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    What To Do When You Get Sucked Into A 'Scarcity Storm'

    in Self Help

    Most of the time you don't see it coming!  Maybe you meet a fre friends after work and before you know it, talk turns to problems at work, financial woes, bills that are coming in - and you start to feel it - your mind starts swirling around thoughts of worry, fear, and scarcity. You just got sucked into a 'scarcity storm'.  Dr Mary Ayers will be showing you how to recognize the signs of being caught in the storm and show you how to get yourself back to safety.   As always, there will be tons of tapping!

    Mary Ayers, PhD, LMFT brings with her over 27 years as a accomplished Licensed Therapist, Action Coach, Author and top EFT/Tapping expert. All of her coaching programs are filled with ‘unconventional’, ‘fail-proof’ practical strategies you can use immediately to get results. For more information go to, www.tapintoaction.com and you can email her at Mary@tapintoaction.com

    Take advantage of Mary’s offer of a FREE 30-minute Gap Analysis! To set one up email Mary@tapintoaction.com

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    John Carver Show - The Scarcity Trap

    in Self Help

    People are highly motivated by the thought that they might lose out on something.  When humans don't have enough of something, that fact dominates our consciousness….or the perceived lack of something.

    Greed shows up when there’s an assumption of lack…or scarcity. Eldar Shafir writes, “it appears that poverty (or poverty of mind) itself reduces cognitive capacity. We suggest that this is because poverty-related concerns consume mental resources, leaving less for other tasks.  Shafir calls this problem bandwidth poverty. When you're bandwidth poor, you're thinking about how to pay for food and make rent today — and it's almost impossible to think about the future.”

    Michael Neill - The scarcer the resource, the more we are willing to give up in order to get it; the more common the resource, the less we are willing to give up in order to get it.

    The FEAR of not having enough is a critical form of leverage to settle for less than God’s best.

    Maggie Haydock shares a familiar story with a twist:

    Once upon a time there were three little pigs. When they turned 18, the little pigs left home to seek their fortune.

    Their first priority was finding shelter. The first pig built a house out of straw that he found scattered on the ground. The second pig built a house out of sticks that he scavenged from the woods....

    John 6:1-14Living Bible 



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    Scarcity v. Overindulgence. One Confirms the Existence of the Other. Get BALANCE

    in Finance

    Expensive gifts, but not love.

    Overpowered everything.


    Constant drunkenness.


    Too much make-up.


    Long hair on a mostly bald head.

    Excesses tend to be camouflage for scarcity somewhere in your life, and is sometimes a silent scream for help that very few recognize, including the silent screamer.   

    Let's talk about the scarcity mindset and the camo strategy of overindulgence.  Let's stop fooling the world.  Let's stop fooling ourselves.

    Get BALANCED!  Ditch the drama and calm the fears.

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    Invoking the Scarcity Principle in Sales & Business

    in Self Help

    If used authentically or ethically, the scarcity principle can help create an awareness and demand for your product. The theory of psychological reactance (Psychologist Jack Brehms, 1966) states that when we are deprived of our freedom of choice then we react to compensate for that by trying to acquire that which we cannot choose freely to obtain. I employed this theory, albeit unknowingly many years ago but later on came across the science behind it while reading dr. Robert Cialdini's bestseller Influence - the Psychology of Persuasion. I personally loved the book and would strongly recommend it and along with it I would also highly recommend Daniel Pink's bestseller To Sell is Human.

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    Boundless Abundance ~ Breaking through Scarcity Beliefs! with Dr Lisa Van Allen

    in Entrepreneur

    Are you ready to break down the walls of scarcity and embrace abundance into your life and business?  As a soul-driven business owner, you know how we can all get in the way of the success we desire.

     Author of the award winning book, Your Belief Quotient: 7 Beliefs that Sabotage or Support Your Success, Dr. Lisa Van Allen is a nationally recognized, “in-demand” speaker using humor and inspiration to drive home life changing truths. 

    Dr Lisa shares what we can do to shift those beliefs that keep us stuck. 

    Join us on this interview to...

