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    Episode 9: Loose Screws & Bees Knees

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    Listen in on the only episodic podcast on blogtalkradio.com. Each week Max Holiday, Superbad and Johnny Draven bring you their opinions on everything from Pro Wrestling, Pop Culture, Your Mother and . They even enjoy live music and fighting with you. Loos Screws comes to drop some cranked up music on those noggins. Tune in for  an eargasmic 

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    WEDNESDAY,  May 01st, 2013-  TONIGHT keep in step with our HUMP DAY THEME drilldown on the subject of SWINGING with our SPECIAL GUEST, LOOSE SCREWS. In less than 3 weeks, LOOSE SCREWS have secured over 450,000 views on youtube with the smash single "I'M A STAR". What is swinging? We will discuss that this evening and a whole lot more. Call in, share insight or your experience surrounding the topic. Dial 917.889.3926 to join the discussion and comment LIVE. Real talk. Real People. Real Times. We are TM Hyman Radio!

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    BTR screws up again

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    Last night I programed a show and forgot to check the date.It seems BTR charged me for a whole segment when I only did 15 minutes of air time.As many of you know,sometimes the show get's great and we want to do another hour.
    Something told me to do only 15 minutes that way I'd have an hour and forty five minutes.WRONG I couldn't get in,so now you don't even get what you paid for.
    It's open conversation,and we'll talk about many issues tonight.

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    Loose Screws Stop by Conversations LIVE

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    Host Cyrus Webb welcomes the members of Loose Screws (Bri-z-ana, Freeze and Tannerman) to Conversations LIVE to discuss their love of music and the single I'M A STAR.

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    Hard Starboard Radio: War Is Coming

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    The survey data are clear: There is a patriotism gap between Right and Left; Barack Obama even emasculates Democrat senators; FCC chair refuses to testify before Congress ahead of net neutrality vote; Accusing Scott Walker of winking insidious messages, Dana Milbank shows his frustration at the disciplining effect of Walk's no-response response - and, you know, being named "Dana"; Obama's surrender to Iranian nukes is sparking an appeasement bidding war with other communist dictatorships for the good graces of the craziest regime on Earth; Unless the Obama White House makes dramatic changes to policy - which it won't - America will end up in a war soon; and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell retreats into his shell.


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    Talking In Circles: David Ragan to Joe Gibbs Racing, Nemechek to Front Row

    in Sports

    Tonight on Talking in Circles: Front Row Motorsports driver David Ragan is going to Joe Gibbs Racing for the immediate future. Ragan will be in the car this weekend at Atlanta Motor Speedway. He was chosen over Erik Jones and Matt Crafton. Jones will drive No. 54 car NXS car for JGR. Do we see Jones? Is Ford right in letting him do this? Is FRM right? 

    Joe Nemechek will replace Ragan at Front Row Motorsports for this weekend at Atlanta Motor Speedway. No word on the driver past Atlanta Motor Speedway for the No. 34. 

    Also Regan Smith will drive the No. 41 Chevrolet this weekend at Atlanta Motor Speedway. No word on future past Atlanta. 

    John Harlow from BeyondTheFlag.com joins the show to add his opinions to the week's events. 

    Derrike Cope and Tanner Berryhill complained about the qualifying at Daytona and saying that it hurt the small teams on the plate tracks. Is single car runs the only solution? 

    Davey Allison would have been 54 years old today. If he were still alive today, How would the sport be changed? 

    Danica Patrick's penalty. Written warning?

    Dash4Cash is back. Cool deal? Wish we saw something like this in Cup? 

    Truck penalty. 20 and 29 trucks had loose screws. 

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    International Builders' Show trends

    in Design

    Live from the International Builders' Show, we're talking trends from the Spax booth. Join us.

    It's not every day we get to find out innovations in the building industry, so we're like kids in the candy store when it comes to our annual pilgrimage to the International Builders' Show in Vegas. And we're not alone geeking out on tools, gear, and more. There were an estimated 160,000 other building geeks with us.

    And we were lucky enough to hang out with our friends at Spax to talk with some of the most acclaimed trendsetters and trend-finders. Guests on this episode include Anthony Carrino from HGTV's Cousins Undercover, Karman Hotchkiss from Better Homes & Gardens, President of Spax Eric Rohrschneider, Phil Moore from Spax, and fastener artist Andrew Myers.

