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    2014 NFL Schedule Release

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    This is another big moment us NFL fans have been waiting for. First, the free agency period. & now, this. The 2014 NFL schedule will be officially released during the second half of our show & as expected (& usual), we're gonna have some phenomenal matchups this upcoming season. Who will be playing who? & when? Buckle up because this one you'll have to see for yourself. We also got coverage of the first round of the NBA & NHL Playoffs, as well as MLB games in session & much more. This is "The Rocket Sports Breakdown" on Blog Talk Radio Wednesday nights 7pm-9pm. Rocket Nation, get ready for a power trip.

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    CandidFrankLive#251 CFL IZ Schedule, Free Agents,

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    Here is the link>>” http://tobtr.com/s/7360293. #BlogTalkRadio”<< CandidFrankLive's CFLIZtheBest#251 Free Agency, the schedule is out and the Argos Home Opener is in Alberta? Say what now?

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    Celtics Talk Radio episode 95 March Schedule Madness

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    The Celtics had just gotten by the toughest 2 games of their March schedule the last time the Celtics Talk Crew was on the air. Since that show the Celtics Schedule has started to lighten up a bit. Since the last show the Celtics have gone on a 3 game road trip facing 2 playoff contending teams in the Pelicans and Heat and facing one lottery bound team in the Orlando Magic. The Celtics also faced the 2nd best team in the western conference which is the Memphis Grizzlies. The Celtics went into their game with the Pelicans this past Friday 2.5 games behind the Heat for the 7th seed and 2 games back of the Hornets for the 8th seed. Over the last week the Celtics as well as the Hornets, Heat and the other 3 teams involved in the battle for the 7th and 8th seeds which are the Nets, Pistons and Pacers were all playing games either against each other or against some of the better teams in the NBA. So there was plenty of oppurtunity for movement in the standings. So did the Celtics move at all? If they did was it up or down? Jamey Burke a Celtics fanatic, kicks connoisseur, and a RedsArmy contributor will join the crew discuss the last week in the Celtics schedule.

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    Dream Schedule

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    In the first Fast Lap Podcast episode of the summer, Jason and Garrett discuss their dream NASCAR Sprint Cup Series scheules. Find out what changes they would make and if you agree with their ideas. 

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    Antenna TV and COZI TV schedule for the New Year

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    What new classic TV programs will be on Antenna and COZI for the new year and what programs are returning

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    The final full month of the 2014/15 Boston Celtic schedule is here. The Celtics are in the midst of a highly congested playoff race which features 6 teams fighting for the 7th and 8th seeds in the Easter Conference. The Celtics, Nets, Heat, Pistons, Pacers and Hornets all sat within 2.5 games of each other when the Celtics Talk Crew was last on the air on February 26th. Since that time the Celtics played 4 games 3 of which took place at TD Garden. They hosted the Hornets then played at the Cavaliers. Then hosted the Warriors and the Jazz. 2 of those games were against the teams many feel will be facing off against one another in thi years NBA Final's. So how did the Celtics stack up against the 2 teams many feel are the NBA'S best. Did the Celtics draw closer to the 7th and 8th seed or did they fall farther behind the pack. What did we see from Isaiah Thomas and Jonas Jerebko in what was arguably the 2 biggest games in their short stints with the Celtic's. The Celtics Talk Crew will discuss that and all the other latest news from the Boston Celtic's. On this episode they will be joined by Bobby Krivitsky. Bobby is a writer and editor for CLNS Radio and Hardwood Houdini. On-Air Personality & Producer for Citrus TV and Z89 Radio

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    How To Create Your Own Prime Time TV Schedule: Part 3

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    How to create a prime time TV schedule out of existing shows on the air, dvd, netflix

    We continue on our topic about the state of Prime Time TV which appears to be in a permanent state of decline but there are ways to enjoy the prime time experience without becoming frustrated by what is on now.

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    Breaking down the Tennessee Titans 2014-15 schedule

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    This episode will be all about the Titans' 2014-15 schedule. I'll go through each game, giving my prediction for each. With the Titans facing the NFC East this season, the schedule could be much rougher than what it is. As I talked about on the show yesterday, the Titans have decent talent. And playing in the AFC, with a rather favorable schedule, a push for a playoff spot doesn't seem insane. Does the team have a better chance at making the playoffs, or going 5-11?

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    5 Keys to Streamline Your Schedule & Skyrocket Your Profits

    in Business

    Denise Griffitts interview Debra Angilletta

    Are you tired of working long hours with nothing to show for it? Are you wondering why less qualified "experts" are passing you by?

    Debra Angilletta is a speaker, coach and author; CEO and founder of A New View, and the creator of popular programs such as “5 Steps To Jumpstart Your Business” and “The 6 Figure Schedule”. She’s the go-to girl when you want to streamline your schedule and skyrocket to 6 figures and beyond in your small business. With over 20 years in a Wall Street career, she uses her finance expertise to teach coaches, consultants, and sales professionals how to discover their “Zone of Genius,” as well as simple steps to catapult to the next level in their business. Working only 4 days a week, 3 weeks of the month, she has mastered the keys to creating $10,000 a month paydays. She helps her clients streamline their schedule and package their business for profit so they can have the life and business of their dreams.

    She is also the author of "The Six Figure Schedule: Streamline Your Schedule and Skyrocket to Six Figures Using the Science of Iridology".

    In this episode of Your Partner In Success Radio we are going to discover how to:

    Monetize, organize & package your business for profit

    Stop spinning your wheels and start attracting high paying clients

    Create your unique roadmap for consistent monthly income

    Accelerate your authority index & become a sought after expert

    Discover the #1 strategy to working less while skyrocketing your income

    Stop missing out on family events and date nights


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    this week's up coming schedule

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    Celtics Talk Radio episode 91 Beginning Of The February Schedule

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    The Boston Celtic's ended their January schedule with 7 games against Western Conference teams. 6 of which were on the road. Now the Celtics get set for schedule in February that is much easier as only one team is really elite. So going into the month of February where do the Celtics stand. Are they still fighting for a playoff spot. Or did the Western Conference road trip cause them to slip up. Also the NBA trade deadline is only a few weeks away. Several players on the Celtics including Brandon Bass and Marcus Thorton have been brought up in rumors of other teams considering making a trade for them. What is the latest on that situation. Will Danny Ainge get rid of more of the teams best player's or will he stand pat. We will answer those questions and recap the Celtics performance against some of the NBA's Western Conference Elite teams. John Karalis of RedsArmy.com will join the Celtics Talk Crew to discuss where does the team go from here heading into a month that could help them go in either the playoff direction or the tanking direction

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