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    NATIONAL AGENDA with - savage-el

    in Education

    Shaykamaxum Republic Government: Public Notice-Permanent Injunction-Cease / Desist Order

                                                PUBLIC NOTICE

    To all to whom these Presents shall come, let it be known;

    Whereas on Behalf of the People / Planet, the Shaykamaxum Republic Government acknowledge the actions of the World Religious Leaders to usher in the new age of Love and the Brotherhood of Man;

    Whereas, as of, the Historic Event - Casina Pio IV Tuesday, 2 December 2014 - the trafficking in human persons for profit, gain and/or personal satisfaction, is an abhorrent crime against humanity;                                                                        

    Whereas, color of law, barratry, champerty and special law(s) have made all crimes commercial and do harm, stifle and denigrate the natural person(s), inviolate and unalienable right(s), i.e. to: Nationals’ consanguine Estate/Resources, Property, Interstate Migration, Privacy etc.;

    Whereas, each women / man / girl / boy are equal - do unto others as you would have them do unto you, in every interpersonal relationship;

    It is hereby ordered and decreed that on 02 December 2014, the Belligerent Occupation Operations in America are Ordered to Cease; ...

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    Bhindthescen Radio "Presents" High Standards Radio

    in Indie Music

    MR..6WHEELS                       KRAMATI D. DELAMONTE                    KING MALCOLM & T-SPITTAH          

            VS                                                        VS                                                                  VS

    FRESNO SAVAGE                              FAMILY MAN                              DA BEAST & GENIUS DA KIDD



  • Moving Towards Light 8/26/15 - Reading is Fundamental

    in Spirituality

    Good evening, fellow seekers, and welcome to Moving Towards Light, a forum where we discuss and provide some hard earned insight relating to our own explorations of the many roads and methods which promise to lead us to the ultimate answer: a higher purpose, the meaning of life.

    Those old commercials had it right: reading is fundamental. 

    Spiritual texts. The importance of literacy and critical thinking. There are many things being said out there, and a lot of them are crap.  You need to know what to look for and when to pay attention amidst all the detritus on display.  

    And more than that: you don't want to railroad yourself by working from a limited palette. If you want to get anywhere or touch anything of value, you'll want to draw the truth from different sources...while rejecting the misinformation and lies. 

    Plus our usual tangenital flow of thought and transference of deep knowledge and esoteric wisdom...regular listeners know the score!

    For all those frustrated in their quest, who've been through various stops on the spectrum of spirituality and found them ultimately unfulfilling:

    Join hosts "Doc" Savage and Janna (the "Esoteric Mom") as we share both hard learned lessons and thoughts on potential new directions in the quest, on our journey towards light.

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    Road Warrior Animal Calls in 15 min into the Show!!!

    in Entertainment

      On Tonight's Show Road Warrior Animal Former WWE Tag Team Champion & WCW Tag Team Champion 

    Talks about Hogan ,Beef with Savage! a Must Listen!! Twitter @MrKingJordanRad 

     TNA Impact Wrestling Wed 9pm on Destanation America Network 

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    Islam, Christianity & Donald Trump on "A Muslim & A Catholic Wake Up In 'Merica"

    in Politics

    Cal & Isa must be doing something right in the fight for the truth, as Isa hasn’t been able to make the show due to situations outside of his control. Someone or something must not want you to know the real truth. However, the truth will always prevail. This week on A Muslim & A Catholic Wake Up In ‘Merica, it’s time to really rattle people’s cages and piss others off as Isa and Cal take an in-depth look and discuss the difference in the sects of Islam and how they are similar and differ from each other. They will also discuss these similarities and differences  in comparison to the different Christian sects. Also “Donald Trump our next President?” Seriously, how is this guy leading in the polls by being sexist and racist. Are we so tired of being “PC” that this guy might win? Tuesday night, August 25th, 8:00 pm EST/5:00 pm PST on Coffee Party USA Radio Network.Isa was on Fox’s The Five, Sean Hannity, and Jennie Pierro show. Common Cal is a single father of five children. As if that does not keep him busy enough he has been a mechanic and custom car designer/builder for 31 years. Cal is also the owner of three businesses and has two Bachelor Degrees, one in Business Marketing and one in Micro Computer Technologies.  Cal’s love and intrigue for politics stems back to when he was very politically active back in high school and college Hence, why he and the voice opposite him Isa Hodge get along so well. Here we go again; you have slept long enough in your Ritalin induced zombie shuffle.  Effecting change before the apocalypse hits, Dr. Isa and Common Cal take to the air waves on A Muslim & A Catholic Wake Up In ‘Merica, tomorrow night 8:00 pm EST/5:00 pm PST.


