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    Anton's Taproom Great Food through Sustainable Solutions

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    Anton’s Taproom, which opened this past October in Kansas City’s Crossroads District, is not your typical KC restaurant. How many restaurants do you know that have a butcher's shop (complete with homemade sausages and lard), a tilapia farm, an aquaponic herb garden and an art gallery on the premises? Host Kelly Scanlon sits down with owner and restaurateur Anton Kotar and talks about the eatery’s distinctive approach. 

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    Don't Worry, Be Happy!

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    Just Steph discusses the 12 habits of unhappy people and how to avoid the traps.  Steph took a FB poll asking who had better Italian sausages Boston or Chicago.  Find out who has the best sausages.  Where to go in Atlanta to  eat for Thanksgiving. Ladies' Night at Parkside Parlor. TBT....30th Anniversayr: Wham! More throwback trivia.

    Join JS by calling in with your idea, comments and thoughts. Call in 347-857-4104

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    Gluttony - The Leech Of a Spirit That Usurps All Joy!

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    The amount of Gluttony that we indulge in is at epidemic levels and I never knew how far gone we were as a people until I spent several moments with a friend who works at a local well known major wholesale outlet.

    We often believe that we only see the ugliness of humankind in the places where we most expect it like a prison, or the ghetto and any other place where the survival first mentality is the priority just to live until the next day.

    But what I found out on this early holiday afternoon amongst such dignified looking people - who appeared to be present only to shop for what they may have needed - was that they were some of the most evil and gluttonous people over and above anything that I've ever seen before!

    Listen in on what I not only experienced, but what I've learned about human nature even when those who execute such lowdown characteristics appear to be the best that society has to offer while simply being a Trojan horse full of all kinds of spiritually wicked entities such as that which is called Gluttony!

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    Food Nation Food Talk Radio #16 The Hot Dog Show

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    Food Nation Food Talk Radio #16 The Hot Dog Show

    Here we are once again with the star of the show food getting the full attenion it deserves. Are hot dogs considered food or food parts (beaks and other parts lol)? It doesn't matter it's one of those feel good comfort foods we especially enjoy those lazy summer days on the Q. Sauced up or with toppings or condiments we all have our favourite ways of making that specially cased golden rods of meat done just the way we like it. Some may prefer smokies or sausages or what ever kind of hot dog style meats floats your boats. Nothing like a fresh baked hot dog bun just make the dog that much better. We will share topping and condiment ideas and recipes, great hot dog sides recipes and ideas. Anything else hot dog related will be talked about on this show.

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    Sports Palooza Radio Show

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    Join Lisa & Ej for another top-notch list of guests Thursday at 1PM.

    Christopher Klein, author of "Strong Boy, The Life and Times of John L. Sullivan, America's First Sports Hero", discusses his deep historic knowledge of not only the state of illegal prize fighting from its roots, but also the captures the Irish/Boston connection of the 1800s which helped shape New England's history.

    Holly Schmidt & Allen Penn, authors of "Weiners Gone Wild", discuss recipes that take hot dogs and sausages to another level! Since we have tried some of the recipes ourselves, we can now vouch that they are yummy!

    Mary Nemetz, CEO of tix4cause, talks about her site where revenue goes to buyer's choice of charity. It’s an opportunity to support a good cause when doing what you're doing anyway – buying or selling tickets!!

    Corey Roberts of Major League Fantasy Sports (.com), discusses the state of sports fantasy leagues, his Class-A website, and how to compete, win and be the best fantasy league manager you can be. He and Ej will also discuss the new Sports Palooza Fantasy Radio Show.

    Nancy Flynn of the ePolicy Institute gives us the social media 'Gaffe of the week' dedicated to the people who probably should have not pressed ‘send’ on their tweet or Facebook post.

    Enjoy the show! 

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    The Gourmet Food Truck Revolution

    in Entertainment

    Rez and Andy hit the road to chase down gourmet food trucks and their owners.  They'll be talking to customers and chefs and taking your calls LIVE.

    Do you have a favorite food truck or food truck experience?  Call in and talk.


    Food Truck Palooza!!  July 20th

    Spokane Food Truck List by location, day and cuisine.

    KXLY Newsclip about the recent health inspections.

