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    Savage Burn Show

    in Sports

    Sports, politics and everything in between. 

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    The Worlds Blur Episode #18

    in Entertainment

    The Worlds Blur Episode #18 - Welcome to The World's Blur the pre party to kick your every other Friday night off right! That’s right every other Friday because I’m too old to wake up hungover every Saturday!

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    Dream Worlds

    in Spirituality

    Dreams to Spiritual Awakening. Dreams are a perfect instrument to move into inner worlds. When meditating or contemplating you attempt to drop the mind. When you tap into your dream states you can more easily more into a greter awareness.

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    'The Flash' - Other Worlds Trailer Review

    in Film

    In this news episode, we discuss:

    * 'Arrow' So Cool Trailer Review/Breakdown

    * Paul Blackthorne Instagrams himself with Stephen Amell and Rutina Wesley in costume

    * Laurel's Connection to Sara's Resurrection

    *'The Flash' Other Worlds Trailer Breakdown/Review

    *Candice Patton on Her Leadership Role in Season 2

    *Marc Guggenheim Tweets Picture of First 'Legends of Tomorrow' Table Read

    *First photos of Hawkman and Hawkgirl Surface

    *Gotham Clip: Looking Up from "Damned if You Do"

    *'Supergirl's Mehcad Brooks on James Olsen's Different Representation

    *Bruce Timm and Paul Dini Weigh in On Harley Quinn and The Joker in 'Suicide Squad'

    *Jason Momoa Thinks Aquaman Jokes Are "Cute"

    * Zack Snyder Confirms that His Son is Not Robin in 'Batman v Superman'

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    Callywood Live with Zach Savage

    in Entertainment

    Callywood Live with Zach Savage

    Zach Savage was born in a small town in Northern Louisiana. He was adopted as an infant by a southern Baptist Minister and his family. Growing up in Louisiana proved to have its challenges. When Zach was three years old he began playing the drums and singing gospel music.

    As the years passed he continued to write and play music. By this time he’d learned to play several other instruments extremely well.  As he got older things changed again for Zach. He discovered HIP HOP music and he embraced it. He thought he had to be in the streets and doing drugs, living the lifestyle he assumed represented the culture. He started hanging out and doing drugs. And the drugs got him into trouble. He was given the option of going to Angola State Prison, the military or leaving the state for California. If he chose California he could never return to his home town. Zach chose California.

    When he landed in Cali, he started to play music again. This time he connected with likeminded people who were into music and philanthropy.  He felt he was finally home. As he continued to play and write music more people recognized that he was special, that he truly had a gift. A gift that was so undeniable he was signed by Mark Pitts at RCA.

    Zach lives in Los Angeles with his own family now. He continues to play and write music daily. If he is not feeding the homeless, he is painting, sketching, writing or rehearsing. “I know God has given me another opportunity to share my art. I want to do good things with my life,” says Zach.

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    Our Worlds with Elizabeth Rose

    in Spirituality

    On Our Worlds ... Remember if it affects your world it affects  Our Worlds!  Noone loves doing live radio more than I do!  Since the changes have been coming for me at a quick pace here lately.... UFO's has become a front n center topic for me here in the Phoenix area.  Being close to Sedona the Vortexes surround me with their energy.  It feels as if it just holds me in its embrace.   Today we will experience a Solar Eclipse for us .. in this area will only be a partial... but for the Valley of the Sun that is amazing.  I am not my dear friend Merln but I do believe it is the sign Virgo.. which is the direct opposite of me being a Pisces.  Do these planetary happenings affect you?  Let us know!  I get full moon sickness each month.. for sure..etc.  M & Ms will be with us...maybe Madeline Rudy... for sure to be a knowledgeable rambucious time for us all Readings... Love.... and learning about each of us!


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    The Worlds Blur Episode #17

    in Entertainment

    The Worlds Blur Episode #17 - Welcome to The World's Blur the pre party to kick your every other Friday night off right! That’s right every other Friday because I’m too old to wake up hungover every Saturday!

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    Straddling the Two Worlds: moving from Lack (F.E.A.R.) to Positive Abundance

    in Spirituality

    In this show we’ll be going back to some basics because we are, in fact, learning to straddle two worlds: the old and the new world we are currently creating! This is a wonderful time of creating the new world, and WE are the ones creating it! We are each being provided the opportunity to live our own idea of Heaven on Earth, our own Palace of Peace. Most are unaware that this is not only a possibility, but it is very real, and the time is here NOW!  We simply cannot wait for others, and we need to also respect that each soul will move at their own time. It’s our own duty and responsibility for our own soul to bring this into our own lives. We are responsible and we can easily learn how to be response-able.

    We need to understand the analytical process of not only deciding but “dissecting” our own life in order to manifest the process, the order, the routine, and the boundaries which are required to bring ourselves into a higher state of our own being. There are very necessary steps one must take in owning one’s life, being accountable for one’s life, and deciding to leave the world of victim consciousness and poverty consciousness behind. We do this for ourselves first, and then we are also leading by example. Join Faith and I as we share with you our 20 years of experience each in unravelling each topic into a magnificent tapestry of deeper understanding and awareness. www.palaceofpeace.net and www.faithparent.net


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    Medium Mingle

    in Spirituality

    It's time for a night of messages from the Spirit World. The whole hour will be dedicated to doing messages .

    Please come and join June Elaine host of Bridge Between Two Worlds and her co - host Amy Bregy for a walk across the bridge to the Spirit World where they will bring you messages from your loved ones .

    This is a chance for you to connect with your loved ones and ask them any questions you might have or simply receive any messages they have for you ....

    Simply pick up your phone and call in to talk to the mediums at 646-652-4207 or you can go to the chat room .

    stay tuned.......







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    An Hour With Joel West

    in Comedy

    One of our favorite guests, the hilarious Joel West joins Savage & Starbuck for some funny, thought-provoking conversation.

    Joel West was born in Montreal and, when he was 14 and at summer camp, his parents moved to Toronto. After tracking them down, Joel also moved to Toronto. He has studied Improvisation at The Second City and has performed stand-up comedy across North America at clubs as diverse as The World Famous Comedy Store, The Laugh Factory in Hollywood, Flappers in Burbank, California, The Dallas Comedy Club and at Yuk Yuks Comedy clubs across Canada. As a child, he appeared as "Danny Tannenbaum" in the Oscar nominated feature Lies My Father Told Me and later in his life as Joe the Manager in Donna Lypchuck’s Tragedy of Manners at Theatre Passe Muraille. Joel is also an award winning short story writer and has had several short plays produced. He currently produces a regularly running comedy show at The Red Rocket coffee shop and was also assistant producer of Humber College's New Faces showcase at the Second City. He also produced Humber’s “Anti Industry Rejects Show” at the Comedy Bar. Joel is also probably the oldest honours graduate of the Humber College Comedy Writing and Performance program. Joel has opened for Gilbert Gottfried and last summer he appeared at the inaugural Border City Comedy Festival in Windsor. He regrets not being taller.

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    The Worlds Blur Episode #16

    in Entertainment

    The Worlds Blur Episode #16 - Welcome to The World's Blur the pre party to kick your every other Friday night off right! That’s right every other Friday because I’m too old to wake up hungover every Saturday!

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