved, demons cast out and one of the most notorious drug abusers finally give her life to Christ.

     He began to look at his life and see God's hand had been protecting him. At one point he thought he was invincible, even untouchable. That same day he had a head on collission and woke up mangled behind the steering wheel. His arm was broken in three places and doctors gave the news that he would never have full mobility or range of motion and suggested an operation involving screws and bolts. He was uninsured and in dismay at what he would become. In subsequent days and months he began to pray and found God to be a healer.  Today and since those dark days in the late 90's Apostle Edward Jones has learned that God is a healer, a way maker, a deliverer, married to the backslider, and a a rewarder of those who diligently seek him! Considering the state of affairs in todays world one may ask “Is there any Power?” The response is YES, and God is that Power!Click for Android App here  Sponsored by http://opportunityknocks.paycationpro.com/