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    Legends of Tomorrow 1x13 - Leviathan | Review

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    SPOILERS/NSFW - DC on SCREEN #167 - Legends of Tomorrow 1x13 - Leviathan | Review - The team goes directly to 2166 to kill Savage as time has run out. Kendra recognizes the Egyptian bracelet she wore from her first death on the arm of one of Vandal’s female officers who turns out to be Cassandra Savage, Vandal’s daughter. The team joins local rebels, retrieve the bracelet, kidknap Cassandra, and turn her against her asshole dad using footage that seems unlikely to exist from a previous episode now reused as security footage. Rory and Kendra melt the bracelet down and coat Carter's mace so that it can be used to kill Savage. A giant robot attacks the rebel camp and the Waverider. Ray figures out how to grow his suit to fight the robot while the others go fight Savage. Kendra’s mace works, but Kendra refuses to kill Savage as the latest Carter shows up brainwashed by Savage (and only Savage holds the key to his mind).  So we leave the team aboard a damaged WaveRider with Vandal in tow

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    Arrow 4x19 - Canary Cry | Review

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    SPOILERS/NSFW - DC on SCREEN #166 - Arrow 4x19 - Canary Cry | Review - The team attempts to mourn Laurel's death as a new  Black Canary is seen stopping an illegal weapons exchange. Oliver discovers that someone took Laurel’s sonic device from the hospital. The imposter is Evelyn Sharp, a H.I.V.E. prisoner whom Oliver believed was with Darhk voluntarily. So more self-blame for Ollie. Captain Lance desperately looks for proof that Laurel is alive, then, when her death is absolutely proven,  for a way to resurrect Laurel, even calling Nyssa al Ghul for some Lazarus Pit assistance. Diggle, full of guilt over getting Laurel killed, goes after Darhk's wife, Ruvé Adams, but Oliver stops him from killing her (for some reason). Ruvé issues arrest warrants for all vigilantes. Sharp goes after Ruvé publicly, but Oliver is able to talk her out of killing her. At Laurel's funeral, Oliver reveals Laurel was The Black Canary to preserve her legacy. Afterwards, Oliver vows to kill Darhk. In flashbacks, Oliver and Laurel begin a new relationship following the death of Tommy Merlyn, but leaves for ultimately leaves Laurel to grieve on her own when he leaves for Lian Yu.

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    The Flash 2x19 – Back to Normal | Review

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    SPOILERS/NSFW - DC on SCREEN #165 - The Flash 2x19 – Back to Normal | Review - Barry adjusts to life without the speed force, Wells searches for Jesse (and finds her). Shortly after finding her, Wells is kidnapped by Griffin Grey, who demands that Wells find a cure for his metahuman abilities. Grey has superhuman strength, but when he uses his super strength, he accelerates the aging process. Barry, Joe, and Cisco trick Grey into exerting his powers until he ages and dies as a weak, old man; his body then reverts back to its 18-year-old self. To fight Zoom, and return Barry’s powers to him, Wells claims he must build a new particle accelerator. On Earth-2, Hunter professes his love for Caitlin Also kidnapped: Killer Frost.  Frost gets Caitlin to help her escape, but then attempts to kill her. Zoom shows up, kills Frost, then warns Caitlin not to free the man in the iron mask. Later, Zoom decides to conquer other Earths in the multiverse, and he takes Caitlin with him back to Earth-1.

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    Lucifer 1x13 - Take Me Back to Hell | Review

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    SPOILERS/NSFW - DC on SCREEN #164 - Lucifer 1x13 - Take Me Back to Hell | Review - It's Wonder Twin Power Time when Lucifer and Amenadiel team up to take down Malcolm!  Except Amenadiel gets wounded by one of those damn demon-forged daggers Maze had last episode!  While she’s off healing Amenadiel with Lucifer’s wing feather, Lucifer clears his name, and Chloe gets Malcolm’s money.  Malcolm then kidnaps Trixie, holds her hostage for the money, and Lucifer, in trying to save them, is fatally shot.  In his dying breaths, Luci promises to work for his Dad again if He saves Chloe and Trixie. He arrives in Hell where he finds that someone has escaped from Hell.  God then sends Luci back to earth full force to take down Malcolm.  Worried, Lucifer tells Amenadiel that Mom has escaped Hell.