    Find out what Abundance really is, and how you can step into the Continuum of Abundance.
    Find out where scarcity thinking comes from and what to do about it.
    Learn of a couple of tools to help us create the flow of Abundance...
    Embrace 2 of the Universal Laws of Abundance to allow flow to happen.

    This show is going to ROCK!!  Set a clock reminder for yourself on this page, and we'll see you when the show goes 'live' OR catch the recording after.

    P.S.  Our guests ALWAYS give something cool to our listeners, so make sure to listen out for it.


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    Just Talking -- An Exploration of the Truths that set us all free

    in Self Help

    There are many problems in the world today.  One of the biggest in the false ideas that we cling to about ourselves and our identities as individuals and communities.  This identity hinders us and makes us unable to address the issues necessary to create a beautiful, peaceful world.  There is no need for scarcity, or starvation, there is enough for everyone.  There is more than enough for everyone.  The Earth supplies us abundantly, but that idea of self, once again, stops of from being willing to share out of the fear that we won't have enough.  This country is one with the most obese number of people in the world, and we still fear that we will not have enough food, or money, or shelter.  What do we really fear though?  That we won't have the power to receive the worth and esteem that we deserve.  We will explore this idea, deeply, and the possibility that The Big Lie that leads us all is what hinders us from understanding the truth.

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    Scarcity or Abundance? Take the test to KNOW your true mindset about success

    in Real Estate

    What you get out of real estate depends on what you're looking for - and it depends a lot on your mindset & perspective, too. Today we're discussing the ideas of scarcity & abundance and how your perspectives on this shape your actions, plans, goals, and ultimately real estate career results.

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    Mind Money & Success with Mary Hlavacek

    in Entrepreneur

    We all have but ONE life. It is meant to be plentiful, joyful, giving and loving. We were not meant to live a life of lack, anxiety and scarcity. Give yourself  the gift of personal growth , GROW, GIVE, RECEIVE.

    Mary is a Certified Money Breakthrough Coach with a strong emphasis on Mindset breakthroughs. They are necessary, essential and a blessing. Coaching entrepreneurs from  a place of fear, lack, doubt, and just being stuck to one of freedom and abundance  for any financial desire . Of course aligning emotional, spiritual and financial cause and effect is part of Mary’s  Courageous Coaching. A fierce sense of service to improve the lifestyle  of humanity has been Mary’s mission  and money is part of that!  30+ years of  psychiatric nursing and in her Coaching business at Mind Money Success is a  life of service  to advocate, educate and support business owners has been her passion.

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    Thank God It's Wednesday! Realizing Purpose, Passion and Life/Work Balance

    in Spirituality


    In 2004, in full health and at the pinnacle of his life and career, Mark contracted a very serious, penicillin resistant (MRSA) infection from a routine arthroscopy. After a dozen surgeries and forty-one days of lying immobilized in a hospital bed, Mark experienced a life-changing encounter with what he can only describe as the “Divine.” He communed with a presence that revealed to him that his life purpose is to help and heal others. From this epiphany, Mark developed an intense interest in spirituality and spent the next 10-years studying and working with spiritual leaders. Interest turned to inspiration when Mark realized that he could do the most good by mentoring business professionals using his 25-years of successful corporate and entrepreneurial experience, Harvard MBA and coaching training. He decided to transition out of the corporate world and founded C-Synergy, LLC to help both people to get clear on their purpose and calling, to develop manageable action plans and to connect and operate from their inner wisdom.

    Mark’s mission is to help people tune into their inner genius and to unleash the creativity, joy and energy found in living in alignment to purpose and exercising personal passion. Mark believes that businesses and the people who create and run them hold the ultimate answer to the many crisis’ facing our planet today. He would like to see the corporations that lay claim to the majority of the world’s assets to be led by men and women connected to their higher consciousness so that they make decisions from a mindset of oneness, abundance and love instead of scarcity, fear and greed.

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    Episode 52: By Faith

    in Christianity

    How are you living your life? What are your hopes and dreams? Do you know that time is short? In this episode we refocus our attention on the things that really matter - the things that will last beyond our lifetime here on earth.