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    Arts and Science Together in Business

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    Can you imagine a world without business?  It looks pretty desolate, doesn't it?  Can you look around you and see the impact of people in art and science through business in your life?  It looks pretty awesome, doesn't it?   Why is it we don't celebrate all the value creators in business instead of those who enteretain us through politics?  

    What went wrong to cause America to fall off its' course of growing into a nation full of every individual crreating values?  Is it possible there is a solution to poverty?  If so, how would the world look?  I bring this up on a Thursday hoping to stir you into returning for "Free-For-All-Friday" at blogtalk.radio.com.  I spend all week long helping you see the lowest common-denominator in many topics and have a hope that on Friday you will add your two-cents to the open mic day of the week.  Perhaps you don't like something I said, then, let me have it.  If something I shared doesn't make sense, then, come ask me a question on Friday!   Let's look at a world void of arts, science, business and then look at all the values we have because individuals merge their art and science with business.

    Bring in a better future by knowing where value comes from and where it is exchanged and why prices go up that cause declining standards of living, as you listen today.  Thanks for being here!

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    Authenticity in Business

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    Are you being true to yourself in business? Are you maximising every creative gift and talent you have been given? Sharon Mclean of Business With Excellence will be discussing  authenticity in business which  will help you discover your true uniqueness which you can communicate with your customers. We will explore the power of integrity and the benefits of saying what you mean and meaning what you say. During the show  the 1st 5 people to call in, email or ask a question in the chat room will receive the 12C's template to Confidence in Business. Part of this show will be dedicated to women business owners as we celebrate International Women's Month. Email info@businesswithexcellence.com for your template or to contact us regarding our services which include Business Support, mentoring, training and networking events.

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    Healthy Relationships for Business Success

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    The relationships in your life can take your business to new levels of success, or they can make you want to quit entrepreneurship entirely. Often, we struggle in our business, and different areas of our lives, and don’t make the connection to what’s going on with the relationships in our lives. We overlook for a problem that’s right in front of us.

    Join Steve, Bill and Rick to learn how improve relationships in your life to help you improve success in your business.

    Steve Smith – GrowthSourceCoaching.com

    Bill Bernard – WFBLegalConsulting.com

    Rick Moscoso – Captivate365.com

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    #14- Family Business with Daphne - Professor Egghead Science Academy & Franchise

    in Entrepreneur

    I interview a dynamic team of brothers who run a STEM education franchise:  Professor Egghead Science Academy. Learn what it takes to operate a franchise that solves a problem in education, and why a franchise model works for them.

    Learn more on my blog: daphnemallory.blogspot.com. Like me on Facebook:

    Daphne Mallory, Esq. is a contributor for Entrepreneur Magazine and The Huffington Post, as well as a media personality, and international speaker and trainer on Family Business.

    Billboard Magazine described Daphne as "Engaging Fans... Forging a New Path." Her work and life has been featured on ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC, The Dr. Oz Show, Self Magazine, Woman's Day, Essence Magazine, Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly, Brown Alumni Magazine, Black Enterprise and more.

    She is the radio and television talk show host and producer of Family Business with Daphne Mallory on 103.9 FM KDKI. She appears as a guest expert on other television and radio programs. She has written over 1,000 articles for national and web publications.

    She is originally from Liberia, one of the poorest countries in Africa. Her father was sent to Oxford University by his company which paved the way for her to attend school in London after his return, as a child, and alone. She learned to develop an entrepreneurial mindset and leadership skills to survive in three different countries: Liberia, England and the United States.

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    Leap into Business

    in Entrepreneur

    Are you looking to start or grow a business? Join me on a journey as we discover the 12Bs of Business. You will be able to focus on one at a time and take a leap into having the tools available to start the dream you have always wanted to. Listen in to make it a reality with Author UK based Business Mentor Sharon Mclean

    Sharon is the founder of BWE (Business With Excellence) established in 2002 offering Business Training, Mentoring, Networking events, Motivational Speaking and Business Planning advice. Sharon offers hands on practical tips and advice to help you start and grow your business. She has won numerous awards and works with individuals companies charities and social enterprises. Her motto "Love what you do and do what you love" At the end of the show the 1st 5 people to call in or email in on info@businesswithexcellence.com will receive the 12Bs of Business template to fill in to get you started.

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    How to Multiply Your Wealth as a Business Leader

    in Marketing

    Is Real Estate just an expensive hobby or can it be a really profitable business? For Kemi Egan, it has become a profitable business and path forward, taking her from a state of homelessness just a few years ago to becoming a successful entrepreneur today. She’ll share with us about her own journey to success, how you can use failure to your advantage, and the importance of developing a strategy that can give you not only financial freedom but freedom of location.

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    Using Events to boost your Business

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    Sharon Mclean UK based Business Trainer Mentor and Author has been successfully using events and teaching about events as part of her 14 year Business model to attract a steady flow of customers. Topic for discussion include the 5 Ws of planning an event and why it can be an integral part of your business. What you can do before during and after an event. The 1st 5 people to call in or participate in the chatroom once the show is live will receive an event planning template to use. Email info@businesswithexcellence.com. After the show ends you can book your event mentoring session with Sharon Mclean

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    Marketing for Business Success

    in Entrepreneur

    Sharon Mclean UK based business entrepreneur author and trainer of Business With Excellence will share tips on the 4 essential questions you need to answer to market you business effectively. We will explore who your ideal customers are by breaking them down into segments and helping you to have a continual flow. Those of you who have no customers after the show you will "know your customer" I will be giving away a free marketing template to the 1st 5 callers or those who send a question into the show once we are live in the chat room.

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    Can We Fix Our Politics? — New Business Paradigms

    in Business

    At the top of the show we discuss the positive outlook for the US economy, including rising wages, potential infrastructure funding, and economic anxiety caused by politics. We also discuss the turbulence in Europe caused by a potential Brexit, the disintegrating European Union, and the ongoing refugee crisis.

    As our mainstream media spends hours speculating, focusing on the presidential horserace, we look at the long view in national politics and discuss where there is possibility for progress. Can we actually find pathways to political progress, or is gridlock and dysfunction here to stay? We speak to World Business Academy Fellow Mark Gerzon, who is President and Founder of the Mediators Foundation and author of The Reunited States of America: How We Can Bridge the Partisan Divide.

    In our final segment we give a fossil fuel industry outlook and show how these companies are attempting to influence decision makers, the media, and citizens, as they fight to maintain their power over the global economy. 


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    Weekly Momentum:Creating Rhythm in Your Business

    in Entrepreneur

    Systems create a powerful engine to upgrade your business and bring more ease and flow as well! With systems in place you can stand out for your competition and over deliver to your clients with less effort looking like a super hero.

    Listen to this weeks Weekly Momentum to learn how to bring more ease, flow and systems into your business.