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    25. Mina Kimes of ESPN the Mag on Russell Wilson contract, 1st day of camp

    in Football

    EPISODE 25: Russell Wilson signed a contract on Friday that will pay him more money than he was previously making. The Seattle Seahawks then had their first day of training camp in 2015. Mina Kimes, Kenneth Arthur, and Danny Kelly chat about these two things. 

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    Metalsmith Benchtalk Past Favorites with Robert Liu, Editor of Ornament Mag.

    in Art

    This Thursday, July 30th, 2015 at 3 p.m. PST on MetalSmith BenchTalk, we will be re-airing one of our favorite past episodes with guest Robert Liu, Editor Ornament Magazine. 


    About Robert: Robert Kung Shan Liu was born in Rome in 1938 and immigrated to the US from China after World War II with his mother and 4 siblings. Trained as an ethologist and ichthyologist, the Dr. Liu received his Ph.D. from the UCLA where he worked on experimental gerontology and immunology in the Dept. of Pathology, School of Medicine until 1975. Founder of the magazine "The Bead Journal" in 1974, Dr. Liu and his wife Carolyn L.E. Benesh are publishers and coeditors of its successor, "Ornament" since 1978. 


    Self-trained as a jeweler and photographer, he has written extensively on ancient, ethnic and contemporary personal adornment, as well as gerontology, ichthyology (Ichthyology [from Greek] is the branch of zoology devoted to the study of fish), animal behavior, military technology, and construction equipment. Liu started collecting and researching beads in 1972, in addition to designing jewelry that incorporated beads and other artifacts. In 1995 Dr. Liu wrote/published what is considered to be the most thorough resource on beads "Collectible Beads: A Universal Aesthetic". Check out his book on Amazon: http://bit.ly/7ORn5L.


    For additional information on Robert, see: http://www.ornamentmagazine.com/.

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    I "Un-Invited" My Family From Attending My Wedding!!!

    in Relationships

    What would you do if you are this lady? Her wedding/marriage dilemma with her family  just has my jaw dropping! Me, I know what I'll do sha??  join us at 8:30pm Central time as we chat!  www.blogtalkradio.com/mobysugarscroonings 914 338 0831 call and join our convo! 


    Lady and her Fiancé live in the states, been planning her wedding since her engagement last fall. Sending money to her family to get things in order for the wedding as it would take place in Nigeria and her family resides there. Now the thing here is, this is her "Step-Family" Step Mum and Half Sister. 


    So..... ol' Girl reach Naija only to find out.... All the money she and beau have been sending is spent! No wedding plans or anything to that effect! And they can't account for how the monies was spent! Her wedding is next week!! 


    She so far has "uninvited" her step family and they are now calling her names, saying she is selfish, stingy and inconsiderate for not sending enough money to them. 


    Should she call the wedding off? Postpone, start from scratch? She has only 1 week now!


    Story culled from www.nigerianweddingblog.com

    The pictures used have no attachment to the story in anyway. All Google stock.

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    Talking Paintball With David REAPER Justin

    in Sports

    What are you doing this Thursday, let's say at 5:15 PM PST? Well, I know what I'm going to be doing. Yup, I'm going to have a nice little chat with Antonio Falcon, Who? You know who, Akimbo Assassin. Want to learn more about this Kool Kat? Got a question for him or just want to say hi? Now is your chance. Wait, you said 5:15 PM. What's happening at 5:00 PM? A friend of mine who created one of my favorite non-paintball podcasts will be on to talk about his show, Pat Francis from Rock Solid. The number for the show is 646 787-8384 or you can use Skype and the call is free. If you are going to use Skype it's audio not video and can only be used from a computer not a phone or tablet.



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    The Ultimate International Business Experience Radio Show with Erica A Murray

    in Business

    Ultimate International Business Experience Radio Show will cater to the needs of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises globally. The guest that will appear on the show will be successful entrepreneur’s, who have owned and operated their businesses for at least three years and have positive cash flow. The UIBE Radio show will provide you with International News, Informative Talks on Business, Women Business Spotlights, and More.

