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    Saving Your Marriage After An Affair.

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    It is a known fact that NOT everyone leaves their relationship/marriage after they discovered their partner had an affair. 

    So, for those who have decided to stay because their partner, was remorseful, asked forgiveness, promised to be'faithful, loyal and honest', how can they survive the affair? What can be done by both of them to make the marriage work again?

    Would you stay after an affair or would you give a second chance? What will make you give a second chance?


    All of these and much more will be discussed on today's episode of LOVE IN THE HOUSE.

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    Survive or Thrive in Your Marriage?

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    So what does a successful marriage look like?  What does it take to thrive in your marriage?  There are hundreds of books by dozens of authors out there on that subject.  Everyone says they're right.  So...what's the secret?  One of the most popular beliefs is that if you just modify your behavior (say the right thing often enough, change the way you do that, don't say that any more, etc).  How does that work (and for how long)?  How long can you keep up the new attitude, new activity, new...(fill in the blank)?  Is there a better way?  YES.  Listen LIVE this week as Dr Pauline and Catherine talk about the contrast between behavior modification and truly caring for your spouse's heart.  Is it really that different?  Do you want (temporarily) modified behavior or do you want a truly heart-connected marriage?  Be sure you listen to this show with your spouse.  You'll be glad you did.

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    November 8, 2014 - Choices for a Discerning Childbirth Seminar (Colorado Springs, CO)

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    Dr Pauline's Proverbs Study, "Choices and Consequences" workbook will be available December 1, 2014.

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    Table Talk: Taking Care of Your Marriage and Your Caree

    in Caregiving

    When it's you, your spouse and your caree, you can feel like you often choose your caree over your marriage. How do you cope with the stresses and rigors of caregiving and take care of your marriage? Linda Goin, who cares for her dad and cared for her mom, shares what she learned about taking care of her marriage during caregiving.

    Linda Goin is a 60-year-old writer and entrepreneur. She's now writing a memoir about her experiences about caregiving her mother, who died from bile duct cancer in June 2014. Linda spent the better part of 2013 and 2014 caregiving her mother in her parents' home, and she's now a long-distance caregiver to her Dad. Although the distance between her home and her parents' home is only eight hours, that distance is just enough to make things complicated. The length of time Linda spent with her parents away from her home took a toll on her marriage; but, she and her husband are learning how to work things out through "co-caregiving" this time around.

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    The Marriage Sequel-finale How To Stay Motivated In Your Marriage

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    Join us for the second segment of The Marriage Sequel and talk with our guest who have been married 10 years to 20 years. Learn the job of marriage and the main ingredients to keep your marriage fun spicy and more improtantly healthy. We will discuss finances; communication; trust; and how to be a supportive spouse. What drives your significant other crazy? what pushes his/her buttons. How and why men and women think differently. What keeps the love strong. What makes him fall in love with you over and over again. Do you submit, are you humble, do you let your spouse lead? How to stay motivated while balancing it all! 

    Special guest; 

    Kiwanna Jackson-Aspiring Author of upcoming book Simply Lace 

    Kenyetta McCambry-CEO-Closet Couture Designs 

    Sharron Mabry-Owner/Event Director Color It Purple Event Planning

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    Marriage & Money Matters, Taking Your Marriage from a Liability to an Asset

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    Greetings and Welcome to "The Essence of My Love" your Love, Intimacy, Romance and Relationship Enhancement Ministry.

    With your dynamice Trio of Romance Coaches, J.L, Tee and Me Shawna. We thank you for joining us this evening. And we look forward to sharing what is on the heart of God. Studies show that most Marriages struggle and fail because of Finances. 

    If you are Single, Engaged, Married, this Broadcast is for you. You need to know what God say about you and your Marriage and your Finances. Amen

    Please join us tonight at 7 pm EST, 6 pm CST, 5 pm MST and 4 pm PST, by calling into (347) 637-1509, 

    Tonights Investment Topic: Marriage and Money Matters, Taking Your Marriage from a Liability to an Asset.

    Please visit our website at www.theessenceofmylove.com

    Studio House Rules:

    1. Please do not use your speaker phone feature.
    2. Please, when speaking live, be in a quiet place

    3. Please be mindful of your time when making a comment.

    Thank you and God bless you



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    Joe Beam Show - How To Save a "Hopeless" Marriage

    in Relationships

    When a spouse wants out, or is in love with someone else, can the marriage be saved? What can the spouse wanting to save the marriage do?

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    Youth and Marriage: Saving them from their Nafs

    in Islam

    On the next Ummahaatul Ummah Show, as parents we fear the worst of all things in regards to our children and that is having sex outside of marriage. Islam preserves all aspects of our lives including our social life. Our children are fighting their hormones. We will look into options on how to equip our children to effectively deal with their desires (NAFS) and have a discussion on how to deal with this as parents!

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    Joe Beam Show - Causes of Marriage Problems

    in Relationships

    What causes marriage problems?

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    Marriage Radio

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    Tune in

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    Covenant Matters: Improve Your Marriage

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    Think your marriage is the only imperfect one around? Think again. These days . . .  Unfaithfulness in marriage is 19% for men and 12.3% for women and two-thirds of the divorces are initiated by women. Know why? “For most people in our society marriage is a contract, a relationship based on perfect performances and fleeting feelings.” Those contractual relationships are less secure and more vulnerable than those based on covenant.

    Even Pastor Kurt Bubna, author of Mr. & Mrs.: How to Thrive in a Perfectly Imperfect Marriage, once fell out of relationship with the Lord and out of love with his wife. But they struggled through regaining that love and made it back to a healthy marriage -- over thirty years ago. That’s why Bubner now has such a passion for teaching couples how to stay in covenant and thrive through the tough times. He is certain he can help you by teaching you how his marriage survived! Listen to him on The River as he chats with Maxine and Jeannie and give him a chance to prove it to you.

    You can also find him at KurtBubna.com

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