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    Lucifer 1x12 #TeamLucifer | Review

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    SPOILERS/NSFW - DC on SCREEN #160 - Lucifer 1x12 #TeamLucifer | Review - The punches connect, and so does this episode of Lucifer -- FINALLY!  A ritualistic satanic sacrifice has Lucifer up in arms while attempting to remain at arms length from Det Decker after realizing that she makes him mortal.  The suspect in the murder then turns up sacrificed as well, and some clues point to Lucifer while another points to a disturbed street preacher who accosts Lucifer in public.  Of course, it is Malcolm, formerly of Hell, who rescues Lucifer from harming the preacher publicly, and of course it is Malcolm who is caught quite literally red-handed.  Lucifer is livid that Malcolm would do such things in his honor, but Amenadiel shows up to confront Lucifer about Maze (who has been having sex with Amenadiel and kinda almost killed Amenadiel with a demon blade before hesitating because of her feelings, but Amenadiel caught her and doesn’t realize her feelings…  So big fight between Lucifer and Amenadiel. Maze brings them the daggers and tells them to kill each other because she’s done being their pawns. Amenadiel leaves. Lucifer begins to drink and nurse his wounds, and Chloe comes by, but puts Lucifer under arrest when she finds the street preacher murdered beside the bar.

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    Willem Dafoe Joins Justice League! Jared Leto's Method Madness! | News

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    SPOILERS/NSFW - DC on SCREEN #163 - Willem Dafoe Joins Justice League! Jared Leto's Method Madness! | News - Suicide Squad, Dafoe conjecture, a Krypton pilot order, and so much more!  This episode we discuss:

    Honest Trailers Does Superman Returns |

    Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Officially Beats Iron Man |

    Mattel Multiverse Batman v Superman line Reveals Mystery Figure |

    Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Tech Manual Showcases Up-Close Looks at Weapons |

    New Suicide Squad Photo of Deadshot and Harley Quinn |

    MAFEX 6" Knightmare Batman and Suicide Squad Joker |

    Karen Fukuhara Talks Katana Suicide Squad |

    Leto and Robbie Talk Joker and Harley |

    David Ayer has new Comments on Suicide Squad |

    Suicide Squad with Friends Opening Credits |

    Harley’s Jestor Suit Hidden in Trailer |

    Wonder Woman brings on Model? |

    Wonder Woman Set Video |

    The Flash Sets Sights on Supporting Cast |

    JK Simmons Says His Role in Justice League Will Be Very Small |

    Green Lantern Corps To Featured 3 Earth Lanterns |

    SHAZAM Still Waiting on a SCRIPT Despite The Rock Threatening Superman |

    Krypton Gets Pilot Order From SyFy |

    Plus Supergirl, Arrow & The Flash News!

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    Lucifer 1x11 – St. Lucifer | Review

    in Film

    SPOILERS/NSFW - DC on SCREEN #155 - Lucifer 1x11 – St. Lucifer | Review - The Devil doesn't know that doing good feels good. The Devil isn't very smart on this show. A wealthy philanthropist, Tim Dunlear, is murdered, and it’s up to Lucifer and Detective Decker to figure out who did it. Meanwhile, Lucifer realizes that doing good feels good (leading him to experiment with do-gooding, Maze boinks Amenadiel, and Dan who somehow isn’t dead, has words with Malcolm before escaping Malcolm’s hungry, hungry clutches.

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    Gotham 2x17 – Into the Woods | Review

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    SPOILERS/NSFW - DC on SCREEN #154 - Gotham 2x17 – Into the Woods | Review - Strange tidings, poison hiding, and Nygma chiding on this week's Gotham!

    Bruce and Selina are having their street life of crime, Barnes accuses Bullock of harboring Jim Gordon, Hugo Strange releases Barbara Kean knowing she’s still insane, and Penguin deals with the Van Dahls after the untimely death of his father… oh, and there’s the little matter of Gordon and everyone ever learning that Edward Nygma is a criminal genius.

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    OGT Jarvis DB: The legacy of Spiderman on the big screen

    in Entertainment

    Welcome listeners to Omni's Jarvis Database, the place with news for all your favorite entertainment platforms from gaming to movies. This week, there has been literally overkill in comic book news from Ironman scheduled to be in Spider-man: Homecoming to Krypton the TV series. What to choose from for news, hmmmm. Its important to reflect on the past of these characters and how far they have come on the big screen.  From 2002's Spiderman-Man to the joint venture of Marvel and Sony Spider-Man: Homecoming. Love different actors or hate them that played Spider-Man there is clearly a legacy to behold! 

    All this and more on the Omni Game Terminal's Jarvis Database.  Call in to join the conversation or just listen at (347) 884-9299 8pm EST. Part of the Tru Radio Network turn on, Tune in and Turn Up!


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    Supergirl 1x19 - Myriad | Review

    in Film

    SPOILERS/NSFW - DC on SCREEN #153 - Supergirl 1x19 - Myriad | Review - It's Maxima, Myriad, and Maxwell Lord in this penultimate Supergirl episode! Everyone in National City is under mind-control except Maxwell Lord, Cat Grant, and Supergirl. Alex and J’onn J’onnz make it to Alex and Kara’s childhood home only to learn of what’s happened in national City and head back.  Max wants to use a bomb that will take out the Kryptonians (and about 300,000 humans), but Kara and Cat have a different (and less sure) plan involving hijacking old television signals.