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    La Literati welcomes author/artist/instructor, Sarah Hodsdon to our show

    in Books

    Sarah Hodsdon is an artist, author, designer, inventor, instructor, and any combination of these. She is the Resident Scrapbooking Expert for Bic Mark-it Markers, Chief Creative Officer for Sarahndipitous Designs LLC, and advocate for the Young Makers Movement, and Board of Director Member for The Craft and Hobby Association.

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    Scrapbooking Basics

    in Family

    Scrapbooking has become one of the latest trends today. Many people have a desire to create memorials of important events and occasions. But do you know how to get started? What supplies you need? Who should scrapbook? Where to find the best deals? Or whether you should join a scrapbooking group or not?

    Well, Michelle Borsack a master scrapbooker with over 30 years of scrapbooking experience will be our guest. She will share with you some scrapbooking basics!

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    Intentional Scrapbooking

    in Spirituality

    If you're a fan of The Secret, you may know about visioning boards. But have you ever heard of intentional scrapbooking? Liz Diamond Pagayonan has created this medium to help you and your children create beautiful works of art that can help you move forward with your dreams.

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    Scrapbooking 101

    in Hobbies

    Ever think about scrapbooking? But, just not sure how to get started. We'll tell you what to buy and what to stay away from at local stores. Scrapbooking is one of the fastest growing hobbies in american. Especially, with tough economic times families are doing more together. We'll have advice on how to scrapbook those summer vacation memories at theme parks, family reunions, beach trips and more. Join us.

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    A Theory of Parenting - Scrapbooking for you child

    in Parents

    From the first ultrasound to the 6th month milestone of in-home prints, scrapbooking is a way to maintain data for your child.
    Scrapbooking does not have to end with pictures, there are spaces, slots, and  containers to contain many keepsake items for your child.
    Education is another marketable space for distributors. 
    There are many scrapbooks with educational themes. 
    These items target  the enthusiastic parent.  
    It has been a total pleasure to shop in the baby section..

  • Lets Talk with Rachel & Bennet: Guest Deena Remiel

    in Pop Culture

    Huffington Post columnist Rachel Thompson and Critic/writer/columnist for Night Owl Magazine and Affaire De Couer Bennet Pomerantz discuss media topics with guests ..Tonight Deena Remiel is our guest


    Her bio 

    My name is Deena Remiel, and I am an author of paranormal romance, urban and dark fantasy, and romantic suspense. I also teach language arts to middle schoolers. I belong to RWA national and the Desert Rose Chapter of RWA, where there are outstanding people writing fabulous stories.

    I grew up in Philadelphia, home of the most amazing cheese steaks, soft pretzels, oh and the Liberty Bell. My husband and I began our own family in New Jersey, and just a few years ago, Arizona called to my spirit and tempted my husband with much better weather! We moved our family, and the rest is history, or the present, as the case may be!

    These are a few of my favorite things: writing and reading of course, chocolate, music with lyrics or melodies that speak to me, soaking baths, singing in the shower, dancing with my buds, romantic dancing with my hubbie, scrapbooking, watching my girls enjoy what they love to do, and laughing at jokes. Visit my website for the latest news and available books: www.deenaremiel.com.

    Feel free to contact me: deenaremiel@yahoo.com

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    Sexy Scrapbooking

    in Romance

    Dear Mrs D sits down with Scrapbook Rehab's Jenna Edwards who once suffered from severe PTSD after being involved in the infamous Santa Monica Farmer's Market crash to discuss how you can support your partner through sickness and health. They also discuss manifesting a positive relationship, lifelong mate and fearless children all through the wonders of scrapbooking.
    More info on Jenna at www.scrapbookrehab.com.
    Dates & Mates with Dear Mrs D is live every Wednesday at 12 p.m. PT on www.UBNRadio.com.

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    What is Your heART for Scrapbooking?

    in Hobbies

    h:135498 s:1168417 Debby Lewis of heART of Scrapbooking interviews her guest Sudie Alexander from unKit Live. Let's ask the questions everyone has been dying to know: who, what, where and why BUT mostly "If you were a vegetable what kind of vegetable would you be? Learn about the beginning of Sudie's adventure with Scrapbooking and her passion for sharing all things crafty.