    Spax makes the kind of screws that, once you've used them, you'll wonder why you haven't been using them all along. From small DIY projects to remodeling, decks to pergolas to retaining walls, Spax serrated tip construction screws and PowerLags are awesome accessories for everything from weekend work to full-tilt-boogie job site production.

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    Getting Hammered with Steve Hamilton and Stevie J West - Jan 30, 2015

    in Politics Conservative

    It's Friday night, and of course, that means, Live from the AltCon Studios at Casa de Hammy...we are Getting Hammered!!  Tonight, Stevie J West is out sick so Jodi and Di, two of the lovely ladies from The Red Whine Show here on AltConRadio, have agreed, under much duress, to join me as co-hosts for tonight’s show.  Good for you, bad for them (I owe them BIG time for this). 

    So, what we learned this week: The Taliban not terrorists (apparently), Bergdahl not a deserter (apparently), Romney is not gonna be president (apparently), and the Jordanians are (apparently) the only country that actually knows how to "negotiate" with terrorists.  Plus, we'll talk about the 1rst amendment, yeah, the "establishment" clause part, the part everybody screws up? You know the one, should be, um, interesting :)

    So grab a cold one and join us at the bar...it's Friday Night and we are Getting Hammered!


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    Friday Night Joy With Rev. Ray:Presents Apostle Edward Jones

    in Christianity

    Edward Jones is an American apostle called to serve God in 1998. A father to 7 children Brittany, Autumn, Cierra, Keith, Joshua, Capria, Jessica, and a husband to one wife, Prophetess Deshauna Jones. He accepted his call in the latter part of 1999. He gave his life to Christ under the ministry of Pastors Frank and Nancy Ward of the Power of Prayer Cathedreal Ministries of St. Louis, MO. Edward began preaching with an emphasis on the prophetic and soon found himself ministering late nights in both St. Louis, MO and Brooklyn, Il streets. He and his fellow servant Aundray Williams preached tirelessly beginning at midnight each Friday in some of the roughest parts of the aformentioned cities. Together and through the power of the Holy Ghost, they saw many lives saved, demons cast out and one of the most notorious drug abusers finally give her life to Christ.

     He began to look at his life and see God's hand had been protecting him. At one point he thought he was invincible, even untouchable. That same day he had a head on collission and woke up mangled behind the steering wheel. His arm was broken in three places and doctors gave the news that he would never have full mobility or range of motion and suggested an operation involving screws and bolts. He was uninsured and in dismay at what he would become. In subsequent days and months he began to pray and found God to be a healer.  Today and since those dark days in the late 90's Apostle Edward Jones has learned that God is a healer, a way maker, a deliverer, married to the backslider, and a a rewarder of those who diligently seek him! Considering the state of affairs in todays world one may ask “Is there any Power?” The response is YES, and God is that Power! Click for Android App here

  • Cuba, Hillary, and the Interview

    in Politics Conservative

    President Obama give gift to Castro and screws the Cuban people. Hillary Clinton "ain;t no ways tires!" #blacklivesmatter. Sony decided not to release the movie "The Interview" in theaters due to threats from hackers.

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    "Loose Screws" and Quatte F

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    Hailing from Muncie, IN, this rap trio brings forth a refreshingly energetic sound to music. With no intention of being boxed into one genre, Freeze and TannerMan have managed to infuse hip hop with both rock n’ roll and pop influences while delivering vicious verses. Bri-Z-ana, the songstress of the three, provides the refreshing vocals, which gives us a pleasant break in the energy the guys effortlessly bring to each track.   Ranging in age from 18-21, this young group of vibrant lyricists has been rocking together since September 2011. They all agree that a new sound is what they desired as neither of them is moved by just one style. “Whenever I see or hear something creative, something people wouldn’t bother to look at, I’m thinking, ‘how can I bring that into my music,’” says Freeze.Listen Live to their hot new single "I'm a Star" Follow them on Twitter @LooseScrews_ to keep up with their day-to-day dealings. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B9LYgk83DhY   Timothy Mooring A.K.A [Quatte F] I use to belong to an organization called “STRICKLY STREET ENTERTAINMENT” which is now called R.O.C ENTERTAINMENT from New Jersey with a very unique style of rapping and singing. Tagg.com,Myspace.com Adultspace.com and Make It Or Break It Quattef.com the name to search is Quatte f. I have several recordings of material that’s created by me. In his own words Follow him on twitter @Quatte. Don't miss the show, New music  ,New sounds. Gsnaps Radio

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