    Big Pappas   Jamaican Jerk Pan   King of Tacos  Couple of Chefs   Shameless Sausages  Big Reds   Veraci Pizza  Tacos Tumbras

    For a FREE Audio book and trial from Audible click here  Book Recommendation: From Scratch: Inside the Food Network

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    S.S.M. , Native Americans, Bad Meat, Dice Game, Blue Ivy, Trackstar

    in Radio

    Woman wanted 'for beating to death her newlywed wife and abducting her two small dogs' after their recent breakup


    Nice catch, Michelle! Barack is impressed as First Lady narrowly avoids suffering a 'Marilyn' moment departing Air Force One

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2656921/Obamas-1st-visit-Indian-Country-president.html#ixzz34jE3kgHe

    Heart failure risk 'doubled by sausages': Processed meats like bangers and bacon greatly increase chance of developing condition

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2656830/Processed-foods-sausages-bacon-greatly-increase-chance-heart-failure.html#ixzz34jEGSTqs

    Chicago man exonerated in 1980 killing after 32 years in prison now facing new murder charges as police say he killed a man over a game of dice

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2657290/Chicago-man-exonerated-1980-killing-32-years-prison-facing-new-murder-charges-police-say-killed-man-game-dice.html#ixzz34jEPGwtS

    'No child should live life looking like a sheep!' Thousands sign petition for Beyonce and Jay Z to take better care of Blue Ivy's hair

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2657262/No-child-live-life-looking-like-sheep-Petition-asking-Beyonce-Jay-Z-better-care-Blue-Ivys-hair-gets-thousands-signatures.html#ixzz34jEiIgX7

    Fijian athlete, 20, 'gunned down by gang members in California street' just weeks before attending college on a track scholarship

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2657675/Fijian-athlete-20-gunned-gang-members-California-street-just-weeks-attending-college-track-scholarship.html#ixzz34jEy9Ilf


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    Fortunado Family Speaks - Milford CT Radio 6/4/14

    in Entertainment

    Tonight: Dylan Fortunado Family is calling in with a message for Milford. Sausages in studio! Event, news, and stories of Milford!

    Tonight we have the honor of hearing directly from the parents of Dylan Fortunado. Dylan lost his battle with Leukemia after 7 years of fighting. The Fortunado's have been through a lot, and they would like to personally speak to the Milford community... and TONIGHT is that night! We also have a visitor with sausage in hand, we'll explain tonight!

    We are considered a very small show, but we are proud to not only interview the interesting people of Milford, but we are able to speak to guests such as John Ratzenberger, Dan Patrick, Governor Malloy, Tommy John, and many more. We may be small, but we are badass!

    Make sure you join us tonight, without you we look like 2 dudes talking to each other with headsets on!

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    Anton's Taproom - A Restaurant That Delivers More Than a Full Plate

    in Food

    Anton’s Taproom, which opened in October in Kansas City’s Crossroads District, is not your typical KC restaurant. How many restaurants do you know that have a butcher's shop (complete with homemade sausages and lard), a tilapia farm, an aquaponic herb garden and an art gallery on the premises? Host Kelly Scanlon sits down with owner and restaurateur Anton Kotar and talks about the eatery’s distinctive approach. 

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    Adam Gertler is a cook, entertainer, and full time food enthusiast who first gained national attention as a finalist on Food Network’s hit series, The Next Food Network Star. Adam developed a true passion for barbecue while in college and began experimenting with unique ideas and recipes while catering for friends and family. He soon helped bring barbecue to Philadelphia as the executive chef of The Smoked Joint. Adam recently turned his passion for sausage-making into “Gertler’s Wurst," a collection of uniquely flavored hand-crafted sausages which will be featured at Dog Haus restaurants and Costco stores on selected regions.
    Adam has hosted two primetime Food Network shows, Will Work For Food, and Kid in a Candy Store and is a regular contributor on The Best Thing I Ever Ate. Besides hosting Food Bites on Cooking Channel's YouTube station, he is debuting a late-night competition show on June 10th on Destination America.
    TODD KLIMAN is the food and wine editor and restaurant critic of 'The Washingtonian'magazine. He is the recipient of a James Beard Award for his writing, and his work has appeared in 'The New Yorker,' 'Harper's,'' and 'National Geographic,' among others.  He is the author of "The Wild Vine: A Forgotten Grape and the Untold Story of American Wine.

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    Vertically Striped Radio 207 - On Board the Triumph

    in Podcasting

    The first hour is an interview with an old college friend of Craig's, Joy Dyer. Joy was on board the Carnival cruise ship Triumph which broke down in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico back in February. Joy gives us a view into what it was like to be on that ship.
    On the second hour, we are joined by Indie Sarah, Face and The Whale as we talk about podcasting, dueling to the death with sausages, odd book titles, and discuss how crisis was narrowly averted as someone other than Harrison Ford almost played Indiana Jones.
    It's a very fun show that wraps up with a music recommendation from Dr. Dog of "That Old Black Hole" followed by a song that SHOULD be the new Robot Rabbit theme song by We Wrote the Book on Connectors..."If I didn't"

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