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    Intentional Scrapbooking with Elizabeth Diamond

    in Spirituality

    Tonight my guest is Elizabeth Diamond who will share with us her Intentional Scrapbooking. The Intentional Scrapbooking Method ultimately serves to assist you in rewriting and recreating new pathways in the brain for future thoughts to easily travel. This means that you can deliberately and consciously launch intended thought into the direction that you desire. The benefit is that you will begin to experience a sustainable and positive mindset in a short period of time. Scrapbooking to create transformation in your life is easy and the results are fast! Positive Thought Leader, Certified Hypnotherapist and Intentional Scrapbooking Expert, Elizabeth Diamond is a writer, artist, speaker, and life coach, who is dedicated to assisting others to achieve sustainable states of abundance, love, joy and creativity in all areas of their life. She is best known for her revolutionary technique, The Intentional Scrapbooking MethodTM which demonstrates how to initiate transformation from the inside out using art as a tool to consciously create and attract successful desired outcomes. It is her passion in life to show people how fun and simple it can be to overcome self-limiting beliefs and behaviors to embrace one's true creative potential. www.creatingintentions.com
    Every show is packed full with new and exciting ways you can say YES! to life.
    Life takes on a rich full experience of abundance because the Universal energy is infinite. You learn to trust and following your intuitive guidance. New awareness and experiences come into your life. Joy becomes a part of your daily life.

    The host, Sharon Marquart will share these Universal Truths and open the telephone lines for comments and questions. As a Life Coach, Sharon will offer callers on-line coaching. Sharon will be interviewing and discussing these principles for life with other teachers and leaders in the field of Spirituality.

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    ADHD with a Splash of Southern Charm

    in Self Help

    I bet ya'll will agree with me that Whitney McCloud is one of the most charming people to listen to. She's the creator of craftingforpurpose.com a blog dedicated to the things that interest her: crafting, writing, connecting with others, helping people, and ADHD.

    She's as passionate as she is authentic and is also completely surprised at the overwhelmingly positive responses she's received since beginning her venture only a few short months ago!

    Whitney is a devoted wife and mother as well as an ambitious homebased entrepreneur: writing a book, maintaining a blog, making jewelry, scrapbooking, cake decorating, and more. Yet, she holds her audience in the highest regard making certain to take time everyday helping promote her fanbase by retweeting their posts on Twitter. (You know, it'd be rude not to.)

    I hope you join me in joining them, her fans, I ceratinly have become one!

    Be sure to shoot her a Tweet @craft4purpose or follow her on Facebook and subscribe to her blog CraftingforPurpose.com.


    I welcome you to subscribe to See in ADHD talk radio where you can let others know what you think of the show by giving your rating and review through iTunes or leave your comments at www.seeinadhd.com. You can also access the show through Stitcher.


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    Ask Grim Episode 5

    in Entrepreneur

    Welcome this is my fifth Podcast but my first time broadcasting a live shot. I understand the lighting is not great we will call this a test run so bear with me and if things go well next week it will look better. This week we are going to talk about our Cool Link of the week, Add This. We will give some FB advice and some Pinterest tips. I have a few announcements to make about a new site on the network, A new group on FB for Ask Grim Network Members, and a couple of Local events here in Memphis. Check out the links below and we will see you tonight.

    Watch the live view Podcast on Google+ Hangouts - https://plus.google.com/events/csu0539mmvqplr1asi4aiu6l96g

    Cool Site - Add This - http://www.addthis.com

    Pinterest - https://www.pinterest.com/

    FB Scrapbooking - https://www.facebook.com/help/1530275617253660

    Traci D Avon - http://www.tracidavon.com

    Headliners playing Sunday event details here - https://www.facebook.com/events/851558274915860

    FB Group for members - MUST be a member of http://www.askgrim.net and a friend of Grim's on FB https://www.facebook.com/grim.doobie to get an invite

    Save the Coliseum event May 23, 2015 - Food vendors needed contact Grim for info get more detials about the event in the FB group https://www.facebook.com/groups/coliseumcoalition/

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