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    This live broadcast will include info on the mock and hate crime of the Black Mass and satanic group wanting to place a Baphomet statue up in Oaklahoma 

    MAIN SITE http://www.shatterthedarkness.net/

    GOOD ARTICLE http://vigilantcitizen.com/hidden-knowledge/whoisbaphomet/ 



    We will do prayers ,  call in and chat






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    Satanic Ritual Abuse and Mind Control w/David Shurter

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    David Shurter is the author of the book Rabbit Hole: A Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor's Story,We will be discussing his experiances in Satanism also answering the question of how and why Satanism is so well hidden in America and also the Mind Control used on there victims.This is Strange Surroundings Secret Universe's Halloween Episode and I'm pleased t bring David on and tell his side of the story

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    My Paranormal Experience on LiveParanormal.com- Satanic Ritual Abuse

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    My Paranormal Experience Radio Show on LiveParanormal.com

     Satanic Ritual Abuse 

    Practiced all over the world- and is on the rise in the United States.

    During the show we will have someone call in and give her first hand account on how she was lured to the location, what happened to her while there.

    She is plagued to this day with paranormal/supernatural events that are occurring on a regular basis.

    **(We will not be identifying the caller nor any specific names of any parties involved in the above mentioned matter for her privacy and safety).**

    Tune in Tuesday, August 26th @ 9pm EST for a show like they've never done before...

    My Paranormal Experience Radio Show on LiveParanormal.com

    Be sure to tune in EVERY Tuesday @ 9pm EST for the LIVE SHOW! 

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    Satanic Temple, Boy Scouts Go Gay, Decoding the Future

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    Satanic Temple, Boy Scouts Go Gay, Decoding the Future are just a few of the headlines of the day. 

    Check out http://decodingthefuture.com to watch the video trailer.


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    Satanic Ritual Abuse with David Shurter

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    We will be discussing Satanic Ritual Abuse in the US,Our guest will be David Shurter author of the book Rabbit Hole you can check out more about David and his book @ www.davidshurter.com


  • PTRN Correllian Family Hour (Lammas-Candlemas Ritual)

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    Every Friday at 9 PM Central you can join Host Rev Donald Lewis for the ~Correllian Family Hour~ as we explore the exciting world of Correllian Wicca.  News and views, interviews, and information on the Correllian Lifestyle.

    Tonight join Rev. Don Lewis at 9 PM Central / 10 PM Eastern for the Correllian Family Hour on The Pagans Tonight Radio Network! This week we will be doing live on-air ritual for Lammas and Candlemas! Guest ritualists will include Rev. Laurie Denman, Rev. Elizabeth Hamilton, Rt. Rev.Eblis Correllian, Rev. Chuck Chapman, and Cher Davis! It will be a great time -please join us!

    Next Friday the return of~Correllian Deep Waters~ presents teachings by Rev. Stephanie Neal.  Join Rev. Stephanie Neal as she teaches about the Correllian Shaman Path.  

    “The Correllian Tradition’s deeper teachings of the adept are found within the World Walkers’ Order.”                                                                                                                            
    M. Rev. Chancellor Don Lewis-Highcorrell 

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    Hosting the Archangels- Angelic Ritual

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    Fri July 24th 6:30pm est- Hosting the Archangels- Angelic Ritual
    Guest Lisa Jo Davis (Angel Card Reader, Angelic worker)


    By Hosting The 6 Archangels In A Scared Ceremony – Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, Metatron and Ariel – You are assisting them to serve You, Humanity and Mother Earth in more direct ways. 

    We will discuss what is an Angelic Ritual? What happens when you Host the Archangels and why you should do this. It will improve your connection with the angels, bring peace into your home and you will see and feel miracles! 

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    Cutting Out The Energy That You No Longer Need

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    A time for healing where we get serious about meditation and cleansing and discontinuing the work that no longer serves you any purpose. Change is not easy but if its meant to save our life then is about time we allow to run its course.

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    Tracking SRA and Satanic Ritual Sites

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    Jason Pillow, former Satanist (ex-vampire) will be discussing how to spiritually discern and track SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse) and Satanic ritual sites and engage them in godly spiritual warfare.
    Some of the topics brother Pillow plans to cover:
    An unusual sense of darkness (oppressive dark powers) manifest in the air : - An unusual amount of violent crimes, rape, drugs, sexual predators, gangs etc: - 
    Numbers of victims of SRA and reported Satanic occult crimes: - Visible signs of the advancement of the satanic agenda - New Age followers, cults etc
    Visible signs of the suppression and silence of the visible churches: -  Growing numbers of people needing deliverance from possession                              
    Holy Spirit discernment, perception and insight of dark powers operating: - God rips the doors open to secret satanic sites, rituals and locations-Ezekiel 8
    Aggressive action taken:             1 Thundering specific detailed targeted and spirit-led prayer and prayer mapping                   2 Hunting and researching your area                           3 Unleashing the Spirit-empowered mission of Christ as seen in the book of Acts

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    Exposing Satanic Practices and Influences Episode 1 Part 3

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    You're listening to Smart Ministries Christian Radio. Welcome to our program "Where the truth is spoken and eyes are open". Tonight we will be continuing and finishing our discussion on satanic practices and influences concerning part 1 the demonic realm, part 2 aleister crowley and part 3 for tonight anton lavey. As we have spoken about the demonic and satanic realm that is abound on this earth and it's influences, we have discussed how not inviting Jesus in your life can be detremental to you and how vulnerable you leave yourself when you reject Him. In a recap part 2 of our series we showed how it doesn't take ritual sacrifices, witchcraft and spells to only envoke this dark dominion in your life but your actual life choices and rejecting the one and only savior will lead you down a path of destruction. We are talking about your eternal soul. What exactly is satanism? Take a listen to today's broadcast.

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    Happy Wesak! Sacred Ritual for Oneness

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    Today, we celebrate the birth,enlightenemnt and mahasamaddhi of Gautama Buddha, Lord of the World. Join me as we give this Sacred Ritual for Oneness in his name and flame. Namaste!