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    Debunker Boys with Eric Vernor (Corvis Nocturnum)

    in Paranormal

    On this Episode of the Debunker Boys, we are joined by Eric Vernor (A.k.a.) Corvis Nocturnum!! 

    Eric Vernor (A.K.A.) Corvis Nocturnum is an author, publisher and lecturer who has written over two dozen books on popular culture. The content ranges from vampires and zombies to the Devil and the occult. He has also been a consultant for A&E Channel’s Paranormal State. He has appeared as a guest speaker at Dragon Con, Scarefest, Parafest and interviewed on the BET Channel’s The Lexi Show episode “The Church of Satan”. He was also interviewed in an October 2009Penthouse Magazine article on sex and Satanism.

    He is also an artist who lectures, at conventions and universities, on other subjects such as secret societies, Goth culture and does his best to debunk the many myths and stereotypes prevalent about dark subcultures. He has been a staff writer for American Gothique e-zine, the founder of Dark Moon Press publishing, and owner of Dark Moon Productions. Teaming up with his fello executive producer, Kevin Eads as the series Eerie America: Travel Guide of the Macabre, based off the book from Schiffer Publishing.

    find out more about him at  www.corvisnocturnum.com

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    Eric Jerome Dickey on The Scribe Spot

    in Writing

    NY Times Bestselling Author, Eric Jerome Dickey appears on The Scribe Spot to discuss his new novel, The Blackbirds.

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    Guest:Irena Brignull/Screenwriter/The Little Prince/The Boxtrolls

    in Movies

    Irena Brignull is a screenwriter and novelist. Credits include the oscar nominated movie, The Boxtrolls, starring Ben Kingsley, Elle Fanning and Simon Pegg. Irena was nominated for Best Screenplay for The Boxtrolls at last year’s Annie Awards. Irena’s adaptation of The Little Prince, directed by Mark Osborne and starring Jeff Bridges, Rachel McAdams, James Franco and Marion Cotillard, closed the 2015 Cannes Film Festival Irena also adapated Skellig for Sky which starred Tim Roth, John Simm and Kelly MacDonald. Her first novel, The Hawkweed Prophecy, will be published in the summer of 2016. She is currently working on the sequel, out 2017. Previously, Irena Brignull was a Script Executive at the BBC and then Head of Development at Dogstar Films where she was the script editor on Shakespeare in Love, Captain Corelli’s Mandolin, I Capture The Castle and Bravo Two Zero to name a few. Irena Brignull holds an BA in English Literature from Oxford University. You can email your questions to 123filmeasy@gmail.com or follow us on Twitter @123Film 

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                      Get ready for some funk ya’ll!  Get ready to nod your head and stomp your feet.  There is so much music out there and it’s very possible that you have not heard some of these jams in a while, or often enough.  347-205-9366. Spinning your head in melody, rhythms and funk castles to move your nerves to a groove level.  Happiness you feel, when your soul is touched from the magic of the wheels of steel (mp3/wave style now via computer) of ERIC STANKFUNK MCALISTER!  347-205-9366.

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    The Eric Priest Show - Episode 39 - MDRF Actor Brian Reynolds

    in Current Events

    Greetings all,

    Monday night's show, features an in depth interview with MDRF (Maryland Renaissance Festival) actor Brian Reynolds. A very talented actor, who I also consider to be a friend. He most recently portrayed The Cardinal. Show starts at 7:30 pm Eastern time. During the show there will be an active chat box, for fans and friends to make comments or questions, Time permitting, and if applicable, I will happily share some of them on the air. after the show ends, it is saved as a podcast, which can be accessed anytime. 


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         Get your ears ready, and grab your favorite flava.  (Flavor for you IDK folks).  From the crates of funk, and days when turn tables were the only wheels you ever needed to get your groove on, here he comes!!!! E MACK!  Eric McAlister.  He will reach back to some super solids that are salads of soul with a super blend.  Mr. Pittsburgh himself - he's got the music dammit to make you appreciate whatever it is you are going through.  347-205-9366

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    Recycle America Radio w Eric and Jim

    in Current Events

    SPECIAL GUEST: Reverand Cook Of The Black Robe Regiment of Virginia, will be disucssing the Founding Fathers and the role the clergy held.  9am hour!!

    We bring you raw news with cutting edge dialogue between two Conservative American Citizens. We believe in American Exceptionalism, dreams, freedom and liberty. We believe corruption, deceit and lawlessness are destroying the foundation of the nation, deminishing our role in the world as a Super Power, and promoter of Freedom and Liberty. We need to strip away the corruption, deceit and lawlessness within America, just as a recycler strips away the old paint, rust from a piece of steel or a piece of furniture exposing the good metal / good wood, we must do the same, expose Americas exceptionalism. The founding fathers were not perfect men, they were exceptional men, promoting a selfless ideology, forming the foundation for Americas rise as a world Super Power. We desire the destruction of political correctness, lawlessness, and corruption within the 10 square miles of Evil, Washington D.C.

    We want politicians to push back on illegal immigration, gay marriage, racial warfare, social warfare and economic class warfare.

    We desire Freedom and Liberty to be espused from all political dialogue, citizens dreaming of legacies and independence from government over-reach / oversight. Thank you for spending a few hours a week with us.

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    Earth And Space Weather Ft. lester loving and Eric

    in Culture

    Tonight the Network is excited to have our science teacher back. Family Lester Loving shall freestyle. We don't have a requested topic.
    We, the Network, just want him to share. Also we have Ringingstonenetwork host Eric, who shall sit with Lester perform numbers translations.
    April 27, 2016 at 9 pm Eastern.
    Call in number 646 929 0691

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    Eric Fanning - Neal's Collision Center

    in Entrepreneur

    Host Kevin Willett is joined by Eric Fanning of Neal's Collision Center. Neal's Collision Center is a Full Service Automotive Center. For a Car, Truck, and SUV needs. Body damage and Paint, Brakes and Exhaust, Automotive Glass Replacement, Re-Conditioning, ect.

    Fiund out more about Neal's Collision Center by visiting their FaceBook Page at https://www.facebook.com/Neals-Collision-Center-Inc-86362642374

    To learn more about the Friends of Kevin Networking Group go to http://friendsofkevin.com/

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    Spend the Evening with Producer, Screenwriter, Novelist Doug Richardson

    in Entertainment

    Though Doug Richardson was born in Southern California, he grew up outside Sacramento and inside the state Capitol. He used to talk his way into then- Governor Ronald Reagan’s office, just to get a handful of jellybeans.

    Doug attended the University of Southern California’s School of Cinema. For as long as he could remember, Doug had wanted to be a movie director. But in pursuing his goal he discovered how movies are really made: in the writing.

    Doug’s first feature film, the sequel to DIE HARD, DIE HARDER, was produced in 1990. He has since written and produced feature films including the box office smash BAD BOYS, MONEY TRAIN, and HOSTAGE. His motion pictures have collectively grossed over a billion dollars in domestic and international revenue.

    In 1997, Doug’s debut novel, DARK HORSE, was published by Avon/Morrow in hardcover, followed two years later by his follow up, TRUE BELIEVERS. More recently, he’s returned to authoring the L.A. crime noir suspense thrillers 99 PERCENT KILL, THE SAFETY EXPERT, and BLOOD MONEY. In December 2015, he also published THE SMOKING GUN, the first in a collection of essays from his popular blog.

    Doug also manages his own website and widely read blog 

    Doug continues to write and develop for feature films and television.

    He lives in Southern California with his wife, two children and four mutts

    You can also follow Doug on Twitter