    Sponsors:  MWHY Mag   TBAIMS     Rita Ricks     Off The Vine

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    WHEN Should Christians Forgive?

    in Religion

    The tragic and most recent church shooting at Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, SC has once again, caused immeasurable pain, grief and loss to family members and congregants locally and sympathy and an enormous amount of support, comfort and prayers from churches across the nation. In media interviews among Christians and church-goers regarding the tragic deaths of nine members have brought the topic of forgiveness to the forefront. In order to deal with the pain and loss of losing a loved one, bereaved families and friends of the deceased have openly expressed forgiveness to the assailant, believing that is what Jesus would desire us to do. To the utter shock and amazement to the world, this kind of display is unheard of and is causing many who are not Christians, to scratch their heads in bewilderment and awe.

    Christians are to love and pray for their enemies (Matt. 5:44). But is loving our enemies equivalent to forgiving them - even when they have not asked to be forgiven? 

    WHEN should Christians forgive? Should we forgive regardless to what happens to us? Or are there conditions revealed in Scripture, that must occur before forgiveness is granted?

    Pastor & Author of "Unpacking Forgiveness", Chris Brauns is our guest and will answer these and other questions from a biblical perspective.

    Call 858-365-5507 with your question/comment

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    Shel Silverstein ~ BFF ~ Ron Haffkine ~ 6-21-15~GirlgeoRadioShow # 75

    in Entertainment

    Girl George & the Dragons Radio Show # 75.

    6-21-15..Untold Storys about Shel Silverstein.

    with the Man that Knew Him & worked with Him For Many Years.

    Mgn...Producer..Best Friend..Shel & Ron were Brothers By Another Mother.

    Made Much Music & Movies..& Good Times Togeather..

    3pm (pst.Calif.).......5pm (cst..Nashville)......6pm (est N.Y.)

    DragonSlayerProductions~ Girlgeo Rocker..Berkeley,Ca...75..127.

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    Real Eyeez Radio Show with Dr Bruce and Ronnie

    in Dads and Family

    "REAL EYEEZ" WITH DR. BRUCE provides a medium for open and honest communication to discuss many aspects of the social world. We have “Real-Talk” about Real-Lives to Real-Eyes our Eagle vision. As we start to Realize how our lives, social dilemmas and bigger pictures are interrelated, the group builds trust and synergy helping each other interpret and navigate our everyday lives.

    Join Dr Bruce and Ronnie as they discuss What Do Fathers Say on Father's Day? Exploring the Contemporary Roles of Fathers with Special Guest Brian Zeigler, Morris Redd, and The Higher Hopes Team.

    Sponsors:  MWHY Mag  The Vine Wine Club  Rita Ricks  TBAIMS  HWW RVA Expo

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    Shouldn't Dylann Roof be charged with domestic terrorism?

    in Politics Conservative

    Like everybody else, I am pretty pissed off at punk ass Dylann Roof for being the coward he was to go into a church where there was a high probability that no one was armed and he killed nine people. If he was so bad why didn't he go to the hood where his anger and aggression would have been met with equal force. Now I am seeing that they are looking to charge him with a hate crime. Really!!! If you kill somebody doesn't that automatically mean you hate them. But a thought came across my mind as to why they are looking at charging home with a hate crime. You have the race baiters out in full force getting as much air play as they can get. I think Al Sharpton has racked up the most frequent flyer miles in the past year than most business class customers do in five. These are the people who would be angered the most if you classify what Roof did as a terrorist act. We all know that no matter what you have to make sure you keep giving these "black leaders" something to bitch and complain about regardless of the overall picture. Plus you having the President plus all the liberals wanting to take this moment to politicize the issue by saying this is because of the lack of gun control in America. Get a damn grip. Like we used to say as kids, get mad and scratch your bootyhole and get glad. Tell me I'm wrong

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    A Different Identity Radio Show with Lawrence and Pam

    in Relationships

    Join Lawrence and Pam as they give the male and female perspective to Life, Love, Your New Identity! 

    This week's show is Part Two of, Before You Do, Are You In The Relationship For The Right Reasons. Lawrence and Pam will pick up where they left off on this topic to see if you are truly ready for a relationship!

    Sponsors:  MWHY Mag  The Vine Wine Club  Rita Ricks  TBAIMS  HWW RVA Expo