    in Current Events

    The cubs of Khallid - Black Power Radio show is on live with an exclusive look into the reality of the 10 point program of the New black Panther Party, the talk is "there is no New Black Panther Party"  we will look at how true that is, and why the enemies of the NBPP use that to decieve the masses.  Got a special guest Sister Amoi Savage Author, event producer, Entrepreneur

    the National crew, callers, and you- we speak to it all tonight at 8:00 pm est (646) 478-4447

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    Tony Trupiano: The Voice of the People for MOnday, August 24, 2015

    in Politics Progressive

    On Monday, August 17, 2015 joining Tony on The Voice of the People is:

    Our political strategist Joe DiSano is back and has an amazing menu of topics today as the state's number one strategist and Democratic stronghold.


    State Senator David Kenezek joins the program this morning to remind you that Democrats do what is the best interest of children and teachers.  So, what’s with the Republicans?  Listen and learn!


    Filmmaker and documentarian shares he wickedly perfect dpcumentary with us called “The Brainwashing of my Dad”.  If Fox news creating noise pollution or are they damaging our souls?


    Open Lines with Tony.  Call in at 347-308-8392.


    Eclectablog.com’s Chris Savage is back this week and joins Tony to discuss many of the issues that are front-page news, with the exception that these stories tell an entire story, not the corporate view.


    You are always welcome to join us on-air by calling 347-308-8392. Find us on Facebook by searching for Tony Trupiano: The Voice of the People and on Twitter @tonytrupiano and @VOTPTony.


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         A musical maze of magic, a show of hands, but the ears seem to be quicker.  The new blend, jazz fusion and segues so unique your mind will be spinning in joy. Couple that with the right delicacies, the perfect beverage for your taste buds, then your promise will be melody equity - soothing concoctions and the potion of soul and blues too, if you want.  Toss it around like a soul salad, and see if you are not robbed of your tensions and anguish, because music sooths the savage beast, and the funky rhythm connection (FRC) sooths every nerve ending to romantic and melodic elation.  Are you ready?  Donald Grammer is your conductor.

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    An Hour With Derrick Michael Tennant

    in Comedy

    Derrick Michael Tennant made the most of a tragedy in his life by creating an opportunity for a career.  As a promising athlete Derrick suffered an injury that left him in a coma.  After brain surgery, years of rehab, and life in a wheelchair, he ultimately got on his feet again.  Despite the very limited use of his left side, Derrick loves life and “looks on the RIGHT side” of things.  He communicates the importance of shifting obstacles in life, work, or business into opportunities.  He worked hard to overcome physical challenges and now works just as hard to help others overcome trials through his comedy, magic, and inspirational speaking.  Derrick formed BLEEPFREE Comedy where you can catch respectably clean shows in clubs across the country.  He also landed a role in the upcoming Jeff Foxworthy movie “Crackerjack”.  He plays a one-armed softball player named Lefty.  “Don’t get excited," Derrick says.  “I’m just a featured extra.  I think that’s like getting an F+”.

    From SUBWAY, AFLAC, CHICK-FIL-A, SOUTHERN COMPANY, to MEDIACOM and the ATLANTIS in the Bahamas, Derrick brings the funny even in a tie!  When it comes to Corporate entertainment it’s important to find an act than can both make you laugh, and effectively communicate a powerful message.  Having overcome a lot in his life, Derrick is just that act.  Bringing his message of turning “Obstacles Into Opportunities”.  Derrick inspires, motivates, and energizes his audience and keeps them smiling all along.

  • The King Me Show: Music Makes Me High

    in Radio

    Music can soothe the savage beast. Music can make you feel good, make you feel bad, make you feel sad, make you feel sentimental. The frequencies and music and stimulate a certain energy inside of you. What do the messages in the music mean? what do the messages in the melody, in the vocals, in the lyrics and in the beat mean, how do they stimulate you? 
    Let's take a trip down memory lane let's go into the future and let's talk about music and how it makes us feel and the messages that they send through it. 

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    TEST blahblahblah blah

    in Comedy

    is this thing on?